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March 3, 2010

Hello, everybody!

Man.  First off, I just want to say that I’m sorry that I took so long to post anything.  Things have been really, really stressful for me over the last 6-8 weeks and I really couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Much love and thanks to Beth who continues to update GalacticRoundtable with all the latest updates.  I still don’t have the time to update this site as much as I would like but will make an effort in the near future to get back on the wagon :)

To let you all know, there have been many changes and integrations within me since the beginning of 2010.  I don’t even feel like the same person that I was those short weeks ago.  And as a matter of fact, I’m not.  “Old Tony” died and “Tony 2.0″ has arisen.

That being said, my last “Two Cents” post involved some concern that I had in regards to affairs of the heart – or in one certain short word – love.  I had lost the love of my life and due to changes that have happened in me, I am pleased to say that we are going to give things another try.

Believe me, I would not wish the terrible feelings that I had not being with her on ANYONE.  On the flip side, the feelings of elation and joy that I feel now I would wish on everyone :)

So much love to all of you!

Another issue that has been nagging at me is finances.  I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here as I’m sure a lot of you are feeling the same pinch.  I have been trying to find a proper direction and in the meantime bills continue to pile up.  I’ve been looking around at a couple of different things in the hope that something would jump out and help me (and even better yet all my friends and family – and yes that includes all of you guys) to get through these tough times.

I have been guided by Metatron to a little something.  I’m skeptical of most things nowadays, as I’m sure we all are, but I figured since it came through some pretty high guidance, I would take a look at it.  It feels like it is a precursor to NESARA times.

That definitely has me at least giving it some attention.

I will share it with you guys as soon as I research it a little more.  I would only recommend something if it was in the highest good for all involved.  So stop by here in the next couple days and I’ll share it with you.  Really, I don’t mind if you are interested or think it’s a load of crap.  I just figure due to the circumstances, I feel an obligation to share.

I hope you’re all doing well.  Much love to all of you and I will put up a post here in the next couple days.  Tony.


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  1. Annie says:

    Welcome back Tony just to let you know I am in a desperate place financially and emotionally so you are not on your own.
    At least you have communication with upstairs to guide you.
    I dont know about NESARA anymore its been promised for so long and if we all have a lot of money wont that cause panic.
    Love and Light Annie xx

    • admin says:


      We all have conmunication upstairs – we just have to listen and figure out the signs they are showing us.

      As for NESARA and most other things, I am taking the “believe it when I see it” approach but still getting the potential out there. It seems I have been guided to something good here so at the very least I figure I should share it as us lightworkers seem to get hit with financial strife quite often! LL, Tony.

      • Saffier says:

        Hi dear-ones….you never heard? of the Law of attraction?
        If you go out from an inner state of need and lack…you attract the same kind energies….even if you get a job, a house, a car…..the fear= lack=need=wanting to have….stays with you because you can loose all of it in an instant….The Cosmos…your inner be-ing want you to recognize… hear It calling for you….in co-laboration with earthquakes ect… It helpes you to open your eyes for this Truth…
        “dark hats” are making alsorts of attemps to get you in theire fals grips=beliefsystems of lack and need….(all manmade things they has nothing to do with YOU)….to hold you back from Truth.
        It can be seen as an pre-NESARA introduction too…through recognizing…that True Happyness can only be found INSIDE YOU…It’s the Overflowing Richness of your fearless Soul-Spirit and That’s the REAL BASE for and on Which NESARA Will UNFOLD…It can not be otherwise….
        In Love-Truth and Freedom, Saffier

  2. fmaranan says:

    Welcome Back Dear brother.

    Problem on Finances same here.
    NESARA I am patiently waiting but its been too looooooooooooooooooooooong. How long we need to wait.

    Much LOVE to you. Keep holding the LIGHT

  3. Tuan says:

    Good to have you back Tony! I’ve been in a bit of financial trouble lately so I’ve made it my intent to attract more and more riches.

    So lately, money keeps on appearing to me, like magically popping out of thin air or something.

    Like I’ve been finding 5 cent coins all over the place, probably mine, but then when I was at work, I lifted up this crate and under it was $4, I know, it’s not a lot, but the Universe is trying to help me in whatever way it can.

    Maybe I’ll find a Ferrari in my garage tomorrow lol.

    Seriously good to have ya back Tony!

  4. Sathia says:

    Tony, this has happened to me as well, with the relationship and finances. It was only when I was at my lowest point, that I gave up, and allowed ‘God’ to do what was necessary, that the change occured. It is amazing to hear you are going through a similar story. This is not an accident, for I believe we are clearing out our deepest fears by being ok whichever way our fortunes turn to.

    You know let go, and let god, and all that!

    Nice to have you back and remember the only one who can give your power away is you.

  5. Byron says:

    Thank you Tony for checking in with your family… I think most of us have slight misgivings about past statements, ( We can land at any moment, etc., Jan 15th ? ) 3 mos ago, and since Mark Huber has left for his rehab, we do not get much from the Galactics as we didi before his leaving. We must take one day at a time and everything will work as per God’s Divine plan. NESARA will probably not be needed once our sisters and brothers arrive with their technology. I think money will not be used after Mother Earths full ascension in 2012 and we hopefully will ascend there after if our hearts are centered on Oneness with the creator.
    Take care my friend

  6. jackpotlady says:

    Welcome back Tony. Got to say and I learned this hard lesson myself… you can’t rely on the website to provide income… you gotta truly love yourself and love what you do and learn to rely on yourself and not your website for income… I thought that too and had a “pocket billionaire” that I thought would come and rescue me. I got so caught up in the finance part that when I figured out I would have to go make the money myself on an hourly meaningless little robot kind of job at $8 an hour it wasn’t enough to pull me out of the hole and I lost everything… You have got to believe and love what you do and/or say beyond a doubt… enough to continue to do or say without it making you one thin dime because that is most likely to be the future until either St. Germain’s bank or Nesara becomes THIS reality! Now time has moved beyond and what I did will never be again and all I have is memories of how it was and the realization that it will NEVER be again because time stands still for no one. It is a shame because at one time I had it all… even my health was in my grasp and I let it all go. I would hope that you love enough of what you learned to continue to share with all of us, but honestly, do you love us and this knowledge that you have found … do you love us enough that you can move on with your talents for writing and for real estate and for finance… that you can find some other method to provide yourself and your mate a living and continue to share or do you need to shelve one thing or another so you don’t wear yourself too thin? Hard questions to answer but something has to give. I know, I have been there myself. Hope that Metatron has another answer for you. Your ship is currently without a rudder! Don’t beat yourself up over this for too long. I did and look what it got me! Nothing is worth losing yourself or your health over. Nothing.

  7. Isernia says:

    Hi Tony, good to have you back and is good to know that you are okay. I thought I’d never see this website updated again… oh, well, yes! I’m on the same boat, financially supported by my dearest soul mate, but haven’t been able to make a penny on my own for about 6 years now, so you can imagine….. wouldn’t it be nice if Nesara happened NOW?
    But to my dissappoinment, I was reading the last message from Mathew,(link on this page)dated February 2010, and lo and behold, what would you know, there’s not going to be any Nesara, no big money payment to anybody, etc.amongst other ‘news’. So needless to say, my confusion is beyond comprehension, to the point that I stopped reading from this and the galactic roundtable websites. Just couldn’t take it anymore, besides all the other events that are of public knowledge. Too much to bear.Too sad, too lonely, too many promises, waiting and waiting for something to happen… And so it’s that today I decided to take a peek at your page again. So, how can it be explained? What’s really happening? Whom to believe?
    Or shall we just not believe anyone and wait and see?
    I keep telling myself that at this point there’s no point… We’re at Zero Point and the reality does not exist as we know it., and so it is that I try to go thru another day.
    Thank you for your help and Spirit bless you abundantly.

    • admin says:

      It would be wonderful if NESARA decided to show up right now – I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of things! and neither would you!

      There’s a reason that I don’t put Matthew’s messages up all the time. They don’t always resonate well with me. That’s just my opinion. Much love! Tony.

  8. Byron says:

    Hi Tony and Family,

    I forgot to mention in my last post a great book I just finished and recommend it to anyone who wants more information on Ascension and Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light.. The book is called ” Ascension ” by Dr Susan Shumsky DD and it just came out in January and it is very uplifting and informative about What is Ascension, What is Immortality, Who are the Immortal Masters, etc. Everyone is eternal, and no one ever dies,. Your soul lasts Forever, But Ascension is something diffrent. It is eternal life WITH your body— not apart from it. Ascension means Freedom . You can live anywhere and materialize anything. I was very inspired after reading this excellent book. Thank you

  9. Are you aware of ZERO-POINT Energy ? It is fascinating..watching what it can a Healing Tool. STOP PAIN ! In just minutes..people are relieved of Pain. CAN YOu IMAGINE !! For all of you talking about a Financial need….This may be an answer. HELPING OTHERS FIND GOOD HEALTH.

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