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Ashtar: Call The White House – Stop the Oil Hemorrhaging


June 1, 2010

Call the White House – 202-456-1111

Ask for Disclosure So the Galactics Can Help Stop the Oil Hemorrhaging in the Gulf of Mexico.  Please see:

Ashtar addressing the June 1, 2010 teleconference:

“Well, Greetings Beloved Family!   That was beautiful,* and we joined in, and of course I am not alone.  You know that we have this grand gathering, we have this communion together, this sacred coming together, if you will.  Yes, we sometimes have a few laughs along the way.   You know laughter is a great way to raise your vibrations and to connect.    When you are laughing, you are much more in a freedom mode, you know, than when you were thinking about something serious where you kind of lock up and feel rigid all the way through your being.   When you laugh it’s pretty hard, especially if you happen to be rolling on the floor or just about to, it’s pretty hard to be feeling anything except freedom in your breath and freedom in the entirety of your energy fields.   Now we know, we know, that there is not a lot to laugh about and the focus that we have, because you have chosen it, we have this focus that we have announced and that we are already coming together and are together as One, in order to bring about every level of healing to this disaster situation.

“So what I AM about to say next will, for many of you, bring up another disaster picture but we want to go back into the science of it, a wee bit, don’t tell the Voice!    We are going to discuss the consciousness that was measured on that day of 9-11.   You all know who did it.   No recriminations here.    We are moving together into the Golden Age where there is forgiveness, where there is no judgment, where most of all people are not in judgment of themselves. That means goodbye guilt, goodbye fear and all of that.  Now there was a tremendous amount of grief on that day of 9-11 as the world started seeing the pictures, the devastation as the lives were lost and the numbers mounted, and there were many more lost than what the government has said.  And by government we are talking about the black hats who were a lot more in control of the government than they are now.  That’s good news.  But we want to talk about the fact that the consciousness of the world was measured, particularly in the United States of America.   Measured by a scientist, measured scientifically.  We will not go into the details of how this was done, we will only say that this gentlemen was working at Princeton University.  He went around the country of the United States and to other locations in the world and he placed measuring devices, hmmm somewhat box-like they were.  He was doing what you call scientific research.    He didn’t do it specifically  because he knew 9-11 was coming, but he was inspired to have those measuring devices out there without knowing how useful they would really prove to be on that date.

“Now the dark hats were ready.  You may recall that FEMA moved into position, not only FEMA but six units (they never send more than one or two for any disaster), it moved into position before 911 occurred, and of course there were dealings in the stock market and so on and so on which clearly indicated that there were some who knew all about it, were planning it, and indeed carried it off.  What they didn’t plan on, was you, Beloved Ones. They did not understand -what they wanted to do was use it as a basis for martial law, a law declaring war and so on and so on.   But they didn’t realize that the human spirit would come together in such beauty.  Yes, beauty.  All the grief, all the shock, and all the sadness that came after, resulted in a raising of the consciousness, and it actually rose up!  You know you have seen these pictures where they have little squares and you have a line and all of a sudden it shoots way up, and then as time passes it will go down.  Well what happened was, now picture this graph – it is really important.  What happened was the consciousness shot up, stayed up for several days and when it went back down it did not go as low as it had been before.  What you did, Beloved Ones, was you allowed the worldwide coming together of the hearts, of the minds.  The entire world responded, and enough Lightworkers turned on their lights that day, and in the hours and days that followed, and they came together as One in consciousness.  And we came close to them,  particularly the Angels and the Ascended Masters who gave comfort to all of those who prayed, who meditated, and who just felt in their hearts the compassion along with their tears and their grief.

“Now, what that has to do with today, is that that day was a day of outrageous daring,was a day of testing as it turned out to be.  If you want to look at it that way, the dark hats got away with it, yes they did to a certain extent.  They delayed Nesara’s announcement and did a lot of damage.  When you look at that day and understand that the good that came out of it was this raising of the consciousness, and it took a new time line, carved a new path, whatever you want to say.  It became more clear than ever that Planet Earth was on an Ascension path even though this had happened.   Even though the dark hats then succeeded with some of their plans, they didn’t succeed with all of them.  And even though you have had wars declared and so on, false premises, lies have been the foundations for this, you’ve kept your lights on, and you’ve raised the consciousness of the planet even more.

“So now comes this disaster in the Gulf and yes, there are people there who are devastated by their income losses and those kinds of things.  Let’s face it, waterfront property might take a plunge.  But what’s really bringing people together in this, is the feelings for the waters, for the air, for all of the lives that are being lost.  They say 11 humans but there will be more, could be more, because of all the toxicities that are being released.  Toxicities that they don’t want you to focus on, those guys at BP, Halliburton and the oil people, and the chemical people, and all of that.  But nevertheless it is there and you know it.  Well guess what, we scanned the energies of the planet, and we want to tell you that the consciousness has risen even higher with this latest outrageous attack by the dark hats. Was the leak done on purpose?  No.   They saw it as an opportunity to come in and make it as bad as it could be, to foul as many waters as they could.  This is temper-tantrum time for the dark hats, and they want to take the whole world down with them, and guess what, they are not going to do it.   We, the Galactics, have been mitigating and will continue to do so.  We hear your prayers, we see you shining your lights, and we join with you and we shall do an exercise tonight which will help tremendously.  You already have.  There is not one person in this family gathering who is not beaming, full volume, light switches turned up.  We shall have more to say about it, but we want you to know another outcome and to focus upon it.

“We are talking about truth.  We are talking about, oh you remember the story ‘The Emperor has New Clothes’, but not really!   How naked are these ones who’ve been doing these kinds of things all along, not quite on this scale ever, but nevertheless they have been doing all kinds of desecrations, of devastations, of destructions upon Planet Earth for years and years and eons of time.  And they have gotten away with it, yes, because no one has felt powerful enough to challenge them, and those few who have, have most often been done away with.  Everythone from the writers, channelers, remote viewers, navy seals, the warriors of peace whom you’ve never heard of, to some you have, you know who they are: Wellstone, the Kennedy Brothers, the Kennedy son,Dr. King and so on and so on.  Whistleblowers have been few and far between.  Oh it isn’t that more haven’t tried, but they have generally been stopped.  And now it’s starting to come out everywhere, thanks to those of you who have watched all of these YouTube videos, including the one that we commissioned.  We have a genius in our family.  He likes to remain somewhat incognito, so we just say thanks to our brother, and ‘Namaste’ for putting this creation out to the world.  And there are many other videos, and they are devastating and they are difficult to watch at times.  And when you see the animals covered with oil, and when you see what is now beneath the surface of the waters, just remember it’s going to end.

“Give thanks to those amongst the dark hats who have perpetrated this.  To those who have the, shall we say, the temerity to do what they have done to manipulate the stocks in the Stock Market.  There goes Wall Street again.  To the ones in BP who have been so callous and so blatant and so exposed.  They don’t have a stitch on.  To the news people who are courageously reporting it as they see it, not as they are told to report it.  Because the lid is off.  And then there are the ones who are coming forward, the workers who were there who knew before this event occurred that things were not right there, and that their reports and their findings were being ignored. Thank them as well.

“This event is a catalyst of the grandest proportions seen yet.  Now we know that there are many who are in fear because you can see literally which way the wind is blowing.  We are mitigating on that.  But there is a small, well let us just say it’s not even there, but  there are those who see a possibility that this could spread worldwide to foul the waters, foul the shorelines, the lands, the air, and create total destruction of Planet Earth.  Now that’s not going to happen.  So don’t go there.  Cancel that. Wave the Violet Ray over that one real fast, get out Excalibur and see what the Blue Wave of Truth really shows.  This is a catalyst.  This event is heightening the awareness of the world and raising the consciousness even higher.

“Now we have asked you to join with this project, this telephone call, it won’t take you long, the lines could be busy, stay with it.  For those of you who have re-dial buttons, use them, or simply invoke before you dial that you are going to get your message through.  And why we ask you to do this is that we can’t just appear without creating a lot of fear which will be detrimental to the healing that we are calling forth.  We, the Galactics, in partnership with you, are co-creating a peaceful announcement of our presence.  We have the technology, Beloved Ones, we can clear all of this up, we can stop the leak and do it all. Not so that BP and the dark hat oil companies can go out and just do it all over again.  No, when we come we need the attention of the world in an uplifted kind of way so that everyone will be excited and eager, saying, ‘If the Galactics can clean up this mess and create healings and bring about cleansing of the waters and restore them, then we eagerly invite them to share everything that they bring, with us.’ And that Beloved Ones, is where you get the Golden Age firmly anchored on Planet Earth in physicality, in emotional feelings, in opening of minds and most of all, in spiritual connection.  Because there will be Love built right in, the energy of Love comes with us, and the energy of your Love will be meeting ours in the gratitude and the thanks that this disaster has been healed.  And all of those who are currently wearing or trying to hang on to the dark hats – by the way we are blowing that wind toward them too and in some cases the dark hats have simply blown away and guess what’s underneath?  Light, and a white hat.  It may not be as big as yours, but its there.  So we ask that you pay this forward, this project, this mission.  Yes, we understand – if you think you have been asked to do a few missions recently by I, Ashtar, try being the Maui 5.  They had something like 3 days to get that newsletter together and they did it.  They didn’t think that they could do it, but guess what?  They did.

“They have asked on We The People, that wondrous purple website [ ], (we do love purple you know!), they have asked, and there is a reason for that color and you know what it is ……  and they have asked you to join with them in sending the DVDs to all of the Senators and the Congresspeople, and this needs to continue and we need new ones to step forward and take a look and see where they can help.   And we need what you call referrals.  If you know somebody in another area whose Representative or Senator has not received a DVD, and they are not on the white list that’s on the website, then join in, jump in.  There are wondrous, wondrous people, beings who have given DVDs waiting to be sent out, so speak for one or more.  Read the letters and so on.  And yes in the interim, initially to address the Gulf spill.  We ask for Emails to Obama, Emails, fax, snail mail, whatever you can do, keep it up, but let this day, this day that has been decided and sent forward, this day of 6-3 – there are really no coincidences are there – let this day be the day that you call forth a whole new age, a whole new era, a whole new way of being on Planet Earth.  A day of communion, a day of coming together, a day of partnering with Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms, a day of answering the call that we ask you to make.

“And so we shall have a beloved guest speaker, and we want to remind all of you that we are all here.  You know this is I, Ashtar, the personality if you want to say it that way, the public one speaking to you now.  So please understand that we are all speaking together, Beloved Ones, and that I have a wondrous, wondrous infinite capacity upon the New Jerusalem for us to meet there, and we are.  And you are here with I, Ashtar, and all of the Ascended Masters, the Angels, the representatives of all of the kingdoms of Mother Earth, the Galactic Council, the Solar Tribunal, and so on.   Reach out, hold hands with us, hug, let’s have a hug.  Take a deep breath and feel the hugs that we have for you and feel the love, and know that we come together in meaningful purpose and that there are millions of wondrous light beings just like yourselves in human bodies around the planet, below, on and above.  Well not all of us are in human bodies of course, but we recognize your lights and we say thank you.   Welcome aboard, join us and be One with us.  We know it’s been difficult, and we want to thank all of you for being on the true path of Ascension.  And please remember at every moment that we are with you.  You recall that wondrous poem, we shall not say it here, but it is called Footsteps.  Well we, the loving beings from all of the dimensions, are here to help you to lift up.  And yes we can even carry you, but you must come forth and call us forth.  We honor you and we see the divinity in you, and we ask that you do the same, Beloved Ones, it is so important.   It is absolutely critical.   And if you find yourself saying, ‘Well that’s great, OK I look in the mirror, I don’t see myself as being very divine because I see myself as, you know, creating whatever that is somewhat low vibrational.’  Stop right there, and prepare to smile at yourself when you look in the mirror, because here is what you need to remember.  You came as a divine being into a human body.  You are still divine.  You still have dominion over your human body, your physical, your mental, emotional and so on, actually bodies if you want to call it that.  But think of yourself as one being.  And you are still connected to the All That Is and you still have that great love.  The only thing that you are forgetting is to shine it inward upon yourselves, Beloved Ones.

“Understand who you really are.  And then by all means call forth whatever co-creators you desire to call forth.  But you’re in charge.  You are the manager, you are the CEO, you’re the director, the producer.  And when you find yourself in a low vibrational situation, it’s your farewell to the low vibrations.  It’s your final clean up call if you will.  It’s just throwing itself up in front of you so that you can look upon it through your own divine eyes and you can discern and see it for what it really is.  It’s an opportunity.  Raise yourself even higher through your actions and your recognition of your own empowerment, and then, as we said, by all means call us forth.  Now if you choose to say to us, ‘Lift me up,’ guess what’s going to happen?   It’s not so much that you will be on our shoulders, it’s just that you will be holding our hands and you will be flying.  And your inner child can even swing a little bit as you hold onto all of those of us who come in such honor and such Love for you.  You want to ride a unicorn, call him forth.  Pegasus, the winged one, call him forth to carry you.  If you want to ride on your magic carpet, your fields of Love, in your ship, however you do it, take yourself there by all means.  We are not asking you to give up your visions, your travels, your dreams, because they are empowering too, because you know somewhere in your being even if you play a little trick on yourself and hide it, when you awaken or when you return to your bodies, it is there.

“Just know how powerful you are.  And with that empowerment comes courage does it not?   Go ahead, sign your name, be a John Hancock, because you only empower Love more.  Every time that you take a healing action, Beloved Ones, you change timelines not just for yourself, but for the entire universe because you have that effect.  If you want Nesara announced, yes, empower it, go for it.  Don’t beg for it, don’t say ‘If Nesara doesn’t happen I am going to lose my home.’  Yes, we understand the situations, we have compassion for you and with you.  Have some for yourselves, Beloved Ones.  Find your strength, find your heart, there are many, many ways that you can empower healings on all levels.  ‘Ho-oponopono’ is a wondrous thing to do.  And understand that as soon as Nesara is announced, the situations are going to change so much.   Focus on bringing things forth, focus upon what you are going to do with your new abundances coming to you, focus on what you are going to do when you hear truth from your newscasters, and when you reach out and the neighbors come out from their homes and everyone dances in the streets and says, ‘We are free!!’.  Focus upon those kinds of visions, Beloved Ones and bring it forward.  And pay it forward, share it, share it, share it.   Go see the movie if you haven’t.**

“Raise your vibrations and see how at the very end of the movie when it seems to be so dark, when such a tragic event occurs, see the lights turning on, and see the gift, the gifts really, that Love brings.   We have asked you to do many movie assignments, but right now, this one is the one that really shines.  And the reason for it is that you have such an opportunity to reach out and to be One with the All.

“Now we know that you like to hear a bit about what’s going on behind the scenes and you have already heard from Master Rama and Mistress Tara, although Master she is, and you have heard some of the news that doesn’t quite get out there in the mainstream.  So we want to reconfirm for you, that the day of the dark hats being the empowered ones is over.  Those who have not already been arrested are indeed subject to it.   And we want to share something with you.  And that is in many cases, the arrests have taken place.  They have been filmed. And that which is left for you to see as being here, is what you might call a place-holder, an energetically placed place-holder.  Look at some of these ones when they flash upon your television screens, do they not look pretty old and haggard?  Oh yes, because their energies are so stressed.   They have taken this incident in the Gulf to make it a dis-empowerment for you and for the kingdoms, and instead as we have told you, the results are still pouring in.  It has empowered the healing of the planet, it has empowered the healings of each and every member of each and every kingdom of Mother Gaia’s, and of Mother Gaia herself.  Strange and difficult as that might be, you have been shown in so many ways, and you have looked deep into your own selves and you understand what that statement means.  And we will continue to mitigate just as we have been mitigating storms and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and yes, there are some cases where some movement, some shift, some cleansing must take place in an area where there are people and animals and buildings and so on, but for the most part, Mother Gaia is working with you.  What a lovely hand to hold!  She offers hers to each and every one of us, and she is working to soften her evolvement, her Ascension in every possible way.  And we are working to mitigate in every possible way.  And you, Beloveds, are asked to hold the light, to be the beamers, to be the lovers of all.  And we honor and thank you, because this is your mission, and as we have said before every time that you send love or ‘Ho-oponopono,’ or do a meditation or invoke your guidance team and indeed all of the kingdoms and the realms, the dimensional beings, to join with you in healing, you change the timelines even more.

“As always, no dates.  But you are making it possible, Beloved Ones.  You and all of the Lightworkers of the world are making it possible to bring those dates even closer. Stand tall in your courage.  Watch the tellers of truth on your news or listen to them on your radios or whatever.  Send them your Love and empowerment to do even more.  And if the news is something that you would rather avoid, then by all means do it.  Just be aware that the changes that are coming and the energies that are coming to the planet, which are so helpful to the changes, which support the changes, and announce the changes in some cases, they are all here to support you.  And to be One with you.  Practice your communications, your connections and your communing, and let this be calling forth with the world on notice and in receipt of the message, that time, as you measure time, is NOW.   And it is all perfect and it is all in divine order, so stay tuned, Beloved Ones, and know that all of the things you want to have happen, are happening.  Rejoice in synchronicities, and remember, all miracles are of equal importance.  There is no one that is too big for you to create and especially when we join together.  So we have a guest speaker coming who is honored to come and bring additional perspective and joy because the gratitude is already felt for the healing.  And this one will represent all of the kingdoms of the Waters.  So I, Ashtar, shall move aside and ask this one to come and be with us all in loving communion and expression of high vibrational Love, healing and yes, joy.  And so it is.  Salut!”

*  Invocation and Meditation led by Elise

**Pay It Forward

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart

Given through Susan Leland, June 1, 2010.© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



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