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Galactic Federation of Light “First Contact” – Preliminary Draft


[This is a large piece that I thought has some good information as to what’s going to be coming very soon.  Understand that some of this may be correct, some may not.  We have all heard differing stories of how Inner Earth is going to come into play.  This is just another version to add to your thought process. Tony]

On behalf of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy, we greet you. We would like to assure you that we are of the Light, and that we come to you in the service of your Creator to assist and advise you so that you may better understand and react to the changes which will soon be upon you and your planet.

With your limited vision, and your relationship with self-centeredness and conflict, you may be tempted to suspect that we have come to harm or to conquer you. There are indeed forces in your universe who might have such intentions. But their powers have been largely neutralized at this time. I have already assured you and gladly assure you once again that we are of the Light, and that we are here for your benefit.

The time has now come for a general movement upwards, a sorting of those who are ready to move up, and those who are not. Your planet is to be cleansed physically as well as on the spiritual level, for she has suffered much harm in acting as your host. It is important that you have some idea of what lies immediately ahead and why it is to take place, so that you may prepare yourselves. This is our first task.

You have collectively made great advances in science and technology, but in so doing, you have often neglected another important source of information, namely your intuition. In your obsession with things physical, things which can be seen, felt, measured and tested, you have gained the impression that if you cannot see or feel it, it cannot therefore exist. Your eyes are closed to any possibilities outside your own area of recognition. But I must tell you, that there is more unseen than is seen, there is more miscomprehension than comprehended, there is more to your world and your universe than you could presently imagine.

The density of matter is important. Physical objects have different densities, people’s physical frames have different densities, so also do worlds. We are of a lighter, finer density that you, as also are the manifestations which you call spirits or ghosts. Place some pebbles in a sieve, then pour water over them and see how the finer density of water allows it to pass around the denser pebbles. That is why ghosts can pass through walls. That is how our spacecraft can move about invisibly to your eyes, though we are able to make ourselves visible to your senses at will. That is why there isso much going on around you that is invisible to your eyes.

Planet Earth at present exists on the densest possible level as a reflection of the environment in which you live and conduct yourselves and the lessons you have chosen to learn. Each planet or universe or civilization has its constitution, similar in spirit and intent to the constitutions of your more evolved governments. The concept of constitution is to lay down the outer, absolute boundaries of approved behavior beyond which neither individuals nor governments may pass. Planet Earth has been given the gift of Free Will, as have many others. But unlike others, your Free Will has been given without boundaries. Thus you have been able to go to extremes of violence and self gratification at the expense of others, extremes which in other civilizations would not be permitted. In this way you yourselves, and all of us who observe you and experience your world by co-relation, can learn of the effects which such actions can set in motion. But this situation will shortly come to an end. For now is a time of sorting and of moving upwards. It is a time of revision, of assessment, of taking new paths. It includes your entire planet, and indeed a much wider circle of worlds beyond your own. Your planet is to be cleansed, and its people will move to new worlds according to their evolution and aspirations, in order to learn new lessons in new environments. This will give each individual the opportunity to review his or her life and attitudes, and to consider the kind of future to which he or she aspires.

Having given you just a brief idea of what is to happen very shortly around you, I must now tell you of the task we have been given by Earth’s Spiritual Guides and Hierarchy, and how we propose to set about fulfilling our responsibilities.

It is our intent to use what in your language might be referred to as the “carrot and the stick”. The “stick” is not, as you might at first think, a weapon to be raised in aggression or anger or envy. This is not our way. Indeed the “constitution” of our lives and civilization does not permit any of these things. The “stick” we will use is a rod of protection, and it is strict, tolerating no exceptions. Already you will find that your weapons of war are losing their effectiveness; over time these physical weapons will disintegrate into dust, their aura of aggression and anger will be neutralized along with their physical form. You will also find that anything used as a weapon of aggression, even a stick or a fist raised in anger, will be stayed by an unseen hand. Ultimately, you will find that when any words are to be spoken in anger or aggression, the voice of the speaker will falter as if gently choking, so that such words may not be expressed. Finally, as
the din of war is gradually stilled and the spirit of peace descends upon your planet, we hope to reinforce it with an all-enveloping blanket of love and goodwill. You must understand that although you may think that victory is an achievement providing its rewards, you should know that the continuance of war and competitive aggression which is a constant feature of your planet has taken its toll upon your emotions and your senses, creating a continuing tension. As this burden is progressively lifted you will find yourselves lightening, becoming more joyful, more able to see the beauty around you and the light in the souls of others.

Perhaps you, with your tradition of total Free Will, may feel that this is an unwarranted intrusion into your liberty. Although you may well agree in principle that the neutralization of all anger and aggression together with all weapons of war would be a wonderful thing, you may not feel altogether comfortable with its imposition by an alien and foreign force. Yet I must tell you that such rules are not unusual; indeed your planet is almost unique in permitting such activities, which are not within the constitutional bounds of other civilizations. Many of you may also feel that while an end to violence is a good thing in principle, it is necessary first of all to repay debts, to claim the “eye for the eye”. But I must tell you that such vendettas, such acts of violence followed by counter-violence in the name of honor, these acts have been going on for centuries in your collective lives. Somewhere, at some time, the perpetuation of violence must stop. This is now the place and the time.

I must also explain that if we are to help you, as we have been instructed to do, we must first ask you to be still. We cannot help and advise those who are too busy killing one another to listen to our words. If you could see your planet from outer space as we do all the time, you would see a murky aura of accumulated hate and aggression, and your ears would be deafened by the constant clamor and din of war, the shooting and the bombs, the cries of the wounded and the dying, and the destruction of so much of the physical assets of your civilization which you have previously built with expenditure of great effort and planetary resources. If only the effort you have put into destruction and rebuilding could have been directed into preserving and enhancing, of building upon building, imagine how rich your civilization would now appear! But that is your destiny and it is not for us to question it, only to point out that if you are to listen, to be informed, to improve your conduct and make a right decision when needed to do so, then you must first be stilled.

Our “stick” will be the rod of protection, ensuring that acts of aggression are halted so that the clash of war may be stilled and the spirit of aggression, of violence and revenge may be quietened.

The “carrot” of persuasion will take the form of suggestions as to how you may conduct your lives more peaceably, more spiritually, with the “reward” that in so doing you may be more ready to move to a higher level of being.

It is our hope that as you pause for a moment in your aggression and counter-aggression, when your ears are no longer filled with the din of war and your senses not fully preoccupied with getting the better of others before they get the better of you, in that stillness and space of neutrality you may be persuaded to begin afresh, and to build for yourselves a society where relationships are based on mutual respect, non-aggression and cooperation, on construction rather than destruction.

A daunting, perhaps even impossible task? No. Indeed it is much easier done than imagined. In other societies more developed than your own, there is one guiding principle of conduct between people. It is a simple rule: first, do no harm.

You must start early with your very youngest children, as we also do, teaching them what is to us the most important rule of life: respect others as you would have them respect you. Think no unkind thoughts, say no unkind words, for one only puts others down in order to make oneself feel greater. Learn to value yourself for what you are; build upon your incarnated foundation, develop yourself and your natural gifts, remembering only that you should enrich your own life without impoverishing that of others, emotionally, spiritually or physically.

Your governments too must reform themselves rapidly, for despite the belief which many hold that they live in a democracy, in truth few people trust their governments to act competently, honestly and efficiently. The purpose of government, in the words of your Thomas Jefferson, is to prevent men from injuring one another. If only you had but one government which did just that, which ensured peace and true social justice among its people, acting productively without undue waste, with honesty and transparency, with the interests of the people – its customers – at heart, you would never believe the beneficial, almost magical effect it would have. With that one principle, there would be physical plenty for all to live challenging and rewarding lives in a pleasant environment on a respected planet.

As you shed your aggressive competitiveness, competing only with ignorance to create knowledge, competing only with poverty to create wealth which all may share, conducting your collective lives according to the principle of mutual respect and cooperation, so all the dark, dank places you have created for yourselves will be changed and brightened, those who have been put down will find new freedom to make their own contribution, and the harm done to your host planet can slowly be undone.

There will be little enough time for this new spirit to take root. But if you can only pause from your aggression long enough to enjoy the stillness of peace, if you can order your collective affairs according to Universal Laws long enough to glimpse the rewards of peace, justice and cooperation, and if experiencing these things each of you can profit from your new environment in order to review your personal attitudes, your approach to yourself and to others, you will then be in a position to embrace a brighter future.

It is our wish to remain with you, and to communicate with you constantly in order to give you a wider view of that which you cannot see, of developments around you and how they will affect you. And in our behavior towards you, we will show you the creative, nurturing power of love, of mutual caring and assistance which we hope that you too will embrace among yourselves.

FEAR NOT MY BROTHERS and SISTERS in This World called Earth. For in times of great disasters and in the midst of trouble times there will be a great evacuation of all life on earth as the Earth moves in the 5th dimension of reality. ALL ELECTRICAL devices will shut off because of the rising frequency of the Earth. Many nations, races and countries will be surprised from the mass landings and exposure of the galactic federation light ships and light beings in the sky to every cities and regions of every countries. Every living things, humans, animals, plants, natural resources will be brought aboard the light ships. There shall be segregation of negative and positive souls, separation of living souls and souls without bodies, the good and the bad will be separated, many 5th dimensional humans from earth will be separated to 3rd dimensional humans from earth. Reformation of all Earth human souls will be enforced. Up in the light ships above the earth they will see the magnificent transformation of the Earth, many of all human creation fromthe surface of the earth will be destroyed by the massive changes changing all lands and bodies of water, the Earth will expand 10 times as it becomes a living light world with great aura of light around her and having two new Earth-like moons orbiting her as the old moon will be a defense light ship or observation outpost in the future watching the new earth, the solar system and the entire universe will change for the better.The new universe will be born from the great transformation that will start the union of the evolve dense universe of matter, higher astral water universe, and the light bodied energy universe which will start the trinity universal existence separated to the causal or energy SPIRIT Universe which is the home of higher dimensional beings.

The New Earth will be different having a new 5th dimensional environment. There will be a widening of the Earth both in the inner Earth world and surface Earth World reuniting in the future as the inner world opening is expose, there will be no more deserts, tropical paradise lands will be abundant and semi cold paradise regions will have life, there will be livable land in clouds or sky lands floating in the sky, Their will be domed environments and cities for terrestrial life below in the great oceans, and There will be dimensional World trees in all parts of the Earth; as you enter inside the trees you will enter another continuity of the environment of the Earth as an extension of the Earth’s massive environment. The elemental beings will be reunited with mankind as co-administrators of the Earth. The new 5th dimensional Earth will be in full color, all living things on Earth will be much beautiful from the old Earth.

First Contact is an operation as a simple directive from the Sirian Regional Council; its scope was expanded when the Main Federation Council approved this action. ‘First Contact’ will start when a special series of major announcements are made by the world’s major governments, which will be almost simultaneous. They will announce that E.T’s are here and benevolent, and will acknowledge the part the Galactic Federation has played, in assuring the new reality manifests according to the divine plan. Once the series of formal announcements and the global delivery of your abundance are complete, we will begin our own proceedings. These will include a series of daytime flyovers. We will accompany them with an announcement of who we are and what we are doing.

The next step will be a number of small landings. At this point, we will permit you to inspect our craft and choose a few individuals to take a brief ‘joyride’ in or ships. ‘First Contact’ would also take place, to land en masse if requested by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Special, planet sized command ships from the Scientific and Exploration fleets will serve as the main command ships for the First Contact mission. Fifty human star-nations are involved in ‘First Contact’. Our mission is divine and our aim will be to manifest many important projects, to promote world peace, alter social, cultural and economic structures, and permit Mother Earth to transform herself.

As a final step, we will introduce you to your local Spiritual Hierarchy, and re-unite you with your brethren in the Inner Earth. There will be an ongoing series of announcements by the Ascended Masters that will help resolve certain cultural power struggles and make possible cross cultural co-operation. Each one will step forward and explain the origins and histories of your many cultures and religions, and radical changes will take place in your religious struggles. Our Earth allies are acutely aware that the moment of formal ‘First Contact’ will end the many millennia in which the ‘divide and conquer’ rule ran this reality. It will also proclaim that we will no longer tolerate the greed and arrogance of your present cabals. The announcement of ‘First Contact’ will encourage full disclosure of thenow super-secret UFO government files. The area of so-called UFO studies requires a spiritual arm. This segment enables us to look beyond the technology and realize that advanced, enlightened societies are primarily spiritual in nature. The inner ‘Sun’ (core) is changing, Mother Earth is preparing to make rapid changes in her existing appearance. Her ability to sustain her Eco-web is shrinking, because of life threatening effluents produced by your industrial society. The Eco-system is gripped in crisis. You need to embrace the tasks inherent in the guardianship of Mother Earth and her fragile Eco-system. The Bi-pedal cetaceans and the Inner Earth society of Agartha are most eager to act as your mentors in these matters. We too are ready to offer assistance if needed. To this end, we have organized a series of scientific liaison teams that specialized in advanced ecological techniques.

The changing nature of Mother Earth has a time frame by which Heaven has permitted her to change completely into her new self. Once this transformation begins, you will no longer be able to live on her surface. You will have to be re-located swiftly to our ships, or the extraordinary dwellings we have built in Inner Earth for this purpose. Look upon them as surrounded by force fields, holographic technology and loving resolve. There you will be quickly changed into
your fully conscious selves. The Earth’s flora and fauna will be evacuated to special environments on Mother ships. Masters of both this world and Sirius have joined together, they will appear before you. Direct contact personnel hail from the Pleiades Star League, Constellation of Andromeda, Lyra, Perseus and Aries, as well as the Sirius Star Nation. They will act as guides and teachers for your coming transitional period. Ships from many different human galactic societies will welcome you into the Galactic League of Light. The first ring of ships surrounds Mother Earth and your artificial Moon. This fleet contains over one million ships. Our first reporters will be liaisons and chosen from our several primarily human off-world galactic societies. Liaison teams will make a series of global broadcasts; two programs are planned to introduce us. We will train small units of two to six ships each. These ships will land enabling the local populace the opportunity to view them. For a short time the Galactic Federation teams will leave their ships to instruct you regarding this technology, and explain your responsibility as Physical Angels. We will begin a program to allow you to visit our Mother-ships. There will be vast flyovers by scout ships, which will occur before mass landing.
We will release secret technologies, and even more wondrous devices, including many energy and transportation related inventions, that have been produced around your world during the past century. Your secret governments suppressed this technology, along with many other environmental innovations, out of deep-seated fear that such discoveries could result in their downfall. We will also introduce more workable technology, and allow each of you to obtain information —and to contact one another with ease.

The rise of a post-Internet environment, which we have initiated, will introduce you to new options in communication and entertainment. Simple hand held or easy to wear devices, will provide instant information, and enable you to contact freely anyone else on your world. Using small organic computers, you will become globally recognizable by your body’s true frequency. These devices inter-phase with your mind, providing a 3D holographic picture that contains data, images, etc. The commercial system will be 3D full color telepathic holography. Anyone who wishes to communicate can simply visualize a person and their computer will contact them. It will include a universal translator and a special frequency dialing system, that is closely linked to your unique physical signature. Each household will receive a device that converts light energy into matter to provide clothing and food. Remember that abundance programs will allow you to have all the financial resources you need. Our Earth allies have consented to many agreements even more powerful than NESARA. These provisions are not to be released to the general public, until the first set of agreements has been publicly announced. Only then will the second and third waves of actions be revealed and made public law.

We will introduce you to technology will allow you to travel more freely. You will be provided with a new form of transportation, and your new personal vehicles will levitate a few feet off the ground, and are capable of speeds up to 500 miles (800 kilometers) per hour. Aircraft as you know them will disappear and be converted to a ‘magnetic lifter’ technology, with Mach 8 capabilities, as well as providing primitive craft that resemble ours. A teleportation system will be available for long range emergency trips. We will also use this technology to build a fully automated highway system.

An extensive training program for medical practices that are not harmful to health will be introduced. It will align your medical services more closely to ours. You will absorb an enormous amount of new information, and to help assimilation of the vast quantities of knowledge, we will provide a technology that can ‘download’ it directly into your brain’s memory and recall systems. You will develop your Science and expand your philosophies in ways yet
unheard of, resulting in a glittering union of these now contradictory elements. We will introduce you to the wonders of ‘artificial intelligence’.

We will supply a system of technologies that with your manifested abilities, will reverse the pollution that now foulsyour air, land and water on Mother Earth, in less than six months. Our second objective will be the factories, offices, homes, power generating stations, air, water and land vehicles that spew out most of the pollution. Free-energy devices will be introduced that can be mass-produced quickly.

Using our technology, we can vaporize and fully erect buildings in a matter of days, and will re-tool yourmanufacturing network in less than a week. Moreover, we can fully automate it. Technological gadgets will allow you to end your dependence upon manufactured materials. You will be able to construct your own dwellings and collectively plan your cities. Your rural areas will be returned to their original condition of unspoiled forests and meadows. A number of our technologies can convert living Light into food, clothes and other uses, thus ending your long dependence on agriculture and the lumber industry. Remember that technology is a tool, provided byconsciousness, to create as pleasurable an environment as possible. You need to make the next grand ‘leap’ —that is, to grow from a planetary society to a galactic one. Never forget, Dear Ones, that you are mutating [from Homo Sapiens] into ‘Homo Galacticus’, A more integrated version of you, this galactic human, possesses the ability to hold open, meaningful dialogue with your true self.

Special World Centers will be created. A new financial system will be born. This reorganization of your worldwide wealth is preparing the way for a new era of power on your world. This power will be ‘people based’ and lack the malevolent self-interest of your former secret rulers. Many groups, on your world and off, are co-operating with the spiritual realm to put an end to that which is preventing the manifesting of your financial abundance, and the rapid establishment of world peace.

Our main objective remains a ‘safe and sane’ successful conclusion to our First Contact Mission. This process involves many different possibilities. The one we prefer is to be silent support for a swift and successful military, political and economic transition on your world. Vast sums have been re-ordered, cataloged and prepared for distribution. The funds, bank networks and list of recipients are ready. Crucial inroads in our ability to control and force a series of major resignations in a number of powerful governments are also in place. Moreover, legal documents to begin this procedure have been signed and legally adjudicated on the highest possible levels. Governments will re-form or resign, and the UN will be re-organized, and a new international mandate of human sovereignty and freedom proclaimed. The glut of self seeking Multi-Nationals will be re-structured. New rules of conduct will be implemented. The current concept of ‘Corporation’ will be legally rendered. Large electrical power plants that now fuel your cities and industries will disappear.

We have observed the many biological projects produced in the dark cabal’s laboratories. While we have drastically curtailed these projects since the late 1990’s, several of them, introduced during the 1970’s and ‘80s, devastated your world and became major global epidemics. Our medical teams are monitoring them and can directly interfere only when First Contact occurs. Therefore, we call upon all concerned to use your spiritual and physical resources to counter these artificially created epidemics. The secret ‘closed doors’ policies of the past will be abolished.

We have doubled the number of defense ships operating in the solar systems Earth-Moon quadrant. We have also tightened the special inter-dimensional security shield that surrounds your planet, and can prevent anyone that we have not authorized, from leaving or entering your planet. We will disarm all nuclear weaponry, and supply suitable replacements for all nuclear powered electrical generation facilities in your world. We will need to move certain divisions of our fleet closer to you. This means also that, at the appropriate time, we will shut down all adverse military
communications and immediately hand over these responsibilities to our Earth allies.

We are determined to assure our allies immediate success by making certain that all essential personnel now controlled by Earth’s last cabal are quickly captured. These quick incursions into the cabal’s camp will allow our Earth allies to attain their initial objectives silently and swiftly. With the cabal’s leaders under arrest, some major and indisputably positive world changes can be formally announced. Once peace is declared, we will supervise the rapid disengagement of all warring parties.

Disclosures will also make possible the public proclamation of our existence by the new provisional governments. Moreover, they will be able to introduce our planned ‘pre-First Contact’ broadcasts. Initially, these series of transmissions will clarify our role in these events and prepare Mother Earth’s peoples for ‘First Contact’.

Our vehicles are living, organic Beings, equipped with highly advanced organic computers that are enlargedreproductions of our brains. A ship has the capacity to interconnect with us on all levels. There are long range working networks that are built into each ship, there is a smaller range network that telepathically connects all crew members to the ship. As you board one of our craft, you are immediately ‘plugged’ in to this network, which comprehensively monitors all of your body functions, thought processes and emotional states of each individual on board. This wondrous piece of technology will appear to you as a living, highly intelligent Being.

One of the major abilities of this technology is interstellar travel. We can adjust a ship’s frequency in order to move it from star to star. These ‘jumps’ from one solar system to another, occur because of the way physicality is constructed.

Originating from scout ships or large Mother Ships, we will reveal through radio, TV and computer networks, the true picture of the world’s history, also of conspiracies to deny you a cache of technology. Broadcasts will explain how people of the Inner Earth have looked after you. They have prepared an almost endless array of enclaves for you, Eden-like realms where you will complete your mutation into fully conscious Beings. The special places built for you are fully operational and waiting. Mass landings will be delayed until the time arrives to deliver you to your new temporary homes, in Inner Earth. Heaven has set aside a period from mere weeks to almost 14 months to serve as a transition.

We have come from all sectors of this galaxy – also from many nearby galaxies, and vast Orders and Life-Streams of Heaven. We will start producing your Galactic Society, and you will be able to travel anywhere throughout this immense universe. Soon, you will move closer to Sirius and take your place in its multi-star system. In the year 2013, it is your destiny to join the Lion Beings of Sirius ‘A’ and the human galactic societies of Sirius ‘B’ and ’C’. In a short time, Mars will bloom once more, Venus; land of abundant oceans will teem with life. Maldek will re-emerge, and the innermost planet astronomers have named Vulcan. The Moon will become your new near-Earth ‘Space Station’. You will become as familiar with Mars as you are now with your precious Mother Earth.

Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain Harmony and a level of global co-operation never seen before on your world will become the normal. A new system will be established that will enable you to transform the operation of your world. The Ascended Master in charge of this operation, is the Comte de Sainte Germaine. Global prosperity will have arrived and a New Galactic Society will be born. Your reality is in the midst of a process that is changing it forever.

Underlying your present transformation, is creation of a new, fully conscious reality. Past, present and future will become one. The need to be limited, or dwell with the dark will have ended. Every collective consciousness reality shifts only when it attains proper critical mass. When this occurs, your reality as a whole will transmute. Mother Earth on which you dwell, along with all of her inhabitants, will shift together. You will move into a state of full consciousness, and full membership in the Galactic Federation of Light.

You will fulfill sacred prophecy and meet your galactic family. The new realm will be founded upon provision of the conditions that will support you in creation of your New Galactic Society. Masters Saint Germaine and Hilarion, as well as El Morya and many other Masters, intend to oversee the formation of your Galactic Society. As many Earth humans graduated to the 5th dimension, they will realize that their mind can manifest all the desires of their mind or physically manifesting their thoughts into physical matter creating also living life, technology and natural resources. Many Earth humans will be guided by the Ascended Masters to use the power of manifestation in proper use beneficial to earth and all sentient races. Many abilities, skills, intelligence and talents will be revealed to earth humans as the awakening of humanity lives in the 5th dimension. Humanity on Earth will perform their role as co-creators and seeders of Life as they re-join the GREAT SPIRIT or CREATOR COSMIC SOURCE of the UNIVERSE.



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  1. Elaine says:

    There was something I read the other day about this group and it was not impressive. I will try to locate it. In the mean time Sheldon Nidle got him self into a situation where he had every one evacuating to inner earth. Beth and Mark were warning about this as he would not listen to the Hierarchies. There will be no evacuation to ships or inner earth. This evacuation is very old and was scrapped. As we have awakened so quickly that it changed everything. Also from the Galactics that are working with Beth and Mark and Sal Lusa all see the earth surrounded by Light. I also read that the earth has already been positioned in a new location. They are just adjusting the other parts of our universe then everything is ready.
    There are over 4 billion people going into the 5th world if not more. There is know separation but a soul evaluation on a soul level that may not be ready for this due to abuse and soul damage. They will receive help on a different level to prepare them to ascend with the rest of us when that time comes. This is the issues that I find are not all up to snuff. Also all the ones that are officially going to be arrested are already solid holograms. The real ones are already gone. Like Obama when he addresses the senate he is actually talking to solid holograms. The 13 families I believe have already been taken out. The Queen is a solid hologram. So is Hillary. So much has already taken place. When the announcement commence all these solid hologram people will be turned off. The rest can be gleaned as information that is use full. Vast destruction has been avoided as much as possible. We must realize that everything is pure energy and in a computer matrix hologram type format. The technology is good to know and understand. This is my understanding of what is to take place. The technology here is useful to know.

    • I have been a member for over 3 years. You are familiar with Huber’s site, me too. here is my story I have no conscious memories but here is my story:It all started with me in about 1979. I got a group of people together about eight or 10 people and we met once a week for whole year. . That was when I first found out about the Ashtar command and a lady named Tuella who claimed to channel Commander Ashtar. While at the hotel in Anaheim before seeing Tuella, l was with the friend of mine who was a walk-in. I did my automatic writing and asked the name of the ship that I was supposed to be associated with and got the word Olympia.Then two weeks later after the seminar,I got a newsletter called universal network. On the front page of it was channeled information from two spaceships one called the Crystal Bell and the other called Olympia A few years ago in 2007 I got another channel information from a man named Luis Prada this is his reply to my question “ Can you give me information about what I do on the ship Olympia and if indeed there is a ship called that in the Ashtar Command? Yes, there is a ship called like that in the Ashtar Command, you work with us and you come in astral body to our ship and in very rare occasions in you own physical body, but memories are erased, and do work with us. I am thankful to Luis Prada for allowing me to use his vehicle to answer your question. Indeed, you are a creature of the Light working for Divine Plan and I announce you that in the near future we will contact you for starting your earth mission that is related to work with children for the preparation of the new generations who will work in different projects to restore Mother Earth. I do not want to disclose more for you at this time but this is a help to give you reassurance that indeed we care for you and work on activating your DNA for your mission. Congratulations, Dear Commander, for a job well done so far. I am your friend, Iankar. [Pronaounce it, AEE-AN-Kar.] Luis Prada

      e-mail me at

    • marie says:

      how on earth do YOU know that they are holograms…..good idea though…………but they are still pulling little stunts………what about that?….holograms can’t do that……….

    • owl says:

      It’s all flowers and poppies but why is there such great emphasis on ‘financial’, ‘great sums’, financial abundance, wealth. I know wealth is great but pushing financial, bankar amazing advances on a breed of people who have suffered their worst due to the so called ‘eye of the devil’…man, it’s as fake as fakeness can be. Do you sleep well at night in the asylum from where these posts come. What kind of an ascension is that in which you already knwo all that is to come…thus live in the future…greeeeeey!!!

  2. Sathia says:

    Thank you for posting this. As we as a group raise our vibrational frequencies to the light, perhaps this reality will draw ever closer. Be the light you wish to see in the Universe, and all around you will transform.

  3. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    “the most important rule of life: respect others as you would have them respect you.”

    i disagree with this quote, i think you should respect others the way they want to be treated

    also i thought the aliens are not here to save us?
    also recently obama extended the patriot act. what is that all about?

  4. Shaban says:

    Excellent information 😉 We are ready to meet with our outher galactic brothers & sisters. time is up :)

    • banjo says:

      What the galactic federation of light says sounds off to me, i am not going anywhere near them, either on a ship in inner Earth.
      We are being manipulated by beings who want to pass as they are from the "light", well they sound very controlling to me.
      If you want to experience the ascension you keep your feet on Earth, it is our mother!!

      • A reader says:

        First bit of common sense that's been spoken here…human beings seemed have to forgotten the art of discernment-question,question and question again.. ALWAYS!!

  5. jackpotlady says:

    Thank you so much for putting this out there for all to see. I tried to mention it on another site and got a rather terse response. I have since moved on to less censored grounds. I don’t quite see it that way (to each his own?)and which ever way it does happen it is with my personal blessings, which mean something to only me, but again it is a matter of “free will” and whatever rocks my boat! I personally think it is all down to how we choose to see it and it will ultimately come down to our individual choice. I could use a little nap and Mother Earth deserves to rock and roll all she wants. I am just honored to be here at this time!

    Blessings to all.

    • Lou says:

      Jackpotlady, I know exactly what you mean about censorship. I was on another site a couple of days ago, and someone was saying all kinds of bad things about Sheldan Nidle’s messages… that he’s faction 2, how he says that Obama is darkly-inclined… that he’s out to deceive us, etc. Although I don’t believe everything that Nidle says, I feel he has good info too. I gave my opinion and corrected this person. I said that Nidle NEVER says that Obama wears a dark hat. Quite the contrary, Nidle says only good things about Obama, just like Matthew Ward and Salusa. I gave my opinion about this faction 1, 2 and 3 business (I think it’s not right), and that a balanced approach is better. Anyway, a few minutes later, the entire conversation was deleted from the site. These people feel they can paint a black picture of certain channels, but if you disagree with them and say so, the info is deleted from their site. Very democratic, wouldn’t you say?

      • marie says:

        AGAIN its the dark cabal that controls most or all of the media….they also oontrol Google…which censors everything they want….Google is part of them….its true….i want to find another search engine and get away from them….

  6. Lou says:

    Jackpotlady: I know what you mean about censorship. We are not always free to express our thoughts, even if we mean well and we have good ideas. The info coming from the media is always controlled. Let’s hope the desired changes come soon! Peace on Earth.

  7. Shifro says:

    This all sounds ok to me. It correlates but who or what is the source ? This is the first time I have seen a piece like this that does not state its author. This was also given out on Ben Arion’s Ashtar Command and then withdrawn saying “there is an issue”. Anyone know anything about this?

  8. Inkratas says:

    I’m glad to see that others are sensitive to the “detuned” information that Sheldon Nidle puts out there. Many of you seem to be “forgiving” of his negative points, that “most” of his other work seems fine, so let’s let him keep on doing what he’s doing.

    Uhm, folks. That is not good! If Sheldon can demonstrate that he does not tune himself prior to channeling and comes up with fear-based material, how can you trust “anything” that is said from him? There are so many beautifully pure sources out there that have never allowed themselves to tune lower-vibration messages. If our community of lightworkers is shown that there’s a spoiling apple in the bunch, are we to believe that the apple is going to become fresh again? Look at Laura Knight. She started with pure intentions, but over time she got used to her conditioning and slowly began to convey fear-based messages. A quick search on the web shows she has earned a cult status.

    So please, follow your hearts with what resonates, and dismiss whatever does not. Just because cosmic messages of Love are coming through, we, as human filters, are far from conveying Love in its purest form.


  9. Inkratas says:

    One more point.

    This message seems to be a compilation of Galactic Federation material, but it is not sourced! Who put this compilation together?

    For those of you who are sensitive with your heart centers, have you noticed something “disturbing” after the carrot and stick topic?

    Have you noticed that the message starts off completely loving, but suddenly turns fear-based? Where, you ask? Right here:

    FEAR NOT MY BROTHERS and SISTERS in This World called Earth.

    From that point on, the text goes south, and my heart center closes up:

    1. For in times of great disasters and in the midst of trouble times there will be a great evacuation of all life on earth as the Earth moves in the 5th dimension of reality.

    Great! For a Federation that is all about Love, there’s no fear here, right?!

    2. ALL ELECTRICAL devices will shut off because of the rising frequency of the Earth.

    Are you hungry? Cause there’s plenty of fear on this plate for you! So now I have to fear that nothing electrical is going to work. That’s sure a loving comfort!

    3. There shall be segregation of negative and positive souls,

    Cool! So someone judges if I am positive or negative and “segregates” me? Wow, I feel so LOVED that I am going to be judged by someone other than myself!

    Come on, everyone.. This is irresponsible channeling, and it should not be here. Think about all the awakening souls who don’t know how to discern as well as you and I. We really want them stumbling across fear-based material?

    Please, everyone. Don’t let this material be spoonfed to you. Challenge it in the name of LOVE.

    • admin says:

      And this is the main reason why I DID post this article – was to get the opinions of others out there to prove that not all channels are welcomed in the heart centers by everyone. Tony.

      • Inkratas says:

        Yes, and thank you for that Tony! There’s not enough of us out there who are “feeling” out the text, and I am grateful that you not only posted it, but allowed us to comment without deleting them the next day. :-)

        Much love!

        • Mamatoangel says:

          There is a mass journey headed inward. My toddler daughter talks about it daily. In joy, in peace, a sacred movement. No fear. A progression. I searched on the internet tonight to try and find others who understood that yes, we are in a time of peace, no doomsday, but yes we still need to do the major shift, and that mother earth will be doing her biggest push on her own…as any mother has to do when giving that final push. I’m not finding ANYONE but shelden nidle that has also this information. My next search will be to find the other mother’s who have little angels. I too visited Beth and Marks site and was soooo excited to share the inner earth journey, but Beth downed it immediately. I feel they are really stuck on the nesara thing and have developed an attachment to their hard work.

    • Dwayne says:

      I do not see any fear in this article.

    • Radiance99 says:

      Thank you, Inkratas. I have to echo your comments by mentioning that (1) there is a LOT of astral plane illusion going on within the channeling phenomenon; (2) The authentic writings of the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy (Master D.K., Master Morya, Master R.) mention NOTHING whatsoever that lends ANY credence or support to the majority of claims in this article; (3) humanity has to work out its challenges and problems primarily on its own in order to achieve the evolution of spiritual consciousness necessary for our survival on Earth. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have Divine help, for of course we do; but I for one have no reason to believe that any of that is coming in the form of alien rescue ships, technologies, etc.

    • Marcus says:

      I didn’t feel any fear at all reading this. If anything, the point I gathered was that these things WILL happen and that it is important NOT to be afraid. I would recommend taking the time to understand why these things are causing fear to rise inside of you. Is it a dependency on electronics (for example)? Does mass evacuation sound so hard to beleive at this time that it would cause a little anxiety (which is understandable)? For me these messages are saying “hey, heads up. These things are inevitably going to happen, and we’re here to help you get through it, and there are a few things we have to do to accomplish this.” I’m just saying that it is better to examine these things withing before saying that these “fear based” articles should NOT be posted, mainly because something made YOU (and not I, or others) feel fear! You are right in listening to your heart, but your last few sentences sounded more fear based than anything in this article.

    • Keyshauna says:

      Thanks for that point. As I go about reading information from the “beings of light” and those who identify as being about higher consciousness, and unconditional love, I sometimes encounter scary and fearful ideas. I LOVE your point about using our feelings (and that means recognizing how the material makes you feel – uplifted or scared)to discern what we believe to be true. I really appreciate your point :-).

  10. John Grae says:

    I find this to be a rehash of the information put forward by Sheldan Nidle. I have been following the information at since its inception in 1998 and while some themes are similar, they state that there will be no outside intervention on our behalf by aliens of any type. I guess this is just another story. As all planets are not exactly the same size therefore their the inhabitants find that they cannot exist on other worlds for any length of time because the energy of the new world in not in harmony with their home and therefore cannot survive. I guess it nice to see another story to add to the growing number that is already in existence. Have a nice day. John Grae

  11. claudia Gonzalez says:

    what are the things we should do as humans to help our mother earth in the ascencion process? what can we do to help ourselves in this transsition to overcome the heavy vibration?
    Love to all and many blessings to our Galactic brothers…We are welcome with open heart and gratutude for your love and compasion for the earth and all its habitants..0:)

  12. KAzu和Ki輝-2012 says:

    I know my space brothers & sisters are shining their Light upon me. I knew it when I saw one of their scout ships zip from one point to another in a beautiful blue flash on a clear night just the other week. I was with two other people, one of whom (Jamie) I work with & the other guy I had met earlier in the evening. We were always looking up at the stars the three of us. Their was some strange activity of government planes & such like in the vicinity oddly enough. That did not concern me. I was overjoyed to witness the Galactic Federation with my own eyes!

    I know it to be true in my heart.

    It is strange though, because I saw something like it previously one night a few months or so before the event. I saw a glimor of exactly the same thing happen in the sky. As if it was ment to be a subconcious sighting. It was shortly after I saw what ever it was in the night sky that I had a huge argument with a guy I used to be friends with who stole from me. We are no longer friends.

    Random writing from me I know. Just what has been on my mind lately..

    Love & Light
    KAzuKi Xox

  13. Thinkstoomuch says:

    I was wondering where all this information is comming from. I really want to believe this stuff. But as it is, if this was writtin by an Great and smart race of beings, why is there so many typos and misspelled words? IDK what to believe. Maybe someone can help me to understand. And can They come and talk to me?

  14. marie says:

    i really like matthew’s messages/sheldon nidle/ they are truly awesome channellers/…..sometimes salusa too….

  15. Damir says:

    Well it makes sense to me quite enough.I think human kind need something like that. Something gone wrong in this world.The world doesn’t have sense to me..It is not normal.People are too occupated with life(working,responsibilitys…),they kill each other.

    Goverments hide so many secret data.But they can’t lie anymore..I always beleved Ufo exists.

    Galactis Federation haves inspirative effect on me(Peace,Evolution,laws,ecology…)
    I even made group on FB called ” WE support UFO” 😀

  16. serg says:

    I didn’t feel anything negative when I read this article.I really want to believe this is true but I’m having trouble understanding all the info on the net. Some people say the pleiadians are here to harvest us and to not believe them..others say its the government that created this to hide the truth of was to come…also they say there are bad beings,draconians reptilians idk too much about e.t races but how are we supposed to know that these beings are not pretending to be them? (The pleiadians).and why cleanse the earth? Why don’t they just get rid of our government? and all the greedy secret organizations before it got to where we are at? I don’t need all the electronic devices or anything that’s materialistic.if we never knew what greed was we wouldn’t be starving and dying like we are.I would of much rather live in a time with no technology as long as land is abundant with food and water.

    • tim says:

      they are in the goverment hybirds . well so its been said but i say stick with the bible .. keep a close eye out for the mark of the beast . and dont worship any other beings but god if its wrong well then you still have ..thou shall not be punished over thou ignorence .. you will not be judged for what you do not know ..true meaning of ignorence

  17. tim says:

    becarefull of the mark of the beast im not calling any one or any thing wrong or liers all im saying is beaware and watch for it .. noone knows for certain what the mark is but becarfull peeps he who wears the mark shall not be admited to the heavens

  18. anon says:

    /walks slowly to the door and runs away

  19. Frank says:

    Wow, this plot really blows my mind.  But if history has taught us anything is that desperate people will believe in just about any fantasy in order to have faith.  They have just about as much proof of their claims as all the other made p sects and religions, but their bluff has a timeline.  They should have made the date of Judgment open ended like Christians…..that way their lies can keep of fooling people without a due date.

  20. Limak says:

    my inner most sence and gut tells me to keep my feet on the ground, no matter what happens, i listen and learn but am critical at the same time. best way to learn is through experiance, how can we learn anything when the shift starts happening and we r all taken on to ships for protection. Think about this, we r all greater then anyone or thing can ever tell you, we dont need anything anyone says, you just need yourself in the end. lessons through experiances, we r all Grand Creator, we r not weak little beings that dont know how to protect our selves, and since we r all Creative Spirit in form who is anyone to tell me what is wrong and what is rite, especially since im here and your not. give me ur point of view and i will give you mine, i will accept yours and you should accept mine, I am that I am!!!
    this mite make sence to some, it mite not, but this come from the deapest parts of my being, i am not saying i am some holly person or a saint, but i feel i know what i truely am:) So pls, critisize, pls add do as you pls, im very oppen to hearing other Creators oppinions on the topic:) Keep you feet on the ground, thats what i think…

  21. Jessew says:

    Were all gona die. Just like any other animal. we live to reproduce. For those who think that aliens are going to come and take us all away because were not nice, Really need to take a look at life in general. Animals kill for hunger, pride, territory, and dominance. Life is violent! Were are just a smarter animal is all. Do u not agree? Something is going to happen soon, something huge, but to take all humans souls away? Ur talking cult just to get followers. The only difference from being a profit and illusional, believer, is the number of people that think u are right. Stop posting and righting bullshit! And people, don’t believe everything u read and hear. Find out for yourself first hand. Don’t follow blindly without seeing first

  22. lorraine says:

    dear galactic federation of light……i will be looking forward to our new visions of the higher power……i have believed that when i was given information about your world of wonderous knowledge…i feel have a new…i do trust this with all my broken heart..just an earth issue about myself…all my life i have sensed does explain why we only use ten percent of our brain……thank god your coming……may peace and love finally be as one and this world be saved.thankyou..lorraine joy campbell

  23. Jose Cruz Rodriguez Rubio says:

    me gustaria saber que pasara con la gente que esta en las carceles las inocentes como las culpables!

  24. thank you i cant wait to learn more and see more about what is going to happen.
    i know you have to do many things that you should really not have to do but thx
    greed as you know as killed this planet it will be good for all to have the same that way all can get on with each other in the new world
    i cant wait to see all the new techno that they have .
    wish i could let go now and go .sergio uk

  25. jeff says:

    sorry friend but your vision sounds awfull to me I donot wish to be a slave to anyone no one can face anyones demons for them except themselves freedom is valuable.Better reign in hell than serve in heaven we will reach our own enlightenment without you

  26. Hello there, simply changed into aware of your blog thru Google, and located that it’s truly informative. I’m going to be careful for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you happen to continue this in future. Numerous people will likely be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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