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If You Want NESARA And Decloakings “Now”, READ THIS.


March 24, 2010

I just read a very amazing book which if you haven’t read it, you HAVE TO GO AND GET IT NOW.  Seriously.  Find it at your local bookstore, used bookstore, or buy it off of Amazon by clicking the picture of the book below (it’s $10) – Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”.

This book has just opened up my eyes to what exactly is going on.  What I am going to try and explain in this post is my thoughts on what Eckhart talked about in his book and I’m going to tie it in with what I know/heard with all the galactic ethereal stuff.  I’m going to do the best I can to put my thoughts into words, so here goes.

All that we have ever been hearing from the Galactics is “The Time is Now”.

“NESARA has already happened – Now.”

“Decloakings have happened.  Now.”

“The Arrests have been completed.  Now.”

“It’s a done deal.”

Ok, what the heck is going on?  I don’t see NESARA, decloakings, OR any arrests.  Do you?  Am I missing something?

Well, maybe what we’re missing is right in front of our noses.

You can go and read through the entire book above but I am going to give you one very simple equation that I want you to keep in your head throughout this article.  Ready?  Here it is:


Simple, eh?  Do you get it?  Hmmmm… let me elaborate.


Ok, ok.  I know that you’ve ALL heard that one MILLION times and maybe you’re sick of hearing it.  But look at that sentence.  Feel that sentence.  You know it to be true.  There is no future and there is no past.

Here’s an example.  You’re reading this blogpost right now but you have to go out later to get something from the grocery store.  That’s the future.  RIGHT NOW when you’re sitting at the computer reading this post, you AREN’T at the grocery store.  IN THE NOW, you are NOT doing anything but BEING. You are simply “being”.  Just “being there”.  So that future POTENTIAL doesn’t exist (because come on – that’s all it really is – potential.  What happens if your best friend comes over and you start having a cup of tea or a bottle of beer and you don’t make it to the grocery store?  Ah ha!  Quantum physics.  That grocery store future never happened).

Make sense?

Ok, how about the past?  Again, the same thing as above.  You can envision going to work yesterday but is that happening in the NOW?  No, it’s not.  So just in the exact reverse of the future example, the past doesn’t exist either.

Tolle sums it up perfectly in his new book “The New Earth”:

Even past or future moments only exist when you remember or anticipate them, and you do so by thinking about them in the only moment there is: this one.

So what are you left with.  THE NOW.  Simple.  That’s IT.  NOTHING ELSE EXISTS.

Ok, yeah that’s cool, but how do I live in the Now?

Simple.  Just concentrate on being there and nothing else.  If a thought or emotion enters your head, simply watch the thought or emotion.  Don’t react to it.  Just watch it.  You’ll find it will dissolve almost instantly.

Try this.  Feel your breathing.  Feel your chest move in and out.  Feel the energy running through to your feet, your hands, all parts of your body.  Just BE.  Relax.  No thoughts, just blank.  Almost like a meditation but be aware of any thoughts or emotions that come into your head.  The ego is scared of the Now and will do anything (including put very bad thoughts in your head) to stop it from happening so BE AWARE and simply watch any thought or emotion that comes into your head.  Don’t react to those thoughts or emotions – just watch them.

Did you do it?  Did it last only a second or two?  That’s fine.  That’s all I could do at first (I think I’m up to about 10 seconds or more now).  Understand that us humans have been controlled by the mind for thousands of years.  You’re not going to stay in the Now for prolonged periods right away. But you will very quickly.

You will find peace, joy, and love when you’re in the Now and you’ll feel them too.  Absolute bliss.  Even for a second.  And THAT will keep you coming back for more.

Hey… try it again.  Try it anytime you’re thinking about it.  Try it while you’re standing in line waiting for your Grande two pump mocha, two pump peppermint, 3/4 water, non-fat americano misto at Starbucks (yes, I’m THAT GUY that orders something like that).

You’ll be amazed what you’re going to feel like.

And keep reading… I have some other exciting things to share!

Why am I trying to bang this point home?


This is the reason why all of the Galactics have been telling us that it’s done – we’ve won – because they’re living in the NOW and they are waiting for US to JOIN them!

Remember that equation above?  CONSCIOUSNESS=NOW?  If you’re living in the Now, then you are living in consciousness. And living in consciousness is what brings YOU from what you are right now in 3D up to 5D.  What do you think happens when you’re in 5D?  You SEE the Galactics!  You raise in consciousness to be able to meet them!  You SEE the ships!  You SEE a world with NESARA!

Get it?

How about this question…

What if NESARA, the decloakings, and the arrests are only going to happen if x% of the population becomes conscious (or lives in the NOW)?

Think about that one.  Maybe, just maybe, the Galactics have been waiting for US to realize that we need to live in the Now.  Maybe they need an actual percentage or an actual number of people on Earth that are living in the Now before things can happen! Maybe Jesus was preaching all his life to just live in the NOW.  Be conscious.  Maybe all the predictions around the world – good and bad – are talking about us SIMPLY BECOMING CONSCIOUS?  And what does that mean?


DO NOT worry about the past.  DO NOT worry about the future.  Do you know why?  THEY DON’T EXIST.

Do you know how many people view this site on a daily basis?  Hundreds, if not thousands.

WHAT IF…. Oooooooo, get this!  WHAT IF the Galactics are ready to show up but they need a certain percentage of the population to live in the now and WHAT IF they’re, like, 553 people short of that number?  WHAT IF we, all of us that read this site, started to live in the NOW and BECAME those 553 people.

Would decloakings happen?  NESARA?  Arrests?

You know what?  I’m going to say YES.

OooooOooo!!!  Here’s a good one.  What holiday is coming up in under 2 weeks?  Easter!  Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if decloakings happened at Easter (or even before) – the holiday whereby Jesus AROSE FROM THE DEAD?  What if WE were to ARISE FROM OUR DEADBEAT 3D TO MEET 5D?

I want you to try something for me.  I challenge you to thisFrom now until Easter I want you to try your very best to live in the Now. If you haven’t read the book above, go get it now and read it.  Quickly!

Let’s all live in the Now and see what happens.  I’m not promising anything (obviously) but in the very least, you’ll find absolute peace, joy, and love living in the Now and you will continue living in the Now well past Easter.  You know why?  Because your ego CANNOT penetrate and cause you pain and fear when you’re living in the Now.

You gotta read this…

I have been really concentrating on living in the Now for only 3 days.

Yes.  You read that right.  Three days.

Sure, maybe I have been doing it before but it would have been subconsciously (which wouldn’t be consciously now, would it?).

You know what happened to me in the past three days?  There was an ego problem that was presented to me that I TOTALLY didn’t see.  The ego is tricky like the Devil – “the greatest trick the devil (ego) ever pulled was convincing the world he (it) didn’t exist”.  But because I was in the Now, I was able to realize that I had an ego problem.  I realized this just before I left for work yesterday.

I realized that I had an ego problem it but I didn’t know exactly what it was or how to heal it.  So you know what?  I asked (out loud) for St. Germain to help me learn my lesson Now.  I didn’t want to wait.  I wanted to know what that problem was right Now.

I SHIT YOU NOT but in under 10 minutes, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks.  Seriously!  The answer was in my head in under 10 minutes.  Why?  Because I was living in the Now and where do the Galactics live?  IN THE NOW.

See the connection?

I was so excited it was unreal.  A MAJOR ego problem solved in under 10 minutes JUST because I lived in the Now and asked for help from someone else in the Now!

Try it!  Go ahead!  Be in the Now and ask St. Germain to help you.  Ask Mother.  Ask Metatron.  They’ll all help you because they love you.

Remember – I’m just a regular dude, people.  No special skills here. And I got an amazing growth answer!

And where do you think I got the information and such to type this post out?  Living in the Now.  Because when you’re living in the Now, you’re just BEING.

I need your thoughts!  Comment below.  Let’s talk about this.  But remember – try living in the Now right away.

Ok.  I’m going to bed right Now.

I hope I’ve stirred something deep within.  Let’s make things happen!

We are who we are waiting for!

Much love to all of you!  Tony.


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  1. This truly is an excellent little book. Nothing short of actually reading can begin to convey the brilliant seeds of awareness that are contained in it’s pages.

  2. Sathia says:

    Nice work, thank you. I agree with you completely. Let go, and allow stuff to happen, with a little intent to begin with.

  3. Rohit says:

    Haha! It’s good to sense the excitement coming from your realisation of the NOW! I’ve had that book for more than a year but never really got around to reading it. The lessons of being in the PRESENT have found their way to me some way or the other but it’s probably time now to cut the excuses and read the whole book.

    Thanks for the post..!

  4. Cindy says:

    Wow!! I got angelbumps all over!

    Thanks for this post Tony.


  5. Dan says:

    “The Power of Now” is a great read as are all his sequals. Another great read is “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch. In the Old Testement when Moses was talking to the burning bush he asked the one talking who he was. The burning bush replied, “I am that I am”.
    Now THAT is in the NOW. Remember in English class conjugating the verb, To Be….I am, You are, He, She, or It is, We are, You all are, They are…(the I Am). In other words, we are all the I Am in the Now. You cannot seperate the Creator from the Creation. In actuality, in quantum mechanics, there is no real “Present”. Just as with absolute can approach it but never reach it because all motion stops at absolute zero and therefore time, which is dependent on motion, also would cease. Just as with linearity, you can divide a line down just so far but there is a point past which a line can no longer be divided bacause you would lose locality. Same with time. Time is quantified so that you can divide a second just so far before you can no longer divide a unit of time any further. So just picture a machine gun spitting bullets (quantum) of time and as one bullet passes you becoming past tense, and the other bullet is still in the future tense not quite reaching you yet, where in time do you stand at that instant. In the Now? There is really nothing “there”, so that is really where reality the timeless, in the Now. The Now is all you have and all you are really promised..make the best of it. And remember we are all the “I Am” and should treat each other accordingly. Currently humanity is all I am and You ain’t and mine is the truth and your’s isn’t, ect, ect.

  6. Elaine says:

    I Love this and I am just going to leave it with out a comment. I can’t resist I always understood The Now Time through the Mind but to live it by the Heart is much different. This very good Tony.

  7. Denise says:

    I read that book a few years ago, there’s even a follow-up to it called “Practicing the Power of Now”. You should check it out. Both are well worth the read.

    Enjoy Tony

  8. Byron says:

    Hi Tony,

    It is great to have you back, even if it is part time… I just ordered two copies of the book at your recommendations. Thank you very much for the insight.

    ” It is the focused intent of every thought or action that determines the outcome ”

    Best !

  9. RANDY says:

    Great job Tony, there is a lot of wisdom in this article that can realy help us out, you did a great job at explaining this on a level that is easily understood.


  10. RANDY says:

    Thought is experience, thought creates reality, this is a good topic with the now experience.


  11. Sandra says:


  12. Ed Brown says:

    This really makes sense. It is like null-time or that time between past and future and how can that exist. Is it like zoning out? Likely not because your mind is thinking of thinks in the past or future. Anyway, lets try it! It just might work.
    Sending Love – now.

  13. Milna says:

    One Single Thought – Message by Emmanuel

    Beloved Brothers,

    I come this day to talk about the first attribute of Creation: Everything exists simultaneously.

    You will always Exist as part of the All That Is. Without You All That Is wouldn’t be All That Is; this has to be understood very deeply.

    You are a singular incarnation of the Infinite and within you spin the Unified Field of Creation. You are Lightbeings having a human experience, and as part of your contract, your thoughts belong to the collective, and your collective consciousness is responsible for the co-creation of your third-density Reality. The co-creation process occurs either if you are aware of it or not.

    The time has finally come for You to wake up to your potential and begin co-creating with awareness, taking decisive responsibility in your part of the process.

    There is a monumental task ahead that nobody else but you can accomplish, this is your greatness, your glory. Remember, in the eyes of the Divine Plan you are utterly irreplaceable.

    What keeps most of humanity unaware of the mechanisms of creation is the notion of time. When you focus your attention on the past or the future, your energetic field partially disconnects from the Unified Field of Creation, because creation only happens in the Now. Everything is being created Now.

    You have been empowered by the Infinite to be the architect of your Reality. The blueprints are being constantly drawn through the intention/focus of your thoughts. One single thought starts the process and multiplies itself exponentially through a chain reaction.

    And because all things happen simultaneously, is of that single thought you must be aware.

    Major shifts have been taking place in your Planet’s energetic fields, and the activations that are in occurrence within humanity must follow the blueprints drawn by the consciousness of the collective in the Now.

    If you can understand this, you will come to know your own potential, your totality. And if you bring your totality into the Now -through your thoughts- you will be able to create a new Reality. That is Logos.

    In order to initiate the chain reaction of deliberated co-creation of Your new Reality all you have to do is to raise the vibrational frequency/quality of your single present thought.

    I AM Emmanuel

    ©2009 Langa

  14. Audrey says:

    Thanks for the post! I was actually looking for a way to de-stress as a mom with two hyper kids. I’ve read Eckart Tolle’s book a while back but I actually stopped practicing being in the now and forgot to just “BE”. It’s easy but hard at the same time… living in 3D sure veils the truth. I am excited about the changes that are happening in the now. I am willing to take on your challenge! I’m noting this on my calendar. 😉

  15. Milna says:

    For those that have not read the book yet, it can be downloaded for free on the following link:

    May we all help to change this beautiful planet of ours and its souls!

    Love & Light to all,

  16. NESARA YES says:


    SO BE IT

  17. T says:

    Hmm nice post, interesting concept, but I think you and the author of that book are missing the point completely. To state there is no past and no future is, well.. ludicrous. Physics alone negate that belief. Anybody reading this website will surely know about the 2012 predictions, which.. dare I say it are in the future.

    I understand the ideology, sure.. but living in the now is a rather simplistic way to get to the root of the problem and is synonimous with lethary. You need to live in the now, yes, but you also need to live and ACT in the future. You need to badger the governments which control you, in the now, in the future. Sitting there being all happy about your state of mind because you’re living in the now isn’t going to achieve squat. Sorry.

    I’m one of the believers, but this post (and yes I read the book) just made my skin crawl at how some are just abusing the backwash which is coming from global awareness and awakening.

    Good luck!

  18. Almir R. says:

    Agreed. Anybody with any experience with OBE’s aka astral projection, kundalini, meditation etc. understands the concept of the “higher self”.
    The Higher self responds to love, appreciation, gratitude and respect.
    When in the astral realms, affirmations aka auto-suggestion aka NLP etc. work instantly but take more time in the physical 3rd density/dimension.

    Here’s a few excerpts from “Astral Dynamics (revised edition)” by Robert Bruce:

    “page 59: Where is Your higher self? Your higher self exists within you and all around you. It is everywhere and it never leaves you. Look in a mirror and you see Source. Look at anything and you see Source. It is the great observer within; the silence between your thoughts.
    Source is a force of nature-because it is nature. It is within every atom of your body and every thought and feeling and idea. This is why loving your self and your body is so important. Source responds to and is attracted by love. Source is love. If You do not love your self, if you do not love your body or parts of your body, you push Source away because you are not loving those parts of Source. And if Source diminishes in your body, inner conflict and states of dis-ease are created.”

    We all possess the power of manifestation. It is called the power of the spoken word aka affirmations aka auto-suggestion.

    “page. 60 How Affirmations and Commands Work
    Affirmations work best when they are simply and clearly phrased with unambiguous words–present tense, active. Use them as if what you are affirming is what already exists. The higher self exists only in the present, in the NOW, and does not understand references to the past or future.
    Affirmations are best spoken aloud. Spoken words are many times more powerful than thought words. The spoken word activates the throat chakra. This projects what is spoken onto the astral level. Your higher self is more receptive and proactive on the astral level.
    Commands are directives. For best results, use short, clear statements. Do not preface with pleading, flowery words. This will clutter and confuse your directives. Keep them clear and precise, e.g., “Give me Light!” or “Take me to the akashic records!” or “Take me home!”.

    NOW keep in mind please that these affirmations were suggestions in the context of the book “astral dynamics” which was written to educate and help achieve conscious OBE exits and memories.

    We all have access to this NOW. There is something called EFT that uses tapping techniques on key meridian points on the body along with positive directive affirmations towards our higher self.
    EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique.

    If You desire wealth, You’d simply repeat this statement to Yourself aloud in the morning and evening (preferably in front of a mirror) while tapping key points on Your face: “I am grateful that I attract money easily and I deserve my abundant life” or “I am grateful that money flows easily to me” etc.
    Or in this case we desire to be enlightened beings of a service to others nature in order to ascend to 5th density consciousness so we should use the directive.
    “I grateful to serve others in creating God Consciousness.”
    “I am a 5th dimensional being in harmony with the energies of the universal father”
    “I am grateful for my transcendental consciousness and unconditional love for others”

    Keep in mind we can have multiple affirmations that are spoken back to back.
    These will embed themselves over time in Your subconscious mind which is active during sleeping time and “transfers” this message to the higher self during natural astral projection aka obe aka REM sleep.

    Hope this message helps those who take the time to read and understand it.

    Peace, Love & Light,

    Almir R.

  19. miyay says:

    The section on “Higher Self” in “Astral Dynamics (revised edition)” by Robert Bruce articulated perfectly what I experienced in 2006.

  20. jacci says:

    Hi Tony, this is the first time I’ve read your site. Effing brilliant! Yes, I am with you, let us all contribute to change by living in the NOW moment. I read that book years ago but I have to revisit since I am not living it. You have inspired me to try once again. Blessings to you and all of us!

  21. Frank says:

    Ok… since your living in the NOW tell us, are you now

    living in the 5th dimension and are you now living with and joined with the ETs ?

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