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Crop Circle To Heal The DNA

dnacropcirclepicJune 27, 2010

[I’ve seen a bunch of crop circles but never has one intrigued me as much as this one.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so enthralled by it – trying to figure it out and staring at it.  The “Pure Gaia” website has pointed out why I was so attached to it. T]

From the Pure Gaia website:

I went into meditation on this crop circle last night and received amazing information and energies. There is MUCH this crop circle has to share, and it is significant. I connected with the code it has within it. Amazing things happened, much healing. A two way conversation with light beings.

Universal Stargate map showing the current alignment of the earth to where it is to go for 2012. Gazing at the map one is drawn to highlight – shine light – on where one is still steeped in duality, and thus the light beings of the other galaxy that created this crop circle will commence a healing of your dna with your permission, to repair fragmented dna that occured at the time of the fall, creating an actual feeling of physical separation and loss of unity/oneness consciousness.

The map builds a bridge back to oneness, through showing you the doorway. This map shows a current doorway, and a particular healing of separation that is much needed right now. There are likely to be more communications with this star group, for they are a significant star group, and I do not feel they have created many if any crop circles before. I kind of almost felt this one being made, as I felt a connection to this area on this day. I cried many tears of recognition, and found the photo offered a deep healing of the body towards the new earth magnetics. Many people are falling ill right now, as the magnetics shift in prep for 2012. The old magnetics of duality are falling away, but the body is not accustomed to the new. It needs to be shown how to do that on a physical level. That has not been done before, but can be done, now, through the help of these light beings.



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