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KOS – The Sirian Commander Has His Checkmate In Play And We Are Moments Away


March 24, 2010

Greetings. The Great Chess Game in Washington DC continues.

The Sirian Commander continues to position We the People in the Power Play.

It is time for the control to return to the Many and out of the hands of the Few.

These dark Ones leaving the Stage now are showing their True Colors with their negative epitaph and smear campaigns. It has not stopped at insults, it has continued into threats and this will not be tolerated. It is helpful as we launch larger changes to come, that the Public see these True Colors. This helps in making the transition easier, seeing the depth of the hatred for the Many. This has come down to a story about money, control, and sexgate.

We are seeing further collapse of the banks, worldwide. We are seeing the European Union infighting. As we continue to see the crumbling of the Vatican, the Banks and the Governments, continue to transmute these changes to love.
As we pass through the Equinox Energies, the Shift continues at break neck speeds.

The greatest gift you can share at this time is to stay centered. Do not allow the thrashing of the dark Ones on the news get you down. As you work with the high energies of love moving through, go with the flow. Take time to rest and stay in your Joy.

Continue to connect with GAIA/VYMAMUS and project love as we move together through these changes. The Sirian Commander has his check mate in play and we are moments away.

Be In Joy!
Beth and Mark


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