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Obama Answered My Email


On Mother’s Day, as per the request of Ashtar, I emailed President Obama to ask that he bring disclosure about quickly so that we could get help in the clean up of the oil spill.  This is what I sent to him:

Good morning, Mr. Obama.

As you well know, the offshore oil spill is a disastrous mess.  Seeing the 4-story “box” trying to be put in place only to not work is even more deflating.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of the turtles and birds that are dying already.  I have a hard time looking at those pictures.

I’m asking that you please make the announcement that we are not alone in the universe – that we have a galactic family that is sitting there waiting for us to accept them.  WE need their help right now because that spill is NOT going to be cleaned up by us.

More and more kingdoms are going to die on Earth thanks to this spill.

I don’t think an announcement at this time would be sticking to the original timeline of disclosure, but this is an extraordinary time.

It’s Mother’s Day, Mr. Obama.  Mother Nature needs our help.

Please know that I am behind you on the announcement and I have a bunch of viewers to my site ( that are waiting for your announcement.

Much love to you and your family and a special love to Mrs. Obama on this special day.


Yesterday, I received an email back from Obama.  I’m pretty sure that this is a generic email that is sent out to everyone but there are two really interesting things here.  Firstly, I didn’t ask for a response – but I received this anyway.  Secondly, the email was typed out and sent to me – not put with a pretty White House letterhead or anything like that.  Just a simple email back.

This is what Mr. Obama wrote back:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing to me about the oil spill in
the Gulf of Mexico.  I appreciate your perspective as we
continue to do everything we can to address this crisis.

The Gulf is one of the richest and most beautiful
ecosystems on the planet.  For centuries, its residents have
enjoyed and made a living off the fish that swim in its
waters and the wildlife that inhabit its shores.  The Gulf is
also the heartbeat of the region’s economic life.  We are
going to do everything in our power to protect our natural
resources, compensate those who have been harmed,
rebuild what has been damaged, and help this region
persevere like it has done so many times before.

For information about response efforts, how to help,
or available assistance, please visit or

Thank you again for contacting me.  I encourage
you to visit to learn more about my
Administration or to contact me in the future.


Barack Obama

Just thought I’d share. Did anyone else get a response?

Much love, Tony.


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  1. willem says:

    hello i did send an email to obama about the spill
    did not yet received an email from obama.

  2. adrian says:

    Yes, it is a generic email. Even if everyone who regularly visits WTL wrote to Obama, it would only be a couple hundred emails. Not really enough to get their attention. For example, only 174 people have voted on the star family help poll here.

    Despite that, I’d say write anyway! Advice? Cover only one topic per email when you write Obama.

    Love and light.

    • admin says:

      Even a couple hundred emails is better than none. And when you consider that a lightworker (like yourself) represents hundreds, if not thousands, of sheeple that are still asleep, that one letter that you send can significantly increase the consciousness level of the planet.

      Don’t kid yourself – you’re worth more than you think! LL, Tony.

  3. jackpotlady says:

    I have also sent my letters to Harry Reid, and Ensign and the President and Dean Heller asking for Disclosure. Maybe the oil slick is heading towards Washington DC or New York to send a message!

  4. Kristi says:

    Its generic unfortunately.

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