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“The Day Before Disclosure” Official Trailer


This is the official trailer for the documentary The Day Before Disclosure by New Paradigm Films. The feature film will shed new light on the UFO phenomena and the ET presence, and will premiere in May 2010. See for further information.


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  1. Mandrabel says:

    This is fantastic, but I’ve got to admit…it’d be a much better documentary if Nick Pope took a long hike in Argentina!!! And by long, I mean perpetual. And by hike, I mean hiding. And by Argentina I mean Wolf 359.

  2. Andy Bell says:

    My partner and I have witnessed a MILE WIDE ufo in 1998 and had a close encounter with a craft thaat would revolutionise the transport industry!
    I also have a MILE WIDE ufo on video flying over Freemont Dec 5th 2008 on my YouTube channel (Andyhgn53k)
    It is about time for disclosure!

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