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Sananda & Sekhmet:Love One Another: 5-18 Call

sanandaSananda addressing the May 4, 2010 teleconference:

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  That song from the heart, t’is no doubt familiar to almost all of you. [We Shall Overcome, sung by Joan Baez] And so it is, overcome they did, those Peace Marchers, those wondrous ones, those wondrous ones who came to Washington, D.C. in such great numbers to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, who had a dream, and we want you to know first of all that Dr. Martin Luther King is with us.

“Feel his presence, feel the presence of the Kennedy Brothers, John and Robert.  Feel the presence of all of the brave ones, who marched, who rode the buses, who converged, and made their voices heard from their hearts, because they knew the Truth that we indeed are One.  And thus it has been throughout the ages.

“We shall take a quick look at some of the ages, where because of a different skin color, different customs, different country of origin, there has been treatment of those not the same which has been cruel, mean, harmful.  And we are here to say to all, ‘We forgive, and we thank you, all of those of you who have shown us the way.’

“And so what we’re going to do, Beloved Ones, in this grand exercise together, is go into our hearts and find that perfect Love, that Peace that passeth all understanding, and we’re going to take it to some of the places where this discrimination has occurred.  And as the scene comes before you into your focus, we shall be putting in the Love Light, the Light of Peace, the Light of Love, the White Light of the Christ, the Blue Light of Truth, and the Violet Light of Transformation.

“We’re going to go back and put Love into situations which may, or may not appear in your history/herstory books, but nevertheless have occurred.  We’re going to come to the present, and then we’re going to empower this Peace, this Oneness, this coming together for what you call your future, that the lifestyle of the Golden Age may begin here and now in this gathering of Love.

“I, Sananda, stand with the Kumara Family, with Ashtar, St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Beloved Diana, and her Dodie, and all of those who have, at one time or another, come into this World to bring Peace, understanding, and true Oneness, brotherhood/sisterhood in the great family of the Humans upon Planet Earth.

“So let us begin, Beloved Ones.  Go down into your hearts.  Permeate your entire fields of energy with this Light of Love, this Peace, this Oneness coming together in high, high, highest of vibrations.  Enter into the Office of the Christ and find that within yourself.

“And let us look.  Let us look at the places in Africa.  Great darkness came to Africa when those who would be the slave masters came, and literally captured the people, and uprooted them from their homes, and took them many places, including the united States of America, to serve as slaves at the beck and call, and subject to every whim, and sometimes every cruelty, that their masters could devise for them.

“And let us send Love Light to all; to the ones who came as slaves, to the ones who were left behind, to the ones who came in the ships, the slave traders, to those who purchased the slaves, to those who reaped the money gained from their sales, to those who kept the slaves, to those who treated them kindly, and to those who did not, to those who kept the slaves until the death of the body of the slaves, to those who freed them, to the great Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, to those who since have still felt that somehow those ones, the descendants of the slaves, were somehow inferior.

“And let us send the Love, and the Light, and the Peace that passeth all understanding to them, on the Violet Ray of Transmutation, on the Blue Ray of Truth, and on the White Light of the Christ, that they may understand, and know within their hearts that all are truly created equal, and the same, and that all are the perfect children of Mother Father.

“And let us move to China.  Wondrous ones came from China to work on the railroads.  They were kept in immigrant camps.  They worked in the laundries and the places where others would not work.  They helped to build countries, and they, too, were called names and discriminated against.

“And likewise the ones who came from Japan, who were rounded up and put into camps, because they were all deemed to be enemies, when the Truth of it was that most of them were patriotic citizens of the country that they, or their ancestors had come to.

“Let us send Love Light to all who’ve been enslaved in what you call the Asian Countries.  Let us send the Truth of equality and Oneness to them, and let us tell them beyond a shadow of any doubt that we are one with them, and they are one with us.  We appreciate their sacrifices.  We are so glad that they found their way to other shores, and we greet them as fellow travelers on the path, the journey to Ascension.

“And let us go to the countries that are south of the united States of America, where those people have come to North America.  They have come from the country of Mexico, and they have been discriminated against.  Let us remember Caesar Chavez and the farm workers he helped bring to the attention of the focus of the world in order to better their conditions, because they, too, were treated as slaves.  And let us send them the Peace that passeth all understanding, and all of those involved, the Forgiveness, the Gratitude, the Love, and the Compassion.

“And let us go even to the countries of Europe.  Let us remember when the Italians came to the shores of the united States of America.  They too were discriminated against.  They were kept somewhat in their own communities, and while that was a comfort to them, they were discriminated against quite often when they tried to rise above.

“And then there were the Irish; same thing.  They came poor.  They came from a land that was undergoing such starvation, such famine, that they came to the land of opportunity, and quite often were met with more poverty, hatred, and discrimination.

“Let us send the Light of Love to all of those who came from the countries of Europe, who came to the country of the united States of America, and elsewhere in the World; who came not as conquerors.  Some may have been kidnapped and taken against their will.  The majority of them came for opportunity, and met  discrimination in their early days.  They have risen; they have risen above.  But let us send the Light of Love to all that happened in what you call your history/herstory.

“Let us go to the countries of Eastern Europe where certain ethnic groups, as they were called, religious groups, were often treated quite poorly.  And in Russia, and in other countries, genocide, pogroms, all kinds of treatment of these wonderful beings.  Did they deserve it?  No, but they agreed to be part of it, to point out to the world why this must never happen again, why this must stop.   There are others of different skin colors, different religions, and so on, who through the eons of time have lived as slaves, have been enslaved.

“The Romans conquered entire territories, and yes, they discriminated against the ones they called the barbarians.  They enslaved those they conquered, because they could not possibly be as good as the citizens of Rome.

“There was discrimination in Atlantis.  There was a wealthy class, the high priests and priestesses, and those of wealth, the rulers, the ruling class, and oh yes, the Atlanteans had slaves as well.  To all of these wondrous ones let us send out this loving Compassion, this Peace, this settling, or resolution of whatever baggage remains within the individual who has lived in these lives, lived in these bodies, lived with this treatment.

“Almost all civilizations at one time or another have had the practice of slavery.  It exists even now, in all manner, in all areas and places.  What about the children who are kidnapped?  What about the women and men, the young ones who are sold into a slavery of heinous proportions?  What about the poor who sell body parts so that their families can survive?  Is that not a form of slavery?

“What about all of the beautiful, beautiful hearts who are being forced out of their homes, who have debts they cannot possibly pay, all by design?  Is that not a form of slavery?  So let’s just transform and transmute all forms of slavery into  Oneness, into caring, and compassion, and wisdom, into the consciousness of the Planet which must say no more, no more.  We have learned the lessons, and we have the wisdom.  And bring that right now into the moment.

“And yes, bring it into the hearts of all of those who have participated in any way in facilitating this law in the State of Arizona.  And let them have what you call a change of heart.  Bring it into all of those who have expressed hatred in a racially directed kind of way in the most recent now moments.

“What about the Legislators, the law makers who stand forth and represent their constituents of every color, religion, ethnic background, and so on?  Some of them wear the dark skin, and they too have been reviled in recent days in your history/herstory.

“Put forth the Violet Light of Transmutation, the White Light of the Christ, the Love, and let those eyes open of those who have been wearing the sheets of the organization that you call the Klu Klux Klan, wearing the emblem which has been so defiled itself that now when you see it, it is the emblem of hatred called Nazism.  It started out as a sacred symbol.

“And let’s talk about the First People of every land, those whom you call the tribes.  Bring them into this grand circle of Love Light, and extend to them the Peace that passeth all understanding.  Let the Doves of Peace fly.  Let the hands and hearts be joined.  Let the Oneness of all shine forth Beloved Ones, from your hearts to theirs, from your hearts to the entire of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond.

“And let us join with you in this expression of Oneness, in this expression of Love, and let us send it into the fields of the future of all, that all may feel it, that all may rejoice in it, and that all may truly feel, and act upon the simple truth, the teachings which Beloved Yeshua whom I over-lighted and was with in his journey as Jesus, Yeshua, as he spoke:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’  How simple, how peaceful, and how wise and loving is that Truth.

“So we come together, Beautiful Family, in high vibrations of Love and Joy, to extend the Peace that passeth all understanding to all who have participated in the past, to all who are participating in any acts of discrimination in the now moment, and to lay the cornerstone, the ground work if you will, the foundation for Peace among all, for Love, and for recognition of the One we all are, Divine.

“Each of us in our own individualities, but honored and loved, no matter what the differences might appear to be; because underneath skin, and hair, and eye colors, we’re all one.  We’re all created out of the same Love, and we’re all here to let the Love Light shine.  And so it is Beloved Ones.  We thank you for your participation in this.

“We shall ask that each of you step forward, and accept one or more of the Roses of Kumara, as symbols of this Love, this co-creation of ours, this exercise from our hearts to the World, and what a wonderful World it is indeed!  And I, Sananda, thank you.  I stand here with the Kumara Family, and all of those named and unnamed.  Feel them once more.  Feel us in your hearts, Beloveds, and know that we’re with you always in loving and sharing of this grand process, this road to Ascension.

“And so it is!  Namaste!”
Sananda’s message was followed by What a Wonderful World, sung by Louis Armstrong.

sekhmetMother Sekhmet:
“Well that was interesting wasn’t it?  No heart burn here, just happy, happy hearts; if you want to say burning just talk about Love; burning with a wave of Love. We’re not just a candle glowing in the dark, Beloved Ones, we’re huge; just a little bit of a report back to you on the effectiveness of that exercise which you did,we did!  We want you to know we all joined in, and we’re here now to celebrate!

“Oh, yes, we have a bit of a tune, because I, Sekhmet, really love the tunes, you know, but we want to be serious for a moment.  I’m getting a reputation as being  somewhat of a funny being.  Understand that laughter, like music, is a path to Joy, and when we’re talking Joy we’re talking hi-i-i-i-gh vibes.

“So stay with it Beloved Ones, stay with it.  Connect with us, and communicate, and commune whenever you choose.  That’s a great high vibe thing, and we love it, too.  If you get a little down in the dumpies like Ashtar says, listen to some music.  It is soothing you know, or else think of something that might be considered to be a little bit more humorous in nature.

“We want to tell you how bright you’re shining.  If you’re not feeling it, we are.  Check in with yourselves, Beloved Ones, and know.  Just know how powerful you are, and then reach out and feel us with you, and understand that we’re recreating that which might have been reality.  For you know we don’t go to  science at all, but you know, Planck’s Law or something that says this or that outcome is about to happen.  We recreated it.  So remember, all together now: Who’s in charge of creating you and your life now ,Beloved Ones?

“I can’t hear you.  Well, I can feel the answer, and of course you’ve got it right.  It’s you, but we’re always here to lend a hand, or a paw, if you will.

“So live, laugh, and love, and stay on track, and stay tuned, because we’re just going to go higher and higher.  Well, on that note let’s hear some more.  Know that you’re loved beyond words.  Know that you’re shining bright.  We honor you and we appreciate you, and we say to you: Namaste!

“Where’s your dancing shoes?”

“That was a roaring good one!’
Sekhmet’s musical selection for the night was Let’s Get Together, performed by the Youngbloods.

Given through Susan Leland, May 4, 2010. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



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