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Local Man Has Possible Solution To Clean Oil Spill


Sunday, May 02, 2010
Reported by Saul Saenz

EDGEWATER — Jeffrey Gross is just as concerned about the massive oil spill as those living along the Gulf Coast where people are bracing for the oil slick impact.

That’s because he says he has a product he claims can break up the chemical compounds in the oil and render it safe.

“What it does in layman terms is it takes the gasoline, ingests it and exhales it in carbon dioxide and water,” Gross said.

To prove his point, Gross took gasoline and poured it into a metal bowl. Right now it is flammable.

He then sprayed the product into it and you could see a chemical reaction. He said the gasoline is no longer flammable.

This can be applied to the oil spill.

But because this technology has not been tested on an oil spill of this magnitude, Gross admits he doesn’t know with certainty how effective it would be. He said using this technology is better than doing nothing at all and letting that oil wash ashore.

“I don’t think anyone’s exactly sure of, you know, the results of what’ll come of something this massive, but, you know it would be an alternative way to try to remediate some of the situation down there,” he said.

His technology is no secret. It is listed under the Environmental Protection Agency’s contingency plan as a bioremediation agent. Now he’s just waiting for their call to act on this oil spill.



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