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Saul: An “Other Worldly” Peace Will Unfold.


01/06/2010 by John Smallman

Waiting is arduous but essential, and the reward for waiting will fill you with the light and joy for which you have been hoping and praying for so long.  Your move into full consciousness is imminent. Hold and intensify your intent because as you do so the strength of the divine Intent multiplies the effect of yours enormously.  There is a joint cooperative process approaching fulfillment: God’s, the spiritual realm’s, and yours.  Without your efforts the process cannot be completed, but your efforts are forthcoming just as required.

The more strongly you focus your intent on doing the divine Will, and the more frequently you do so, the more you will find yourself feeling positive, peaceful, and optimistic.  You will strengthen and confirm your inner confidence in God’s Plan, knowing that it is perfect and perfectly on schedule.  Your doubts and anxieties will fade from your memory as you become increasingly conscious of the divine Love, the life force, that is flowing abundantly through you.  It always has and it always will, the difference is your growing awareness of what it is, and of its limitless abundance.

You are inordinately blessed to be on Earth at this point in her ongoing evolution, as you will witness the most wonderful changes and modifications that are about to occur to bring the external environment into complete alignment with the divine Energy of beauty and sensitivity that has always enveloped it.  As these energetic frequencies merge and commence to resonate in perfect harmonious balance an “other worldly” peace will unfold enveloping all life forms, and terminating permanently the mistrust, fear, and aggression that has held sway on Earth for so long.

As the veil dissolves in the brilliant light of eternal day, your joyous amazement at the delights revealed will instantly sweep away the horrific memories of pain and suffering that have been endemic for so long.  True peace and harmony could not be yours if the memories remained to distract you from the eternal bliss of your divine existence.  They are memories of an illusion, a dream state that never was, and so will disintegrate into the nothingness from which you constructed them, leaving not the slightest trace of any kind of disharmony.  Being nothing, there is absolutely nothing to leave as a residue.

You have always been promised infinite joy, and that is what you will experience, eternally.  No other option or possibility is available to distort, divert, or prevent you from entering that divine state.  God’s promise to you is guaranteed and confirmed by the infinite power of His divine Will.  Relax into peace, and unconditionally forgive every slight, pain, or betrayal that you believe you have experienced in preparation for the dissolution of the illusion, and the delivery of the divine Promise.  You would have believed the wait for this momentous occasion was worth every waiting moment if you were to have any awareness or memory of having waited!

In the divine Reality it is completely unnecessary to have opposing sensations – ugliness/beauty, pain/pleasure, suffering/joy, hate/love – because there is only the eternal perfection of heavenly bliss to which there can be no opposite or contrasting state.  Rejoice that this is so, and that it is to be your eternal experience.

With so very much love, Saul.



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