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Sekhmet & Sananda: Congratulations to All!

Sekhmet and Sananda addressing the December 29, 2009 teleconference:

sekhmet“Well greetings, everyone!  It is I, Sekhmet, coming to meet you all in this grand moment of opportunity, and I can assure you we’re already hard at work. We have new programs, we have new materials to work with and we are really getting into the ORMEs***– more about that to come.  Now I just want to say, ‘Congratulations everybody,’ medals, kudos, applause, awards to all because you have done such a great job.  And guess what? You have already done a great job even though you might not be there yet, but I can assure you it is done magnificently, courageously and beautifully.  And you set the stage, lights about to go on and the curtain is about to go up.  Oh, I get so carried away, this is so exciting!    Hang in  there everybody, and if you are feeling a little down and a little afraid, just call me and I’ll be there and I will give you some courage to go on.  So to all of you (we have to leave now because there is someone who wants to give you a blessing and it is well, well deserved to all of you) so to all of you I just add my congratulations.  Let’s have a happy, happy, happy New Year and onward we go, up, up, up and away.  And so it is.  Namaste!”

*** Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements – ORMEs – the highest spin state of elements

sananda“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Sananda, and I come with my Mother beside me as we have done so often.  We bring the Roses of Love, the Roses of Kumara.  Open your hearts one more time in this Year of the Eleven and welcome the Roses into your beings, as many as you want in all colors, even some that you may not know yet, but you will.  We are so happy that you have come this far, that you have joined with us.  This would all not be possible without you, so we reach out to hold your hand, we hug you, we promise you the Kumaras have been here and they are here now.  We have been here to hold the light and I came once as the one you know as Jesus.  And the light may have seemed small at the time, but you have honored me and the other Masters who came to teach Peace and Love.  And so it is that it is now coming true for Planet Earth because you have accepted it,  because you are living it.   So my Mother and I offer you hugs and Roses and we say unto you, ‘Be joyful, you have accomplished it, you’ve made it, and Peace on Earth evermore, fueled by Love, accompanied by Joy with abundance for all.  These are the greatest gifts and these are the gifts that you all bring with your sacred, divine presence.  We are never apart, we are joined always in Love.  So let your hearts be joyful, dance and sing if you wish – the time is now.  Now is Peace evermore.  And so it is.  Namaste.”

Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this transcript.



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  1. Genevieve says:

    Yes Family. Blessed Be ALL in One 4 ALL Eternity. Oh how Dearly do I Love each One of Thee! IYou LOVE YouMeUsALLONE!

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