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Bigfoot Rescued By Hunter In Russia


[Just another interesting, timely article coming out of Russia, that’s all. Tony]

7 May 2010

Masha Dimitriov

A hunter who lives in the Shoria Mountains in the Kuzbass region of Siberia, Russia, has claimed he saved a yeti or Bigfoot from drowning in a frozen river.

The hunter, a Mr. Athanasius Kiskarov, wrote a letter to the local government administrator regarding the event.

The event occurred near the village of Kichi, which has no electricity or running water. A group of hunters heard a high pitched wail coming from the nearby Kabirza River. The Hunters went  down to the river and saw a creature that they described as manlike but covered in fur drowning after falling under brittle ice.

The hunters reached out to the Yeti or Bigfoot with branches however as soon as the cryptid got to the shore it hid in the woods.

The letter regarding the incident was signed by three witnesses.

The Kuzbass region is famous for being a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings. However, a recent scientific expedition into the area’s Asasskoy caves found no evidence of any cryptids.



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