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Bishop Convicted for Denying Holocaust

British Bishop Richard Williamson, second from left foreground, is escorted out of London’s Heathrow airport by police and security officers.

Associated Press Writer Verena Schmitt-roschmann, April 16, 2010

BERLIN – A German court convicted ultraconservative British Bishop Richard Williamson on Friday of denying the Holocaust in a television interview.

A court in the Bavarian city of Regensburg found Williamson guilty of incitement for saying in a 2008 interview with Swedish television that he did not believe Jews were killed in gas chambers during World War II.

The court ordered Williamson to pay a fine of euro10,000 ($13,544).

The Roman Catholic bishop was barred by his order from attending Friday’s proceedings or making statements to the media.

His lawyer, Matthias Lossmann, told The Associated Press after the court ruling that Williamson has yet to decide whether he would appeal.

Denying the Holocaust is a criminal offense in Germany.

The court ordered a fine of euro12,000 for Williamson last year, without a trial. But the bishop appealed, forcing his case to be tried publicly.

Lossmann said that Williamson had explicitly asked the Swedish television crew conducting the interview not to broadcast it in Germany.

In issuing her ruling, Judge Karin Frahm said the bishop could not have expected that the clip would show up on YouTube and be seen directly in Germany, and that led her to reduce the fine, court spokesman Bernhard Schneider told the AP.

The journalists who conducted the interview ignored a court order to attend the trial, Lossmann said, leaving the judge to rely on written statements as testimony.

“That does not do a case like this justice,” Lossmann said.

The interview was conducted near Regensburg and was granted shortly before Williamson’s excommunication was lifted by Pope Benedict XVI, along with that of three other bishops from the anti-modernization movement of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

The American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors said in a statement it welcomed the ruling as “a symbol of modern German determination to prohibit the dissemination of Holocaust denial on its soil.”

The U.S.-based group’s vice president, Elan Steinberg, called Williamson’s remarks vile and craven and called upon his order and the Vatican to cut all ties with him.

The lifting of Williamson’s excommunication sparked outrage among Jewish groups and in Israel. The Vatican’s handling of the affair prompted criticism from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Six million Jews were killed during the Nazi Holocaust, many of them murdered in gas chambers.

Williamson lives in Britain.



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  1. Grady says:

    Another one bites the dust – the arrests are happening. Next, the Pope.

  2. Gavin says:

    I don’t think that denying the Holocaust should be a criminal offence. That is dumb. People should have freedom of thought and expression whether you agree with them or not. I think that the Holocaust happen but if someone else thinks something different then so what?

  3. EKKA says:

    Agree with Gavin. Seems to be another blow to freedom of expression. What’s next, Thought Police?

    Though perhaps this is just a “cover story” employed to hide the possibility this man will be used as a informant, in an effortto elicit info./evidence about those in “higher” positions.

    Only Source knows the complete story.

    Personally, I feel it would serve the greater good of all concerned if we could just move beyond judgments and get on with co-creating a new reality.

    So much preoccupation with the “past”; and people wonder why the “new” is not manifesting as soon as they prefer.

    No Peace without Justice, No Justice without Forgiveness.

  4. Jean-Pierre says:

    When you do your own research on this subject: The Jews Holocaust, one can find with: ‘David Irving, Ernst Zundel, the IHR(Institute of History Research), Ingrid Rimland, Faurisson and the Leuchter Report’, the other side of COIN. I/we do not deny any holocaust since I/we all know that in the past 200 years there were a lot of genocide/holocaust, especially the Native Peoples(Aboriginals) in North America.

    I/We NOW can confirm that the ‘JEWS HOLOCAUST’ was and is a PROPAGANDA for the Making of the State of Israel and for their AGENDA; a One World Government, a New World Order, since they are the CHOSEN ONES and they want this Planet to be their SLAVES as per the TALMUD.As per around 300 rabbis in Israel, all non-jews are on this planet to be a slave/servant of the Chosen Ones, the Zionist’Jews.

    WE NOW KNOW WHO ARE behind all of that CRAP, Zionist Rothschild & Cie and a NON-HUMAN RACE.

    For them , to TERRORIZE,EMPRISON, KILL, RAPE, millions of innocent people in Palestine,GAZA,LEBENON, SYRIA, EGYPT,USA(9/11)and all around the world are not a problem since they are Psychopathes(without Soul) and this is for the sake of their gods.

    It doen’t take long once you dig in the abundance of books, infos, documentaries, videos el cetera, to find the Truth or what they are hiding to the average people on this Earth and what GAME they are playing at and for what purpose/goal/agenda.

    Today, the Golden Words are: Be ‘AWAKE and AWARE’ and do not fall in the ‘FEAR SYNDROME’.

    Baba Kamma 37b, Talmud

    Which GOD allows his CHOSEN ONES to KILL his OWN BROTHERs AND SISTERs for ANY REASON(s)?

    Not MINE for sure!

    Just like you all said , NO ONE should be imprisoned by telling what they doubt,question or denounce especially a partial LIE.


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