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Saul: The Moment of Your Awakening Will Not Be Delayed or Diverted


01/13/2010 by John Smallman

The divine paths that humans have chosen to follow during their many lifetimes are varied indeed, but they all lead to the same destination, namely, the reawakening into God’s divine Presence.  A Presence from which you have never been separated, even though it appears to you during life in the illusion that you are so far removed from God that you have no memory of Him, and truly doubt His existence.  However, deep within each one of you, buried under the accumulated debris and denials of countless lifetimes, the flame of divine Love remains burning with infinite energy.  It is there to ensure that it is impossible for you to become irrevocably lost in your insane imaginary reality; one that you continue to build and rebuild because of your guilt-driven fear that you have denied and betrayed your loving Father.  The shame that goes with that erroneous belief is enormous but totally unwarranted.

Your Father loves you and wants only for you to awaken and leave behind the horrific illusion you have built for yourselves so that it may dissolve like the nightmare it is, as the glorious light of His Love envelops you in the eternal day that is your home and (while you appear to be removed from it) your final destination.

No matter how hard you try you cannot avoid reaching the destination. There is nowhere else.  You can pretend and intend with all your strength and determination to convince yourselves that the illusion is real, and that pain, fear, and suffering prove this to be so, and that God does not exist.  But it is simply impossible to deceive yourselves permanently, when deep within you the inextinguishable divine flame continues to burn, proving in every moment the unreality of your illusion.

The moment of your awakening is fast approaching and will not be delayed, diverted, or avoided. You will wake up, there is no other possibility, and your joy will dumbfound you as all memory of anything else instantly dissolves.  We in the spiritual realms look forward with delight to the moment when you experience the divine heavenly surprise that has been prepared for you, and which awaits your pleasure.

With so very much love, Saul.



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