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A Message from Ashtar: May 17, 2010


May 17, 2010



As you continue to rededicate yourself each day to your Mission on the Ground Crew, look around for new practices you may add. Chanting, yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, sungazing, a new lighter diet, meditation, etheric traveling, gardening and all forms of keeping your Temple healthy. The body protects the Temple of the Soul. The Human Suit needs love and daily care. It needs exercise and it needs rest. Everything in balance.

As you add new habits, be consistent. Keep at it day and day out. Allow time for new habits to gel as Lifestyle. Consider vegetarianism. Ask for your nutrients to come in through the Etheric Body. Drink pure water, loads of it.

Here is something to try:
Sit cross-legged on the ground. If you are able, do this outside under a tree. Breath deeply. Imagine a central shaft running from your crown to your perineum. See the energy flows through your bottom from the Earth out the Crown to the Universe.

Now as you breathe feel the energies coming in from the Earth flooding your energy centers up to your Heart. Hold the Energy coming into the Heart, up from the Earth in your Heart Center, allow it to swirl in and pool there for 5 deep breaths.

Allow Sunlight from Father Alcyone to pour into your Third Eye and see it shines on the Energy held in the Heart. Allow the Mother Energy from Earth, coming up from the Base Chakra of Conception to combine with the Pure Consciousness of Father from the Sun pouring into your Third Eye. These Energies combine in your Heart and now allow them to flow up through the Crown. These energies float out to the Universe.

As you do this, you infuse everything around you with more Love. This will effect all living things around you. This Love touches the soil, the grass, the trees, the air, the water, the birds, animals, people, nanites, sun, moon and sky.

The next time you practice this technique, as you bring in the energies from the Earth, it will be an energy which holds more Love. Continuing this practice changes the World. As you inhale Love from Earth and exhale Love to Universe, you circulate more and more Love. Soak in Peace. Be Peace. Be Love.

Try this each day and be sure to dedicate your practice to a person or situation.


Mark and Beth,



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  1. claudia Gonzalez says:

    love back to you!….Should we eliminate totally the meat consumption? and should we eat ONLY vegetable and fruits with lots of water? when you feel love in your heart and send it to all people of the work and to mother Earth is this also helping? I really want to cooperate with all my brother and systers of the earth as well with you Galactic Federation. I hambly offer my service with love and blessing for all in this cosmos..LOL

  2. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    how do you even know that is ashtar talking and if ashtar has our best intentions?
    where’s the discernment?

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