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Saul: Life Should Be Fun


01/03/2010 by John Smallman

Many issues that humanity has needed to address for a long time, but has blocked or denied, are rising into consciousness causing confusion and dismay.   People are discovering within themselves attitudes and beliefs with which they are most uncomfortable and of which they have been in denial.  However, they do need to be recognized and released to enable them to continue to advance along their spiritual paths.  They frequently conflict with or are in total opposition to the life philosophy a person espouses, and consequently severely shock a person when they pop into their awareness, and that can cause a strong feeling of shame, which is why they were denied in the first place.

But unsavory attitudes and beliefs are very common and need to be seen and released.  They are not something to be ashamed of, because they are endemic, everyone has some of them, just acknowledge them and let them go.   It is only when they are denied or repressed that they are troublesome, because then they can burst unexpectedly into your awareness so that you act on them instantaneously, before you have time to think whether you really want to, or have time to decide whether or not it would be appropriate to do so.  All your cultures, religions, and social customs have long lists of unmentionable subjects, ideas that they suggest could not possibly occur to any of their members.  So when these ideas do bubble up into consciousness the person is shocked and horrified that such a thought could have occurred to her, and denial is almost instantaneous.

Locking down and controlling unacceptable thoughts and ideas uses up enormous amounts of the life force that is constantly flowing through you, your life energy.  It leads to fatigue and depression as you try to distance yourself from this strange and threatening other self that wants and needs to be acknowledged.  You have to acknowledge every aspect of yourself, not just the one you have chosen to display as your identity. Learn what each one wants, and then discover how to integrate them harmoniously into the complete and wonderful person that you truly are.  Denial causes conflict, confusion, and fatigue, while acceptance, understanding, and harmonious integration of all the different, perfectly normal, and extremely creative aspects of yourself brings you to the divine and sublimely peaceful center of your true self.  There you will find a limitless abundance of joy and energy, enabling you and encouraging you to live life with great enthusiasm and equanimity just as it happens.

Life should be fun.   Whether you are impoverished or wealthy makes no difference, because it is your attitude to life that enables or disables your ability to enjoy it and have fun.  You do know this, but some of you choose to see the negative aspects of life in the illusion, while others focus on the positive. It is a choice for you to make completely freely, whether to live in joy or as a curmudgeon – you have all been aware of people with horrendous physical or mental disabilities who are a joy to be with because of their upbeat attitude to life – so surely the appropriate choice is obvious, every self-help book tells you this.  If you do not feel happy and joyful, then pretend, and notice how people respond to you. It might be quite a revelation!   Then keep pretending, while acknowledging and releasing your unhappy feelings, and you will begin to see that life can be fun, because your behavior will spark the sense of fun in others, and give you very positive feedback.   As a result you will begin to enjoy the pretense, and suddenly you will realize that you are not pretending, and that life for you really is fun.  To try this costs nothing except, perhaps, a little effort to overcome the ego’s plaintive objection that  “It’s not worth taking the trouble, because it won’t work.”, and the rewards of success far outweigh the initial effort you made to overcome your doubts and give it a try.

There are lots of inspiring stories out there about people who have overcome incredible difficulties, people who previously showed no sign that they possessed the courage and determination they found within themselves and then used to such great effect.   You have the power, you have the talents, so use them and be in joy. Ignore the nay-sayers who tell you that you can’t, because they most definitely do not have your best interests at heart, and are probably afraid that you will succeed.  Wherever you are and whatever you do life can be fun, and your Father wills it for you, so join your will with His, and find the fun that seems to be eluding you, then share it and watch it gain unstoppable momentum.  You will wonder why you waited so long before engaging with life and finding the joy and satisfaction that you had always wanted but were afraid to believe you had the right to expect or experience.

Start by noticing the small things you enjoy, give thanks for them, and trust that more and more of them will come to delight you, and in that trust will come your success — a life that satisfies you and enables you to deal fearlessly, competently, and confidently with each challenge that it presents to you.  Then you will truly know that your Father loves you and honors you in every moment of your eternal existence.

With so very much love, Saul.



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  1. Traveler says:

    Wow – very succinctly written & Right On!

  2. Amy says:

    Dear John and Saul ~ wow, thanks so much for sharing this inspiring message. I have noticed here some parallels in my own life. What I mean is –= I am psychically ‘sensitive.’ I have an ability to “feel” attitudes and thoughts of people in my work environment. In the past, I have absorbed the negative vibes of others to my own detriment. Just recently I’ve taught myself how to block fears and undesired ways of thinking through meditation, dream visualization techniques and, as mentioned here, just by plain PRETENDING! So, again, thanks and God bless!!!!!

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