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St. Germain Update March 5, 2010


St Germain:

As we move into the changes of Terra Nova, the entire financial system as we know it now will be completely scapped.

All of the Countries arund the World at this moment are bankrupt, including the United States.

It seems everyone knows it except the American people. The bankruptcies are due to the fact that all the money the 13 families had has been taken from their accounts and deposited in the Bank of St Germain.

Now we will Announce NESARA. No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes. As everyone receives 10 million dollars each, beginning in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, the price reindexing will go into effect. The US Real Estate Markets have house prices falling and folks fear they are losing thier shirts. When their package arrives and then their property is reassessed, along with all Real Estate across the Planet, then it will not matter much. No one will be losing their shirt, I asure you.

So we imagine a World where everyone has hospital, schools, a home and enough to eat, clean water to drink. This will be in the first 30 days. Trillions of Ships are here now to assist with this transition. Each Ship has the Staff and Eqipment to do this. Now everyone wants to know, what comes after this? No one will have a job doing menial labor, or selling things in a store. What will we do then? We will be returning the Planet back to Paradise. We will clean up the pollution. We will get rid of old things sitting around that are no longer needed. We will plant new seeds, new trees, new flowers. We will grow food in local areas everywhere around the world. We will set up communication all over the world. We will be in touch with each other with video conferencing, all over the World. The solutions people need, to have assistance with problems, will be there. After everything is patched up and running well, then what will we do?

We will move into the next steps of being 5th Dimensional Beings. We will set up a New Earth Judicial System. It will be run by upstanding and spiritual people. We will learn to govern ourselves as Sentient Beings who are part of a Galactic Society. We will also have a new financial system. This is when the fun starts. We will tackle projects together for energy, homes, water, health, education, recreation, free to everyone, available to everyone. Anything you can dream of will be available. We will have Circular Cities, we will have Cities under the Sea. We will have traveling between Inner Earth and Terra Nova. There will be no limitations. As we walk the new Timeline, it will dissolve into no time at Zero Point. It is about to become a lot more fun!! Be in joy!

~St Germain
Beth and Mark


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  1. Cristina says:

    Much LOVE to you

  2. Peter says:

    I’m quoting the Feb 14, 2010 channeled message from Matthew of Suzy Ward:

    “The purpose of economic restructuring is to
    fairly distribute the wealth of your world so that no one lives in the poverty
    that enables others to live in luxury. And the idea that when the Illuminati’s
    illegal fortunes are recovered, a million or more dollars will be given to every
    person on the planet is pure fantasy.”

  3. Un huh says:

    Sure… a package, to “everyone” with $10,000,000?

    Wonder who “everyone” means?

    Notice how it starts with the Anglo Saxon nations first of course.

    Lets see… thats 70,000 trillon dollars. Now… is that in real gold or just paper federal reserve notes?

    Gee sounds great. I’ll take mine in gold coins. When can I expect this free gift? Wonder how “they” know my address? Wonder if the stork will bring it?

    So lots of money… a material physical item… that would make everyone just live together as one brotherhood huh?

    Actually, NESARA is actually

    What are you people on exactly?

    Seems like you are having fun at any rate.

    I hope your ships come in soon.

    Also… check out:

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