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UPDATE!! A Mouse In The (White) House? Mystery Rodent Disrupts Obama Press Conference

UPDATE!  We took a closer look at the mouse and were blown away with what we saw!  Take a look at the bottom for the pics!  Thanks to Randy for pointing this out to me! Tony.

[Obama talking about the financial reform bill.  Looks like the rodents are scurrying!! Tony]

21st May 2010

President Barack Obama was upstaged by a rodent as he spoke on Wall Street legislation.

Mr Obama had just begun a Rose Garden statement lauding the end of a US Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul when a rodent dashed out of the bushes to his right [rodents from the right?], just outside the Oval Office.

Pip-squeak: A small rodent runs in front of President Barack Obama as he delivers remarks on Wall Street and Financial reform

As photographers snapped away in the sun-drenched garden, the creature scurried straight past the grey podium with the presidential seal and made a bee-line for another set of bushes to Mr Obama’s left.

It’s not clear if the president could even see the animal, but he didn’t show any reaction.

And he concluded his statement minutes later, returning to his office without answering a few shouted questions on other topics.

Opinion was divided on the identity of the rodent.

‘I would partially rule out rat,’ said Russell Link, a wildlife biologist who works for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

‘That’s due to the lack of a tail that is typically equal to body length.’

After viewing a photograph of the surprising scurry, Mr Link said: ‘My suspicion is it’s a vole, commonly called a ‘meadow mouse’ out our way.’

Hello there: The President failed to spot his little furry friend as it scampered across the step


What the mouse was really trying to say…




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  1. ChatsworthSharp420 says:


    maybe there is symbolizim and maybe obama is that double agent you say, but im not convinced yet until i see some massive change
    but i’ll give this positive note, it forsure doesn’t seem like we are going on that nwo timeline with our without obama b/c of what i notice on the awarness level from people around me

    • ChatsworthSharp420 says:

      oh also, a friend of mine was watching the history channel and saw some show about ufo’s underwater , and how the navy has lots of reports of that, just thought that would be something interesting to look at. and also since my friend watches mainstream telelvision, i think its obvious that the television is preparing people to open their minds to more wierd stuff

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