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Saul: There Is Nothing You Can Do In The Illusion To Offend God


01/10/2010 by John Smallman

God’s divine plan for His children is magnificent, awe inspiring, and perfectly on schedule. As you wait eagerly for signs and experiences to confirm it, remember that you are presently experiencing existence in an illusory non-reality — a place of dreams and nightmares that continuously confuses and disorients you.  Problems occur that apparently need to be addressed and solved. Possible disasters and catastrophes constantly require precautions to be taken to deal with them should they occur.  Within this unsafe and threatening environment that appears to envelop and contain you, you find it very difficult to focus on the divine Light that is beckoning you.  You feel continually drawn to attend to matters that you think will ensure your security.  And yet experience never ceases to confirm for you that there is no security:  Everyone dies.  “But not yet” you plead, “I am not ready — later!”  Your fear of the inevitable keeps attracting your attention, distracting you from the guiding Light within you where you really need to focus your attention.

That Light is the divine confirmation of your eternal existence, at one with each other in the peace and the joy that is God, the only Reality, sublime and unbounded.  You are to awaken into Reality because that is the divine plan in which each one of you is an essential and beloved participator.  Until you awaken you can have not the slightest perception of what it entails to be a part of this divine wonder.  And that is why you will wake up.  To participate fully in God’s ongoing creation, and to enjoy it fully as is His intent for you.

Your unhappiness, your misery, and your suffering as you wallow in your illusory quagmire, imagining that you are making sacrifices in reparation for humanity’s sins or to appease an easily angered and judgmental god, do not, in even the smallest way, please your heavenly Father.  He adores you as only He can, knowing you are perfect because that is how He created you, and His only will for you is your infinite happiness.  And that alone will please Him.

You, however, have submerged yourselves in your illusion and convinced yourselves that you are unworthy and unlovable, especially by God, and continue to hide there in fear, guilt, and self-loathing.  This is insane behavior!  Stop believing that you deserve punishment, because you do not!  There is nothing that you can do in the illusion to offend God, because it does not exist, anymore than do the activities in which you appear to engage yourselves.  It is time to turn towards the Light that is within you for the sole purpose of showing you the way and guiding you home.

You are — and since the moment of your creation always have been — infinitely loved, and so you always will be. You can, and you have been, refusing to accept this divine truth about yourselves, but the time for that self-centered and self-pitying attitude never existed.  So release it, let it go, and allow yourselves to awaken into the infinite beauty and wonder that your Father wills you to experience eternally with Him.  For God’s sake, and your own, accept His Love and allow yourselves to wake up!

With so very much love, Saul.



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