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Saul: The Galactics Keep Saying “Soon”. How Do I Overcome My Doubts?


And now for something completely different

04/25/2010 by John Smallman

John Smallman: Good morning, dear Saul. I was getting very irritated yesterday as I was retyping book material: so much “joy,” “delight,” “bliss”. . . and “SOON”! And the illusion seems to roll on — essentially, seemingly unchanged.  How can I go on putting your continuously upbeat forecasts about humanity’s imminent move into full consciousness and the New Age into the public domain?  You (and others) have been saying “soon” for at least ten years, yet conflicts, wars, and environmental destruction continue apace.  Comments on the blog that question the use of the word “soon” and that remark that this kind of message is not new and that nothing changes, all seem quite valid to me.

So how do I overcome my doubts and my lack of faith that all is as it should be and help our readers to do the same?  I am ready for your words of advice and encouragement.  Please help me to relax and allow, and then guide my pen.

Good morning John, your doubts and anxieties are understandable. God has promised joy, and He always delivers, but you have to. . . accept.

Very many of you continue to argue and fight among yourselves about which channeled messages — if any — are valid.   They all have validity, but their messages vary because those receiving them are different, have different hopes and prejudices, and have different basic vocabularies through which the messages are filtered.

To change the world you have to change yourselves, which means being forgiving, loving, accepting, and cooperative.  When you are at war with yourselves, you see God, the Holy Spirit, Angels, guides, and channeled entities preaching Love and Light.  And you look and see where it hasn’t got you!  Humanity’s outlook is still:  What’s the point, It’s a dog-eat-dog world, You’ve got to protect yourself. . . no one else will.  You are not extending and sharing the energy of God’s infinite Love for you, instead you continue to create and send out mistrust, doubt, and fear, which feeds and strengthens the illusory reality instead of helping to dissolve it.

Jesus was loving kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance.  Yes, in the short term, He was crucified, but He set the foundations for a new way to live, and many of you have followed His example and found peace in your lives.  For the world to change you all have to offer peace and love and acceptance in every moment.  So long as you wait for others or your governments to do it, so long will you continue to wait.

You know non-violence works, it has been demonstrated — Gandhi in the first half of the twentieth century, young people in the USA in the 60s and 70s, and young people in Eastern Europe in the 80s and 90s — but when the cause is won people tend to go back to their old ways, complaining and seeing themselves as victims (of some other form of injustice), and they close themselves off again from one another in fear.

The way forward is to love your way through your fear by dropping your defenses, and responding to perceived attacks with kindness, compassion, and a desire to understand the other’s pain. Then accept yourselves and others with compassion — always.  Responding to perceived attack in any other way maintains and strengthens the state of conflict.  You have to open your arms in love in every situation, releasing your fears and your doubts. It most definitely does work, but you cannot know this until you do it.

When you start to respond with love and acceptance instead of fear and anger, your whole life experience will change.  More people than ever before are doing this, and it is having an enormous effect.  The balance is shifting rapidly toward non-violence, while confrontation and attack are becoming most unfashionable and will soon be unacceptable.  So do your bit; respond always with loving kindness, and watch peacefully and joyously as weapons are laid down forever, and the attitudes that encourage and support them melt.

It will happen — one person at a time.  Except that the moment is fast approaching when all the rest will do it at the same instant, to bring in the promised and long-awaited new Golden Age.  God has promised it, and as you all know deep in your heart, He always delivers.  Embrace love once more, and this time maintain that state, knowing that you are divinely supported and that you cannot fail.

With so very much love, Saul.



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  1. Grady says:

    Great reminder. I see the ‘soon’ now. Everyday. Everywhere. It is manifesting as the revolt against the Catholic Church, Wall Street, Pharmaceuticals, Immigration, I could go on but you get the idea. I see the ‘de-cloaking’ of these systems and beliefs for what they really are and they are being revealed! The “SOON” is happening. I am over being dismayed by all of it and now find it amusing. I see the reason behind the chaos, and investigating this site, has really accelerated my process. Big thanks to Tony for all he does. So my practice is to send light and love to the dark beings (and locations) and do all I can to assist others in their quest for ascension. Until then…Peace, Practice and Patience.

  2. Byron says:

    Hi Tony,

    I think John Smallman had the right questions regarding the channels that have kept telling us that this would occur in 2009. Here we are in middle of 2010 and the Bank of St Germain has been open for months???? Ashtar told us that they could decloak and mass landings any moment now and that was last November ? I know that God has a Devine Plan and announcements and Mass landings will happen within God’s time frames. I would prefer not to here all the hype and let things occur within their own timing. It get’s to be unreliable and if you notice, since Mark Huber has left the scene
    all the channeling with KOS, Lady Master Nada, Ashtar, Archangel Chamuel, Metatron and others have been scarce for some reason? Let’s hope the crooks that alledgely have been arrested will be taken off the streets and something happens in the Hague ? No info on that lately either?
    Thank you for posting this message.

  3. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    dont wait for aliens/ e.t.s to come down and do anything

    if people want to know they exist, they will when they are ready. stick with what you do in your life and do stuff that makes ya happy. and dont give into this hope nonsense, unless you can actually talk to an e.t. in person

  4. Byron says:

    Hi Tony,

    I saw this post by God today and wanted to share it with you and your family.

    Today’s Heavenletter

    The Power of the Universe
    Heavenletter #3442 Published on: April 28, 2010
    God said:
    You can only progress. Setbacks are only setbacks. You are with Me. What can a setback do to you? You can only grow. You are further along than you were yesterday. Beloveds, there are only seeming setbacks. No matter how dire-seeming, setbacks are only a pebble in your shoe. Empty your shoe, and keep on walking.

    Even agony is only agony, beloveds. No matter how deep, it is a sham. Agony does not penetrate your Being. Your Being is inviolate. Of course, it is.

    Not even death of your body affects you. You think it does. Everybody thinks it does no matter the words he speaks. Everyone may attest to Eternity, yet would fervently like to postpone indefinitely the onset of bodily death as if death were real, as if death were so real you must outsmart it. Everyone seems to be a now person in the sense that he wants all he wants now. The fact is that you do have all you want now. You do have immortality. You were never without it. You are the one hung up on the shifts and changes and chimera of the world.

    You are immortal whether your body lives a year or a hundred and twenty years. There is simply no end to you, beloveds. Is there an end to Me?

    It is not easy for you to get your mind around Eternity, Immortality, Life etc.

    You may not adore all of the life you are living, yet, by and large, you do not want to leave it. Perhaps you think you would be abandoning yourself. Oh, no, you go wherever I AM, beloveds. You are with Me.

    Understandably, you are caught up in the extant world. You have time and space and all the details they incur. The first of the month rolls around, and you have to pay bills whether you have the money or not. You have to be at work on time whether you want to or not. And you have to clean house and wash dishes whether you have the energy to or not. Where is there time for you to simply be? Where is that place of Beingness in your life? It may seem to you to be hidden somewhere, yet it is more consuming than your overt occupation with time and space. Of course, Being is more powerful than the shreds of time and space that encumber you. What are you to do, beloveds? What are you to do?

    Then simply BE while you earn a living and take care of seemingly insurmountable time and space. Acknowledge your Beingness. Let awareness of your Beingness slip into a pocket of your mind. You keep awareness of money worries and some such there in your mind. Now make room for your awareness of Being. You are a Being, beloved. You truly live in Being. You are the power of the Universe.

    Just know that you are more than you seem to be. All sentient beings are more than they seem to be. All of life is more than it seems to be. Even a word is more than it seems to be. I, too, am more than the world takes Me for. Surely, you are more than the world takes you for.

    But never mind the world for a moment. Take yourself as great and take what you call problems as less significant. It is hard not to laugh when you consider the truth of you in comparison to the illusion of yourself that you have incorporated, wrapped around yourself, and delved into like the encyclopedia or dictionary. Beloveds, you are the power of the Universe.

    Thank you Tony, we need you very much !!

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