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UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

Great video.  I would take the time to watch this.  Tony.

UFO: Greatest Story Ever Denied presents a provocative review of some of the most important UFO events since Roswell in 1946. Not only do we learn about such events as the Battle of LA and early military coverups, but interesting phenomena like RODs, critters and invisible UFOs only detectable with infra red cameras. An amazing daylight video is shown demonstrating the detection of a UFO in infra red mode.

There is critter footage that has never been released for over fifty years that reveals entities that exist in the invisible Ultra-Violet spectrum. Also a collection of photos containing highly unusual structures and other objects you aren’t supposed to know about.

A very good film for people interested in ufology, alien technology, government cover-ups and serious UFO research.


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  1. jackpotlady says:

    Amazing film. I hope my congressional representatives and my State Assemblyman will watch it. I shouldn’t have to ask them questions… they should be able to form their own. It is an election year in Nevada… if they don’t watch and won’t ask they will be seeking their employment elsewhere!

  2. jackpotlady says:

    I should mention that once again I was inspired to write my elected representatives in NV and ask them to push for DISCLOSURE and also ask them to watch the video and ask their own questions! Otherwise I think my elected representatives are not doing their job and all are up for election this year!

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