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St. Germain – Year End Report


St.Germain addressing the December 29, 2009 teleconference

“Greetings, Beloveds!   It is I, St.Germain, and I come with what you might call a year-end financial report for Planet Earth.  We have already announced that the Bank of St.Germain is open and ready to serve. We have told you that the amount of gold and precious metals on deposit at that bank is roughly in the nature of a 10 with forty zeros after it [FYI: 10 quadradecillion dollars].  We know that some of you have tried to write this down on paper and really don’t have the words in your vocabulary, in your language, for that much abundance.  It doesn’t matter.  If you want just do the little sideways ‘8’ infinity, that’s alright because that which is there now can be multiplied if ever Planet Earth should need it.  Now we have already told you that you all have accounts with your names on them, and with enough zeros in those accounts that you will be able to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish.  Spend some on yourself, be lavish; whatever it is that makes you happy in any of your being, go for it. And remember the purpose of this abundance is to celebrate the Golden Age because the Golden Age is where there is abundance for everyone and everyone will have it.

“But the Golden Age is about much more than that –  it’s about healing.  You will hear more about ORMEs in the year 2010 – don’t rush it.  We are bringing new techniques even now, and even now there are some on this planet who have them, but it must be kept quiet until the day of announcement comes and we know that you understand why.  Then there will be all kinds of information that will be open for everyone.  And there will be those who are especially equipped, and special knowledge and wisdom and much of this is old ancient wisdom that is coming to light now, already coming to the surface.  There will be new ways to heat and cool your homes, marvelous new vehicles for you to fly, new ways of industry, business and of course finance.  The apparatus for all of this is here.  There are some last minute adjustments and fine tunings to do, then it is just a matter of switching over.  Now if there is a sudden closure of your own financial institution, your bank or your credit union, be not alarmed.  It is only for the change-overs that are coming.  It is only to put in place that which you already know is coming and that which you called forth and welcomed and you will have information everywhere that will help you to understand exactly what the changes are.

“There is going to be news broadcasting like you have never seen in this country, because even in the days of wondrous Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, those are familiar names are they not, there always had to be some cover ups.  They didn’t like it much and some of them were literally removed from their bodies because they wanted to start talking and you know some of those.  They are here in higher dimensions with us helping us to formulate the information into segments that will be easy to digest especially for those of you who are hearing something of this now.  Remember courage always.   Remember that Mother Sekhmet comes as a healer for the entire planet with the knowledge and the ancient wisdoms, and at the same time with the encouragement to everyone to empower themselves to discover that marvelous God force, that divinity within, that ORMEs,  that Love so that each and every one of you can call forth whatever it is that you desire.

“And I offer you again as I have done in the past the Violet Flame of Transmutation so that you can pull anything out in front of you that you choose, and simply apply the Violet Flame and cause it to be transmuted forever into the energies of Love.   Peace on Earth begins in the hearts of each and every one of you, in the hearts of all of the Lightworkers and in the hearts of the leaders who are heart-minded beings.  You will see much more leadership among the females in what you call the governments, in the educational systems, in the business, in all walks of life, because this is the age of balance.  No longer will the world be dominated by the male energies with the female energies in some place subjugated to that which amounts to slavery, but rather equality and balance, respect, appreciation and gratitude will be the signs, the earmarks of the new relationships within all of the institutions that I have mentioned and more.  Balance is the key and when the balance is Love-based, only Peace, only Joy and only the blessings of the Golden Age can be the result and you will see this more and more.  Right now it appears as though it is more the feminine that is crying for peace, but look around you, there are peace warriors everywhere, beings of courage and strength who know without any doubt whatsoever that the time is now.

“Just as Lady Nesara and Lady Liberty stand at my side, they stand at yours as well, so stand tall, Beloved Ones, stand tall.   We are all One, we are all family, we are all the perfect children of God/ Mother/Father.  We have the divinity within each and every one of us because we have come together and united our hearts, our minds, our intent.  We are triumphant, we are successful – it has been written long ago.  And so it is.  We salute you, Beloved Ones.   Stand with us in these final moments before the curtain goes up officially on that which you know is already here –  the Golden Age, as some of you like to call it, the Age of Aquarius.  It’s here, it’s now.  Happy New Age to all, and Namaste.”

© Susan Leland 2009.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.



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  1. S.C says:

    “Now we have already told you that you all have accounts with your names on them, and with enough zeros in those accounts that you will be able to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish”

    Say whaaaat?

  2. adrian says:

    These are wonderful promises!

  3. Linda says:

    Postive message indeed, but pray tell, where is this bank located and how do we access our individual accounts. Many of us are waiting to start our projects, however, we have no funds to do so, this was joyous news. Can you please let us all know how we can get our funds? Thank you and bless you.

    • JRF773 says:

      My understanding is that they can’t release the funds until the knuckleheads that have their greedy little fingers in everybody’s pie are removed from the equation, then they can cut loose, else we get a repeat of what has been happening already for the last 200 years or so.

    • Normand Dionne says:

      Mark H. says that the distribution will come along shortly (72 hours) after Annoucements.

      If you don’t want to be disappointed, better hang on to what Ashtar says: “No dates!!”

  4. Cathrine J. says:

    Such a wonderfully reassuring message. Thank you!

  5. Annie says:

    I thought I couldnt get any lower but hey then my car dies on me and there is no money for another one.
    Then a message like this one from St Germaine comes through
    and you just want to stay positive, but Ive got to say Im struggling. Being a Lightworker is not all that much fun.
    Does any one agree?
    Do you want to swap life stories if so email me at
    Yes I live in the UK so we will have to wait a bit longer for our bank accounts to be open!!

    • Linda says:

      How much longer? Mark H. says 72 hrs. after announcements. Okay…we can all live with that. Does anyone know when the announcements are coming?

      I too am a struggling Lightworker in the States, but I will not give up the Ship, because I know who I am and what my purpose is.

      I just desperately want to get on with it and get going.

      Abundant Love to all!!!

  6. Bill says:

    Well, wouldn’t it be nice… Not sure what projects I would get started on, but I know of a few groups I would like to assist.

    Course, I have tons of debt to clear up… Cell phones should be turned back on today because they got tired of me being late with the payment…

  7. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    this is nice!
    but its really unbelievable b/c of how amazing it is.

  8. S.C says:

    Wait, so he is saying that there is a big bank with quadrillions of dollars worth that we will eventually be able to access and use?

    Does anyone else have a really hard time believing that?

  9. zendor says:

    I’m sure Susan means well, but I’ve witnessed a plethora of channelers (and have confronted some mid-channelling) that present a tremendously optimistic viewpoint of potential reality.

    Although, in fact, there is nothing like this available to us now, our power of manifestation (even precipitation) is quite possible. We haven’t developed our abilities and senses to the point of being able to manifest material items on demand.

    However, according to quantum mechanics we are able to do so with relative ease once we have a belief system (or knowledge base) that includes this ability.

    Humans can only interpret messages and vibrations (all messages) through existing filters. It is rare that one has the ability to articulate pure vibration into words. The stepping-down of vibration that it takes to form words is a long way from the pure energy, and our neurocircuitry is the only methodology for transmission at this time.

    I think the point that needs to be made is that we have choices and we are responsible for them. Poor choices lead to poor results – grow up and be accountable. The universe holds you accountable for your thoughts and feelings… they are your choices. If you don’t like the results in your experience, then change your choices.

    To disavow your power and blame anything for your circumstances is out of integrity. You’ve been given your circumstances as an opportunity for ascension. Do so. When you choose to ascend, the universe will align with you as well. Just notice the changes and adapt an attitude of gratitude, you’ll fly like an eagle.


    • Linda says:

      Beloved Zendor,

      So you are telling us not to be so gullible as to believe that there is indeed a bank. Well, that was my original question. All amazingly glorious news, but she did not say where this bank is, how we can access our accounts. I totally agree with you, however that we can manifest through our imaginations so much right now, if we just do it, but to be able to manifest money, to creat new world projects for terra nova, no….why are we being held back from progressing? Much Abundant Love to you and everyone…..Namaste

  10. Thanks St. Germain! :) stoked! I’m really enjoying all these messages from the galactic federation as well. Really appreciate them and what ur doing for life here and with me. Please help me to serve as much as i can possibly handle! I am here. Fill me full of awe-sum so i can share it with others now!!

  11. maacespana says:

    Let your heart decide the truth of what you read or hear, not your mind…If you would do so you would not be doubting about Nesara…I totally believe this will come forth…We need be patient, it shall happen…remember to concentrate on what you want to create, in this case concentrate on Nesara to happen, see an abundant and beautiful earth where all share and everyone is happy, and then sit and relax knowing this to be true…I see this New World in my thoughts every day… Blessings…

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