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We Are In The Wesak New Moon, Be In Joy! – St Germain


May 13, 2010

St Germain:


We are in the Wesak New Moon.  Open your Heart to the tremendous energies of Love pouring in from the Ethers now.  There are at this time ongoing battles with the dark Ones who are playing their last fear cards before they leave this game altogether. They have been treating life on this Earth as play things.

This New Moon Energy with Mercury Direct is just what we need to cleanse away and contain all that cannot sustain these High Energies of Love. The games are over. The dark Ones no longer have power here. They may cause inconveniences or aggravations, and they will continue to do so as they desparetly try to hide from the entire Planet that their bank accounts are completely empty. Do love them more, have compassion for them, and thank them for playing this role.

There is good news for you. As we come into this Great Shift everything will become easier. The Illusion of what the believed reality has been will simply fall away as a moment in time. The joblessness, homelessness, and hunger will be a thing of the past. The Day of Emergence as has been promised by Maitreya is here now. All that has been missing in these lives, will come into being in New Ways which will delight beyond your dreams. At the same time, all of the Illusion of control and oppression will fall away.

Now this Taurus New Moon with Mercury Direct shine the Light of Trillions of Suns on the Seed which has been planted. The Intensions since the Wesak Full Moon in April are set into play. There is no turning back. Everything on the Planet is being lit with this Bright Light and this Alchemy has every atom absorbing love at faster and faster speeds. The cultivation of the ground has made a ripe gestation for the sprouting of this Buddha Christed Krishna Seed in the New Moon. Everything in this Dimension is One Harmonic Unified Resonance. This new Light, active Love, resets the energy potential in the Master Hologram. This High Energy of Love has the ability to reset the Program in the Matrix. Because we are all connected by electromagnetic pulses within the Earth Grid, we effect each other and every person on Earth with our thoughts and emotions.

As Earth works with the recent assault on the Seas, do not despair! The Light Source pouring in from the Antimatter Universe, pouring through the Alchemical Emerald Light merging with the Sun at Mercury and pouring in through the solar winds, combining with ions in space, bombard the Seas which heals them. The Forces of Light are working to mitigate the impact. Take in the Light from the Sun everyday and allow it to pass through your third eye, into your heart and down through your feet into Mother Gaia. As you do this, your body cells ignite with these greater fire letters and key codes that heal the cells. This healing in billions of people effects the rivers and effects the Seas as we are all connected electromagnetically through the Force of Mother, the mitichlorians, through Love.

This Wesak New Moon brings the sprouting of new Forces of Love more powerful than any ever seen on this Planet. Be In Joy! Emergence is Here!

St Germain



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