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UFO Spiral In Sky Seen And Heard Across Western Canada (Video)


May 23, 2010

The Norway spiral comes to mind when received photographs and even an amazing video of the event. An object swooped down from the sky and then returned in a brilliant display on Friday night across the Western Canada areas.

Three different photographers have given their photos to in what looks like something out of a science fiction movie. We cannot see what would cause this one Earth. The Norway spiral was said to be caused by a missile launch in the Russian territory. But what is this?

The only known areas to launch on the Western coast are the Vandenberg Air Force Base and Alaskan areas. Vandenberg confirms no launches and Kodiak Island has to be ruled out due to the direction of travel (from the west).

The photographs show a very similar shape and mysterious object off the coast of Canada. The object is not a missile as one photograph from the beach has the trajectory curving up! What is it?



A video was sent to and the web team has added it to the video server on The video shows the entire sequence of this object as filmed by Steven Murray.

“I have four sky cameras to catch meteors on and number three caught it”, Murray said. “I saw it from my office while doing work. The object was on the monitor. By the time I rushed outside the object was gone but the loudest boom I ever heard from a distance struck shortly after.”



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  1. RANDY says:

    Very interesting…we have photos from different locations which possibly eliminates the video being special effects animation software. I would still like to know more about the video, the video recorder is definetly on a tripod and what was the objective the person taking the video trying to show before the spiral. The directional composition is perfect of the object moving across the sky, almost movie like composition and clarity, but the galactics may have set this up in a perfect way knowing the presence of the video recorder. With the photos and sound supporting this I am leaning towards this as a real event.

  2. Beth says:



    We are there, folks.

    Much love,

  3. RANDY says:

    The Mouse has spoken!!

  4. Denise says:

    FYI..I read on Rumor Mill News that that
    video was a hoax and the person who did it, admitted it. It was a team of people actually.

    • admin says:

      Just like when the Norway spiral showed up, people were quick to point out how “fake” it was. I read that article on RMN and the video on there is just simply EMBARRASSING. Seriously.

      I feel it’s real and from talking to lots of other people and the emails that I’m receiving, most people believe it to be real as well. LL, T.

      • Denise says:

        I agree with you Tony. When I “first” saw the video a day before I saw that article on RMN, my first reaction and “feeling” was that it was real. Its so hard these days to discern what is truth and what is false. The only thing you can do I guess is trust your own intuition. That my dear, never lies!

        Much Love

  5. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    yo, a friend of mine has on video of some white thing that is spherical in the sky here in los angeles. he said that thing would stay and just float there, and change shape. there was no vortex or any of those spirals though. he said he recorded it from friday night 11 pm to like 6 am the next mourning, and i saw the video and i was like dam, wtf is that

  6. RANDY says:

    The proof of an actual event taking place is in the photos, the photos PROVE that a moving object and spiral were formed and there were images captured by three different photographers. We know now that this did happen so if there were 4 Skycam video recorders running and filming in four different directions at the time of the event then this must have been captured on video. This is the real video or the real one is being held back.

  7. RANDY says:

    If you look at the Norway spiral photos or video the spiral has the same geometric symmetrical qualities of this video but that was not claimed to be animation software or a hoax. Maybe this is what this technology realy looks like? This is the first time the human race has been shown this type technology, how do we know what it looks like?


  8. the one the only says:

    i think the object is real. you never know right. well if you lisin for the first boom that might verey well be the sonic boom of the object breaking the sound berrier the secong louder one might be of it reaching higher speed and most likely breaking the speed of light as it moves through space-time.

  9. Dawn says:

    i feel its real, and the video is spectacular, but the pics aren’t loading properly! please could you take a look and fix them? much appreciated.

    • admin says:


      The pics are loading up okay for me. Just refresh your browser and they should show up. If you’re on dial-up, they may take a bit. LL, Tony.

  10. thewatchman says:

    (Read all 3 pages)

    Understanding what happened in Norway will help you understand why there all these spirals appearing in the skies

  11. Sondra says:

    This is so fake it’s insulting. This is why science and skeptics don’t take Awakening seriously. Because so many people are so absolutely concerned with making it real that they fake the evidence. Not cool. There were 13,000 shares on FB. Well, I guess these are the same people who buy tabloid news.

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