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Ashtar: We The People For Peace – May 18, 2010


May 18, 2010

“Well, good evening Everyone! We have a huge mission tonight. Thank you for asking. Thank you for being here, and for having an opportunity to give some heart-based thought to what we’re going to do. Even though you don’t know the entirety of the program, indeed we shall be co-creating it as we go, going with the flow of this marvelous energy of togetherness, of oneness that we have to share, all of us here together.

“Nevertheless, you made a commitment to be here, and to participate. And there will be those of you who will hear this as part of the recording. Do not in any way diminish the importance of your presence to listen to that recording, and even to read the words when they are sent in the emails.

“Everyone is invited to join in, as always, but with a special kind of urgency. Because, Beloved Ones, how can someone wake up when they are so addicted that that is the only program they know, when all they can think about is when they’re going to get the next fix, or drink, or cigarette, or food, or sex, or anything that so many people in this World are addicted to, or have been so.

“Now there are those of you who may have been a little bit in shock when St. Germain in his message told you that everyone has been addicted to something at sometime in their lives, maybe not this life, maybe another one. But after all, those of us in the Ashtar Family know that you who have volunteered to take on the hardest missions of all, that is in the density of the human bodies, and all of the confinements, and restrictions, and rules, and customs that those bodies have presented; you have had the hardest missions of all, and yet you stood in line literally to be here for this the greatest of all mission ever accomplished on Planet Earth!

“It’s been tried before, but not successfully done.  And for those of you who are on the Ascension Path; and for those of you who don’t know that you’re on the Ascension Path, but everyone in this gathering is – YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR ADDICTIONS WITH YOU!

“Well you might be thinking, ‘But wait a minute, is there not an exception, and that is the addiction to Love?’ Well, if it’s unconditional Love, that’s Who You Are, that’s how you started out to be, that’s who you will be returning to be, and to know, and to feel throughout your entire being as you complete this Ascension Process. It’s not really an addiction is it? It’s being You in your first and ultimate form.

“And so that is wonderful. But in the meantime there’s a lot of cleansing to do in the World. So we’re going to leave this topic for a moment; we shall return.

“But we wish to comment on and thank those of you, or make a comment to those of you, who have sent your emails to Obama about this current situation which is, could be the beginning of a disaster for Mother Gaia, and for all who live below, on, and above Her, if this drilling were to continue.

“But you know now, you have a pretty good sense of it, that it’s not going to continue, at least not in the near future is the plan, and by the time anybody would give any thought to continuing, there’ll be new technologies, and so on.

“We’ll be literally on your doorsteps with these new ways of powering your planet. And think about this – is this not delightful? These ORMES methods can help to power you right on up into 5D, so how about that – something that is so friendly to the Planet that it is actually something that your body is either making right now to help you with all of the changes that you need to make to evolve into your crystalline body, and if it’s not, it will be, because you can reactivate.

“So this ORMES is one of the new technologies that has been kept by a few, for the use of a few, you know who we’re talking about, but it is about to become public in a world-wide way, and there are others of course. And so we’ll be talking about those in future, as you see it, future gatherings, but right now we want to assure you that yes, we are mitigating the total destruction that this oil spill could reek upon the Planet. It is being mitigated. We are doing that much.

“Keep sending those emails to Obama. Go on the website which has my name on it. That’s rather jolly don’t you think? Go there and read, and let your hearts be touched. Go to this ‘youtube’ and feel the oneness that we share in purpose and mission. And then send an email with Love to Obama. And there are those who are printing those emails, and mailing them, you know, letting the snails do the work.

“And this is perfectly OK, and appropriate, and wondrous, and delightful, and while you’re at it you can send copies to anybody you want to, and you can ask everyone you know to join in this. Now there are a lot more people who will join in than would have even, say three months ago, as you measure time, because first of all this disaster had not happened yet as you measure time, and secondly because a lot more people are awake, and they’re not thinking it’s quite so silly to call upon us to come and help, because many more people are waking up to their connections.

“And they’re wanting to know, ‘Where did I really come from? Is it possible that I have a place of origin other than Planet Earth, because I’ve got this spirit body, this soul, this Divine part of me?‘  More and more people are waking up to the fact that when, if you choose to leave your body, that part of you which is eternal simply flies free.

“More and more people are wanting to know what happens when you get to the other side of the veil. More and more people are getting glimpses of that, and of that reality, and more and more people are open to receiving messages from those who have left their bodies and gone before them into the higher dimensions, as well as from those who’ve been with them all their lives in spirit form, in guidance, and yes, guardianship too.

“More and more are waking up to the whole totality of who they are, to the big picture. And more and more of the children are able to give voice to what they know and what they see. Yes, and it’s often times the grandparents who will sit and engage in conversations with them about their ‘friend,’ the bright Light that they see, the one who comes and hugs them at night, and so on and so on.

“Listen grandma or grandpa, my Teddy Bear wants to talk to you.’ And guess who’s speaking through that Bear. It’s kind of like I speak through the Voice, only she’s a little bit more aware than that which you call the toy Teddy Bear. This awareness is growing – feed it, foster it, nurture it, feel it, welcome it, and share it.

“The World needs a lot of nurturing right now, and our topic for this evening is the whole entirety of the addictions. We shall present some pictures to you. You’ve been in other times. Here’s one in the time of Atlantis, the beverage of choice of course was wine, and the rich and powerful, oh yes, there was a stratification of that society, we have discussed that before, often had dinner parties that could last all night.

“You wonder where the Romans got their inspiration for the orgies that they had? Well there were a lot of addictions that came into play there: eating excessively, eating sweet sugar, you know, ‘wind yourself up,’ and of course the alcohol, and there were other drugs, things that you would call drugs, potions and lotions. And of course – what a wonderful way to end an orgy – how about sex?

“Lots of addictions were encouraged in that particular society, and in subsequent societies. Well, when you lose touch with your Divinity, you lose touch with Mother Gaia, you lose touch with your Guides, your own inner guidance, and all that that represents, and you start worshiping money. Yes, there can be addictions to money too.

“Remember old King Cole. No, King Midas – we get our kings mixed up – we’ve had so many of them. Remember King Midas, oh boy, he went on a real trip with his addiction to Gold.

“In the time of the Druids, there were very powerful, what you would call if you remember the 1960’s, psychedelic herbal concoctions, and it was customary to bring out the high priestess, and she had to swallow them in order to go into an altered state, in order to say what was going to happen next. How about that? The guys, the Druid Priests, didn’t rely upon themselves and their own guidance, no, they had to take a woman and drug her, and of course this created tremendous problems for the woman’s body. But, they would drug her in order to get her to tell them what lay ahead. How about that one?

“Also in that country, in that area, there was a king, a very famous one, although he wasn’t the only one. His name was Henry the Eighth. Quick, close your eyes and picture King Henry the Eighth. He had a big drumstick in one hand, and a goblet of wine in the other. Oh boy, he had his addictions didn’t he?

“Anything can be an addiction. What is the difference between engaging in something pleasurable, such as your favorite meal, or a glass or two, or maybe a bottle of wine? It’s when the addiction controls you.

“You know that now in today’s societies everywhere in the World there are people who will sell their children, they will maim, and kill, and rob, and do all manner of heinous things to others, so that they can have their next fix, or drink, or whatever. These people are not in control, they are not listening to themselves, they are not in touch with the totality, the Divinity of who they are, but rather they are allowing this addiction program to completely control them. So how did all of this start?

“Well we’ve taken you on a little bit of a round the World trip. We’re not going to spend our entire time looking at that. We just want you to be aware that these addictions have been created since the time of the lowering of the veil. Why? Because being addicted is one of the great human experiences. And everybody who has ever come into a human body has had some addictions or other at sometime, or during some lifetime or other. Are you starting to get a sense of where we need to go with this, Beloved Family? Hmm! We’ll get there.

“So a little bit of recent of history/herstory has it like this: sometimes World leaders create wars in order to profit in some manner, in order to capture the wealth, the resources of the city, or the country, upon whom they’re making war. This has been a fact of war since war was invented. And if you think it was invented on Planet Earth, think again, but it doesn’t matter.

“There is a saying you have, and we shall add to it, but the saying is: “To the victor go the spoils.” Well, often times victory is spoiled by the karmic baggage that the victors build up. But you’ve been victor and victim, so we aren’t going to dwell on that either.

“Let us go to a war that is infamous, because everybody is starting to, if they haven’t already, they’re getting the picture of what this war was really about. And there are many in this audience, as a matter of fact we will be playing a tune that you will all recognize and remember, and most all of you will, from that time. And the story behind the tune was that it was aimed at not exposing children in a happy delightful way to drugs, but you’ll get the song later and you’ll know.

“For right now, let us go back to the 1960’s. There’s a war called the Vietnam War. It started out as an innocent advisory thing, and President John Kennedy was going to pull out of Vietnam before it escalated into what it did.

“How many of you remember the next president, Lyndon Johnson, who kept the war going. Of course he campaigned and won the presidency again, saying he would stop the war, but he didn’t quite get it done until he was really almost out of office.

“And what were they doing? Well, Lynden Johnson’s wife owned a radio station. And it has been observed that there were railroad cars being shipped from Southeast Asia with the name of her radio station on it and no other labeling. Do you know what was in those Beloved Ones? Riches, plunder, drugs. Have you ever heard of Air America? They flew drugs.

“Oh yes, the drug trade got a big boost, got introduced, and in subsequent skirmishes in the South and Central American countries, guess what? Drug lords seized power – big business. You can see repercussions from that now with all of the people, and a lot of innocent people being killed in what you call the border towns of Arizona, Texas, and the towns on the Baja, California, over the border on both sides.

“Do you think that fence is ever going to get built? No. Why? Who do you think the true drug lords are? Who is controlling the ones whose names may, or may not, be familiar to you? The same people that own the drug and chemical companies: the capitalists, the corporations, the bankers, and the politicians; those are the ones behind all of this.

“They opened up the drug trade to fatten their pockets, mercilessly without any compassion whatsoever. They deliberately did so – a part of their advertising campaign is to suck the little children in by sending somebody with some pills, or some joints, you call them joints, to playgrounds, places where children gather.

“They get one, and they get another, pretty soon they have a gang surrounding one who has tried to say ‘No.’ And that one sometimes gets beaten, or worse, if they continue to say, ‘No.’ What do you think happens? The next thing you know, they’re shooting heroine, or freebasing, or snorting cocaine, and stealing, or worse yet, enticing others into the web.

“You have parents who are addicted. You have babies being born with those addictions: alcohol, drugs, whatever. You have cigarette companies wanting to be your friend, giving you all kinds of advice, ‘Oh yes it’s dangerous,’ while they’re selling, and making it so easy for children and people of all ages, to acquire their wares.

“You have the ‘War on Drugs.’ Well what do you think that was about? That was about opening it up even more. These politicians you know, they’re pretty sharp. They have the ‘War on Drugs.’ They have the ‘War on Terror.’ Who are the drug dealers? Them! Who are the terrorists? Them! They’re addicted to power.

“Now we’re painting all of these pictures, not to drag you down in the dumpies; oh no, that’s not the destination. The destination is that you get the picture, so that you feel it, because we’re going to ask you to put Peace into all of this, Love and Light for all kinds of addicted beings, and for what you call the future generations, so that they won’t know anything about this, they won’t have to experience it, because it will be gone.

“It has to go, Beloved Ones! Planet Earth can’t ascend until these addictions are cleansed and healed, so we are going to send Forgiveness and Love Light to all concerned in this. We’re going to start with ourselves, and go out from there until we have the entire Planet engaged. And there is One coming to assist in this, who will be most welcome in your hearts, and in this exercise.

“And if you want to tune in again to this, you know what to do, just send your emails. This is something that you can do over and over, but what we tell you now is that we have already seen this mission completed tonight, and it is so powerful!

“It will make a difference, and it will start to turn the tide, because you know people who are addicted. You may even know children. You maybe even have children or grandchildren who have some difficulties with some kind of an addiction.

“It is to become responsible, it is to take charge, it is to offer Forgiveness, and images of taking charge; visions if you want to call them that, empowered by the great Love that we share.

“Now we understand that you’re wanting to know what’s behind what’s going on. And a little bit of that, and then I shall ask the lovely Elise to play this song to kind of get the energies right in front of you so that you can use your own powerful selves, your own Love, to begin to transform and transmute these energies of addiction; but first a little update shall we?

“Some of you may have received some information. You can look it up on the web if you want to. There was a vote, and the senators are named who voted to support the ones called the banksters. You might want to check out that list [you can see that list posted HERE. Tony], and send your senator a thank you, or a Ho’ oponopono, if they voted to support the continuance of the Federal Reserve and all of that. It’s already done that it’s gone Beloved Ones, it just hasn’t been announced officially.

“With all of the DVD’s, all of the emails to Obama, all of the prayers, the meditations where you send out the Love, you empower change, transition, you call in the Violet Ray, use your wands, or whatever you do, you are turning the tide ! You are making the difference.

“How about the Prime Minister of Great Britain resigning in order to get out of the way of what he felt was kind of a steam roller of a new way of doing things, and he didn’t want to get ‘steam rollered’ over. You know he was a dark hat, is a dark hat, so on and so on. He finally acknowledged he’d better get off the stage, and get out of the way of the Golden Age. And guess what, the one who is Prime Minister is breathing a lot of fresh air into the law makers and their laws in that realm. And this is happening worldwide.

“It’s campaigning time is it not? Have you noticed all the so-called incumbents, well you call them incumbents. They didn’t have a life long lock upon their seats you know. They may have wanted you to think that they that they were absolutely invulnerable, but have you noticed how many of them are announcing that they’re not coming back, or they have had an announcement given to them that their party wants them out, and they are out.

“Primaries have spoken. The political parties, or what remains of them, have spoken, and the next step, and the next, and the next, is going to breathe so much fresh air into your Congress and Senate, you won’t hardly know it.

“You might be inclined to be in shock and awe at the new kinds of laws which are coming. First of all they’re not 2,500 pages. They might be twenty-five, but that’s about it. And secondly they’re going to be written so as not to be devious, and have double meanings, and what are called ‘weasel clauses’ written into them.

Contract Law is going to be a whole new thing based in common law and the Constitution, and forget the statutes and the regs. and all those kinds of things, and the codes. Yes, the FCC is starting to have its doors open wide to fresh air. The Fed is going to be audited, and guess what – they’re going to find what you already know is there, but it’s going to be public! How about that? Things are changing everywhere, absolutely everywhere.

“More and more doctors, with MD’s, and nurses are wanting to know more about the workings of energy, and how they fit into the whole realm of healing. Did you know the Boy Wizard got the attention of some MD’s, and they’re actually working with him and wanting to know more about what he knows. And they really Love his Light tables. Oh yeah, it’s happening. It’s happening.

“If you don’t feel the momentum, walk into the marketplace, go somewhere and see new disclosures, new friendliness, new ways of doing things. It’s all part of the Golden Age, and what we’re doing is bringing you some grand previews. And guess what your job is, your mission: It’s to anchor them!  It’s to say, ‘Oh, this is wonderful. Thank you so much! We’re so excited.’

“It’s to create community within your communities; the summer season is coming to the united States of America and to Canada. Have some community get-togethers. Be open and ready, because your emitting so much Light and so much Love that everybody’s going to say: ‘What do you know?’ It’s not ‘Hi! Joe, or Hi! Jane,’ what do you know?’ As in ‘What have you been up to lately?’ It’s ‘What do you know? Because I know you know something and I want to know about it too!’

“Anybody in this group who is a minister, or knows a minister, tell them to get ready, because they’re going to have some fresh air blowing through their churches and their gathering places like they’ve never seen before, and they’re going to get liberated.

“Sananda’s got a whole mission on that, and they’re going to be free to talk about Love, and Self-Divinity, and the Divinity in all like they never have before, and nobody is going to censor them, and tell them that the grand poobah of their church or religion is not happy with them. They’re going to say: ‘Go for it! Unlock all of the Truths that have been kept hidden away for so long, and tell the world that each and every person is loved and valued for their own Divinity.’ And oh yes, the word of the day is going to be: ‘Let’s get that telepathic communication going, and let’s get everybody in touch.’

“One, one we are. We’re in this together Beloved Ones, because you let us in. And the day is soon, very soon, when we’ll be able to greet you, to land, perhaps even in your back yard, or nearby.

“And there will be learning centers that will need humans interacting with us, with the wise souls who are known now as the Indigos and the Crystals, coming to bring that Love, and that Peace that passeth all understanding, and to hold it for those who may be older in years, and just simply want to relax and bask in the glow of the Love they bring.

“All of this, Beloved Ones, is just around the corner. So go for it! Let’s join together. Let’s make it happen. We are mighty. We are powerful when we come together as one, and when we let our Light shine into the World. And shine you do. You are so beautiful!

“So join your Lights even as we join together. After we hear this song, to just kind of get the picture and the image fresh in front of you, we shall all welcome One who comes with the Love and the healing that we are here to co-create with you. And, so I, Ashtar ,thank you from my heart unto yours for being a part of this Family, and for coming together in the Love and the Oneness we are. And so it is! Salut!

Many thanks to Arnold Troeh for this timely transcript.

Given through Susan Leland, May 18, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.




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  1. Cristina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing !

  2. Jacques says:

    Greetings every-One,

    Within “Earth Changes “, Phylos the Tibetan gives the answer about food. This book has been written by Jeroen Kuyper and Energy focus by Froukje Buma. Another solution resides to check his own breath. You could also open a lille bit your mouth and breathe from your heart. ” From A Friend : ” Once the air flows directly within your head and within your Heart, then, breath which is linked up to the Etheral Fire can be manifested finally. At that time, breath runs, literally, without going by the blood, all of your structures. ”
    With Love and Light,

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