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Ashtar’s Report: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness & Gratitude

Ashtar addressing the June 15, 2010 teleconference:

“Well good evening!  We have a lot of energy to share tonight.  We trust you’re starting to feel it; energize; get high vibes.  We have a lot to do.  So, we’re going to talk about our family, and how we are all connected.  We have said many times, without getting too deeply into that which you call Science; I’m kind of quiet about that you know, because the Voice really doesn’t go there, but it’s perfectly all right, because you know what we’re saying.  Just feel, feel the presence of Family; feel the energies of all of us together.  Allow yourselves to lift up, because we need to come together in a higher dimensionality than three.  There is much for our Family to do, and we are going to be discussing that, with perhaps some additional insights for all of us as they come forth.  You’re all getting there, you’re all opening your tool boxes, and getting your tools out, your gifts, the things that you know how to do, because you’ve always been able to do them, even though you may have kept them hidden from yourselves.  You’re great concealers you know.

“And so you may have kept these gifts hidden from yourselves, and not really thought when you were in your 3D box that you would ever be doing these kinds of things, and all of a sudden you look up, you look around, and you say, ‘Well I’m certainly different now. I’m certainly doing different things, feeling differently, feeling energies, seeing auras,’ whatever it is that you’re doing.  And the World is blessed to have all of you, Beloved Family, all of you, each and every one of you, in mission and service in these dense human bodies that you’ve created. And you all know about Ascension, and you all know that’s where we’re going. Oh yes! Well, some of us are already here, but we’re just the greeting committee.

“You know in the Land of Lemuria* called Hawaii, they have a greeting custom with what they call a lei.  Well if you’d like to, just reach out and put on your lei.  Smell the sweetness and feel the softness. And if you are so inclined, you can create your lei out of Kumara Roses, or any flower that you especially Love. We’re just asking that you take, and bring into your fields of energy, the beauty, the Joy, and the upliftment that the flowers are here to give.  Have you ever wondered why there are flowers?  Flowers all have a frequency, and they can sing to you as well, if you but listen. And their fragrance can be calming, or invigorating, or whatever you choose when you put flowers within your fields of energy, whether they’re in your garden or someone else’s, whether you go to a park to admire and smell them, and be with them, or whether you bring home something from the grocery store, or whatever.

“Bring flowers into your lives, and when we offer the Kumara Roses, we do so in honor of you. We sit at your feet, Beloved Ones, in awe of all of the places you’ve been, and all of the missions you have so courageously carried out in 3D and otherwise in your Spirit Bodies, in your Star Seed identities. You’ve all traveled.  You’ve all been other places.  And it is these memories that are coming back to some of you now, and we ask that you recall, or connect with, your memories of Lemuria, because it is to restore Lemuria* worldwide and beyond.  Earth is leading the way, you know.  And it is to restore Lemuria, and the life- style of Lemuria, and we shall explain more of what we mean by the lifestyle.  For now just know that that is a primary reason why we are reuniting in Family in service, and in what we call mission accomplished, although you may not see it yet, we do.

“Time has been a very useful invention for you to use in 3D.  But we can go past your now moment, and we can assure you of Ascension.  Yes!  Mission accomplished!  Facilitating the healing of the Planet;  Yes!  Joining with all of the other Light Workers, everybody busy with their special tools, their gifts, each in your own expression; nobody has to do it all.  You partner with each other, you cooperate with each other, you come together in Family.  You lift each other up, and you each put your gifts out on the table, and share, and teach others to use theirs.  And that, Beloved Ones, is how those of you who have committed to Ascension are going to get there.

“But as we observe your Planet Earth in this moment, we can tell you that there is some disparity, some divergence, some differences, yes, some separation.  Now some of this is all according to some degree of planning and free will on the part of those who choose not to participate in Ascension, and some of it is because there are still participants who are asleep, not just in their consciousness, but in that part of them that says, ‘We’re helping to lead you on the way.’  They have not established their connections with their guidance team, is what we’re saying, so they’re a little bit closed off, and so they’re not really getting the feelings of being in preparation for Ascension.  So what do we do about that?   We love them!   We send them Love.

“If they approach you in the market place, or they call you on your telephone and say, ‘Well, I can’t help but notice that you’ve changed, or there’s some change going on, or whatever, I’d sure love for you to tell me about it.’  Well, that would be jolly and wondrous would it not?  But, sometimes it is for you to reach out with your energies, and give them a little bit of a burst of Love, excitement, exuberance.  Yes!  Sekhmet says, ‘Remind them to dance.’  And this is all very true.  We’re all connected, you see, energetically.  We have these waves of energy.  We’re all energy, we’re all frequency.  And so when we tune into each other, we can lift each other up, and ourselves be uplifted by the Joy, by the togetherness, by the recognition that we’re all One.

“So now you can begin to see.  Alright, you’re a Light.  And you know someone else who is a Light. But perhaps there is someone whose not really all lit up yet.  What can you do?  Send them Love, telepathically or otherwise.  For some of you it means setting up a website, or a classroom to share. For some of you it means emailing, or telephoning, or perhaps just starting with one beloved being.  Perhaps, someone, a neighbor down the street you haven’t really met yet and you go, and you take your Love, and you brighten their day, and you bring them the Joy, and perhaps from there a dialogue will begin.

“It matters not how you do it, just tune into the World, and send something out to the World. And whatever communication you do, Beloved Ones, send it with Love. You’ve heard that beautiful song about, ‘What the world needs now…?’  This has never been more true in the history/herstory of Planet Earth, because you are reaching what you might want to call critical mass.  Decisions that are being made now will not change as easily as they have in the past.

“So if someone says, ‘I don’t want any part of what you call the New Age, or the Golden Age, or whatever.’ Well as the saying goes, you might get what you ask for.  So it is to broaden the scope of this Love, this invitation to join, this invitation to lighten up, and brighten up, and just to live and breathe, and have a lifestyle that is totally connected.  Love is the answer. It is always the answer, and while you may come up with solutions, and resolutions, and perhaps even what you might call some good old fashioned problem solving, the greatest answer is Love.

“Because, it is the greatest gift, Beloveds, and you shine with it. So who are you anyway but a gift to the Planet! And it’s up to you to shine your Lights as bright as you can, and walk in the path of Love and Light. And if you forget for a moment and have a moment of anger, or fear, or whatever it is, be courageous and stand tall and say, ‘OK!’   You can use the ‘ho’oponopono’, the violet ray, whatever you want, to transmute that into higher frequencies, so that you are literally exuding Love from every part of your being.

“All righty, we’ve got that. Keep that as your framework, as your point of reference, because we have much to do. And we ask that you do it with passion, yes, with trust and knowing, yes, and always, always, coming from Love, even if you are greeted with something that is less than loving.  If you feel a shift in energy coming at you, something that is, oh perhaps a broadcast of someone being down in the dumpies, or perhaps just broadcasting some yukkies toward you; you know what we’re talking about; greet it with Love.

“There are many examples of many great teachers, and what makes them great is they spoke in simple truths.  And they greeted all with Love and with Peace, and you can think of who they are, and greet them.  Do you know one of the easiest things for you to do is to invite them, one or more whom whose words you particularly admire, whose legacy may be all that is left, because they have left the Planet with those bodies, or at least with those identities that you are resonating with.  So, when you’re facing a difficult situation you might invite them to hold your hand.  Perhaps even your child can sit in their laps.  Feel the Love that they have, and the Peace that they have, even in the most difficult of circumstances, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.  There are many of you, we know, who are facing challenges, in all directions, in all parts of your being, not just in your physicality. Lift yourselves up into the high vibrations of Love, we cannot say this enough, and you will find that Love will Light the way for you. You will find that you will bring in so much Love into your being that you will literally swell with it, and if it overflows, that’s terrific is it not? Because now you’re really sharing it, and you’re getting it out there where it needs to be.

“How are you going to live the life style of the Golden Age, of a higher dimensional being, of a Master, if all you do is heal yourself? You are going to be constantly bombarded by others who are not living that lifestyle, until such time, of course, as the Ascension takes place, but guess what?   The mission right now is to clean up the Planet so that the Planet can ascend. Mother Gaia has literally received a huge, dark, sticky, blockage, to Her Ascension.  And we have discussed that before, and we shall be discussing it in more details.  And then we have the other places in the World, which so desperately need healing, places where there are children starving, places where there are adults, and some of them not so much adults in age, but being forced into armies, being forced to carry guns and kill, in the name of what?  Well, some in the name of that dark sticky stuff, and other treasures.  Did you hear what they finally told you about the country of Afghanistan; more riches under the Earth than any place else in the World? Oh boy, was that a big discovery.  Of course we knew it, didn’t we beloved Ones. So what do you think is going to happen in Afghanistan?  Every plunderer in the world is focusing there right now.  They need a lot of Love focused there to break up that blockage.

“And you do it from your high heart; you don’t do it from the place of your ego. This is the time, Beloved Ones, to invite your ego to come into your high heart, gently and with Love, and appreciation and gratitude, for all the times that your ego has given you some kind of a warning which has saved you from a situation which otherwise wouldn’t have been so pleasant.  But, just like these guys in the dark hats that think they can run the World, your ego has been with you for so long, it’s kind of used to taking charge, and thinks that it can tell you how to feel, how to respond in a situation. So you’ve really got to get it, and that’s why we’re discussing this.

“Yes, we know you want to hear about the inner child, because that’s a lot more pleasant and joyful, is it not?  Well, we’re talking about your ego, because your ego** and your inner child** can coexist in Peace and Harmony and Love, but your ego has to be assured that you’re not trying to dump it, leave it behind, transmute it into something that it really doesn’t want to be, although it can soften and change with Love.  Just invite it into your high heart and say to it something like: ‘Well, I want to tell you that you and I are wonderful co-creators. We’ve done some great things together. I really appreciate you. As you probably know, it’s time for me to be more connected with the all that I AM, and I want to bring you into that. Thank you – you’ve done such a great job. It’s time for you to take a bit of a well deserved vacation, so come on up into my heart, and let’s just have a wonderful time together. And you can pat it on the head here and there, or however you want to treat it. Don’t toss it out with the trash. Your ego can get into a loving vibration with you, if you present it with Love, because remember that’s the answer.

“So, now before we discuss your child, we have pretty well covered the need for healing, and we are giving a lot of very focused information about how you can help to heal the Planet.  Just as we are connected, and in communication, and connection and communion and so on, it is important for us to connect on all levels of dimensionality. Now think about that!  Yes, we’re together in this communication, but what about that part of you that might be more of a spirit in a higher dimension? Where’s your Higher Self right now?  Let’s get everybody and every part of everybody together in this. Let’s get your three dimensional self right in the middle of Love beams, coming from you to you, and coming from all of us to you, and from all of us to all of us.

“Now that’s the Golden Age Lifestyle. That’s what it looks like, that’s what it feels like, and that’s what it is your mission to transmit. So we’re asking, as you know, we have asked you to do several projects as a unified being, as a unified member of this Family and we know that many of you have participated.  Well how many of you heard Obama’s speech today?  Raise your hands if you did.  Now keep your hands up if you felt there was something missing from that speech. Uh humm! Yes, you are so perceptive, Beloved Family.

“You know that we’ve been encouraging you to ask Obama to get with it, and call us in to resolve the problem.  Why do you think he omitted, for instance, discussion of alternative energies? Why did he leave that out? Why for that matter has he not responded to the many phone calls, and faxes, and emails, and letters that we and others have been sending to him to call in us, the Galactics? And when we say we, we’ve been with you every step, every single one of you who has made that telephone call, or sent an email, or written a letter.

“You have engaged your hearts, Beloved Ones, and it has been not only empowering to you, but uplifting to you. You are taking this up and out of 3D, and that is what needs to happen.  Obama is surrounded by 3D, and yet he knows he is not 3D. He knows who he is, and he’s in a very difficult position in his human body, although he handles it quite well.  But what is he waiting for?  He’s waiting for more: more calls, more letters, more emails. Oh we know, you’ve done it. You’re somewhat tired; you feel as though you need to focus on your J-O-B, job, or something like that. And we understand, because we’re with you in 3D, did we mention that before, we are with you just as much as you are with us, and so we do understand.

“So here’s a multifaceted approach: Do something each day to connect, or to contact. For some of you it would perhaps be easier to send an email. Charge whatever it is you do with Love. Do the energy work right then and there when you’re sending it out. You can certainly do other meditations and prayers, if you are moved to do so and can find the time in your day, or evening.  In fact, for that matter, an easy one to do is as you’re preparing for beddy-bye. You know we’re great on multi-tasking; we just love to do that. We have told you, ‘We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere, we multi-locate and we multi-task, and so can you.’ The easiest thing to do is to set something in motion just before you go to sleep.

“You can call upon your MAP team to come and work with you. You can call upon oh, St. Germain, to engage the Violet Light over all of the decision makers in the chain of command, as you might call it, over Washington, D.C., and all of the capitols of the World, where the leaders are trying to decide what to do.  Voices have already been raised.  You’ve gotten their attention.  But they’re being pulled.  You know the game you call tug of war?  They are the ‘tugees,’ and they are being literally pulled in opposite directions. On the one hand they know the Truth, and they know that the Truth is coming from the Light Workers, from you, Beloved Family.

“And on the other hand they have these three dimensional considerations. In some cases they have been corrupted, and in others they are being leaned upon quite heavily. And make no mistake, they know perfectly well who did 9/11, they know perfectly well who has been responsible for the bodily destructions of many, many, beings in human bodies, both famous, and not so famous. So there is a fear element there.  Your Love can break through that very easily. Your Love can empower them to move themselves into a higher level. You can call it disclosure, you can call it announcements, you can call it ho’oponopono. We call it Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

“If any of you have ever received Forgiveness, or given Forgiveness to yourself, pull it out of your memory bank and remember how much you lightened up when you received Forgiveness. These ones need it.  So you can structure your messages any way you choose, that’s up to you. You can go to the website that Fabulous Fran has set up for you, and you can read the messages. You will find them on two websites.  She does three*** actually, but on two of them – it is I, Ashtar, it is the website that has Ashtar , and it is the website of We the People , and you can go there, and you can read what others have written, and you can read their comments about how joyful they felt.

“It is as though they extended Joy, and Forgiveness, and Gratitude, and Love, and all of those high vibe emotions, or feelings, or thoughts, or attitudes, whatever you want to call it, to themselves, even as they were calling for togetherness, even as they were calling for action, which would take place in not just one, but on a multidimensional basis. Now you’re talking. Ah yes, Mother is right here too. She will have her moment.  And so we ask you to continue. It must continue.  They must continue to hear from you. They need that in order to forgive themselves into taking appropriate and true action for healing.

How bad do you think that leak in the Gulf really is? Keep yourselves high, but just for a moment be the compassionate observer, and observe it as bad as you can imagine it.  And we’re going to tell you it’s worse, it’s worse than even you have imagined or been told, and it is worse in other places. So let’s get those Love vibes out there right now to all concerned. Let’s be the compassionate observers. Let us forgive all concerned, all involved. And let us give thanks that we have this opportunity, yes opportunity, to come together in Love, and to send Love, and to light up even areas that have been darkened, egregiously, devastatingly, and seemingly uncontrollably and unable to be healed, because that is false. That is fear.

There is no situation anywhere on Planet Earth below, on, or above, that cannot be healed with Love, and appropriate technology, which we just happen to have. And we love you so much, and we are mitigating, but we need that recognition, we need that announcement. We need that disclosure.  Tell Obama to call Dr. Steven Greer to the stage, or any of those who know, who know, that we’re real, we know you know, but we’re talking about the rest of the 3D World.

“Think about this, Beloved Ones, if they would call us in to help the humans now, our partners, you Beloved Ones, Light Workers of the World, whether you’re there in person or not. If they, those who are the World Leaders, the decision makers, would call us in, would that not be the grandest reunion imaginable, coming together in healing, coming together in Love? Picture that.  I, Ashtar feel the Love and the feelings of this coming together, the feelings of this co-creation of healing, and it would not stop. It would start and stop only when the entire Planet was healed, only when Mother Gaia was in absolute Joy, only when all had been transmuted to where it is the Golden Age, where all the Kingdoms are dancing together in Love, in absolute Joy.

“That’s your Golden Age, Beloved Ones, that’s the healing for the Planet. That’s how you can heal. Yes, we always tell you start with yourselves, and we shall be devoting a good portion of this gathering to that, to further empower you to reach out to all dimensions in all dimensional frequencies, to come together, and to truly open even wider the Ascension Path, and to truly share your gifts, your tools, in such a way that more and more of the World can wake up and begin to use theirs.  And so we ask that you continue to send your messages about the Gulf, and while you’re at it, continue sending your messages about the corporations, because who has been controlling all of the so called clean-up efforts anyway? It’s the corporations, it’s the same old group.  They’re still trying to hang on by their fingernails. And they’re still running the programs now.  These are programs, and what do you do to break up the programs?  You do it with Love.

“Oh, yes, they will get great relief if they can forgive themselves enough to coming forward and ask Forgiveness of the Universe. And if some of them need some time out in a place that is not as free as this world has been for them, that is entirely appropriate. It is called resolution, it is called reformation.  You see when you’re in the high vibes of Love, you don’t really want to punish, you want to forgive.  Yes, and you want to thank them for pointing out to you where the healing is needed.  So keep that attitude, keep those DVD’s going.  Email Fabulous Fran with ideas and concepts.  We have a Lightworker in our Family, who is coming forth, and is wanting to escalate the DVD project into something very large, and very much more, shall we say, influential in achieving the goal of the NESARA announcement.  So read between the lines of this message and know that what we’re telling you is very clear.

“Join with us on all levels including 3D.  Don’t leave it to the Lightworker in the next house or next town.  Join with us.  Get with it in all dimensions and dimensionalities.  Reach out and include us everywhere, because that’s where we are.  And let’s work this mission.  Let’s get it done.  Let’s move into the Golden Age, let’s have NESARA.  Let’s have the coming officially of the Galactic Federation and all of those participants even from the Galaxies and Universes beyond.  As the Lovely Elise has reminded you, we’re triple parked. Well, we’re really a bit more than that now. But we’re here, and we Love you, and together we can make this happen. Do you want the time lines to speed up for it?  Be the catalyst, Beloved Ones, be the ones who make it happen. And so it shall. And so I, Ashtar, have but a few more words for you.

“We want to address, because you can do it, you’re ready – we want to address whatever there remains within each of you, and it is different for each one. We want to address your inner child, your children.  It is through the children of the world, the wondrous ones, the indigos, the crystals, and the rainbows that you are receiving many messages telepathically, even though you may not be aware, and they’re asking you and your child to join them.  And this is a wondrous offering of healing for everyone.

“Just think, if we can address the inner child which lies in every human upon the Planet, even those who are wearing some pretty dark hats, we can put the Love where it can be instantly felt, and it can break through some very difficult blockages that cannot be done so easily from the adult, or the mental perspective.  So we’re going to do an exercise of Peace and Love. And we shall have one whom you will recognize as a great leader in the spreading of Peace and Love, the teaching of it, and the continued energy of it on Planet Earth.  I, Ashtar, just invite you to sit back and be comfortable, and we’re going to go to the end first.  We would ask you to create visions of it already done, so that when you actually do the exercise, you will only be confirming that indeed this healing is accomplished for all of Planet Earth.****

And yes we can, Beloved Ones, we can do it, and we shall do it together.  So, I, Ashtar, salute you, and I say to you, thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for coming to this Family gathering.  It is a gathering of Joy, a gathering of Love, and yes, what you might want to call a gathering of a new day, a new hope, and a new vision for all of the World, and all of the Kingdoms.  And Mother Gaia herself, and Father Sky, honor and thank each and every one of us for rising to this occasion, this opportunity to create so much healing and infinite Love.  And so it is!  Salut!”

Given through Susan Leland, June 15, 2001. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
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****Ashtar’s message was followed by the song You Can Relax Now, by Shaina Noll



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