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Roll Cloud or Cloud Ship?

Tunnel vision: Amazing roll cloud caught on camera

By Claire Bates
13th January 2010

Twisting languidly through the sky towards the horizon, this is one of Nature’s most stunning – and rarest – displays.

The ‘roll cloud’ was photographed over Las Olas Beach in Maldonado, Uruguay.

Nasa was so impressed with the image it published it on its website as ‘picture of the day’.

A rare roll cloud in Uruguay that was published by Nasa. They often form in front of storms
A rare roll cloud in Uruguay that was published by Nasa. They often form in front of storms

Experts at the agency said the clouds are formed when downdrafts from storm fronts cause warm air to rise, before cooling and so forming clouds.

When this happens uniformly across a large front, a roll cloud may form.

The clouds can be seen sporadically throughout the world. They can stretch across 600 miles and tower a mile into the sky.



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  1. adrian says:


    Is anyone else a little tired of looking at ambiguous “cloud ship” photos?

    I saw one today that looked like a flop-eared rabbit!


  2. BrunoSmith says:

    i say its a ship….you have to evaluate it your third eye and see what you get back i feel it not just being a lump of air….the more astonishing our cloud formations become the more we will be ready to see objects of this size and magnitude in our skys…all in preparation of decloakings….peace Tony

    • Ron says:

      Peace unto you Tony,
      When one lives in the Southwest desert of the United States, these cloud occurences are become common. I have photographed some, such as how the smaller ships can stack up and create a piller of cloud such as the one you can read about that kept the Egyptions away from the fleeing Israelites in the Moses story. Ron

  3. Raven says:

    I just read Steven Greer’s latest book and he has witnessed space craft create a variety of clouds that are ‘unearthly’. He has seen them ‘shapeshift’ into aircraft, stars, satellites, clouds, lights etc. I think that a cloud as unusual as the one in this picture has a high probability of being created by an ExTerrestial Vehicle (ETV).

  4. S.C says:

    Why would a ship need a cloud to hide behind?
    Even our own scientists are talking about invisibility cloaking now, so any race even a mere 100 years ahead of hours could hide craft without needing clouds.

    • Ron says:

      Think about it for a moment. They have always used clouds they could manufacture because I have seen them do it, in the desert, on a cloudless day. It is one way to catch your attention. It is for a sign unto you and invisability isn’t. We have to see to believe anymore and they know it. Signs in the Heavens! Ron

  5. Ron says:

    People need to get a bit more scholarly in biblical terms because it has all been laid out for us. Don’t you know that the Bible says about 20 times that “THEY Will Come With Clouds.” The question now is, who are THEY??? Accordinly, They are the Heavenly Host (the Galactics), Angels, Saints, and the word Cloud should be interprated as Craft. White Horse means great strength in the book of Revelation, but should be rendered as Craft also. All spiritual writings have been messed with by the Order of the Black Hand!

    Who wants to listen to a Prophet when he/she hardly has a good thing to say, when we can listen to litterly hundreds of Channelers ready with their hand out waiting for your money. Prophets do not do that, they are not into it for the money, they are called by Spirit. Cloud Ships are real and use the mist or fog which they can manufacture, that we call cloud, to cover themselves from being detected. Why? because it is said that they will come like a thief in the night and they are here.

    When Jesus/Sananda left the planet He was levitated up into a cloud and two of the onlookers said that He would return the same way he left. Once you apply scientic terms to spiritual writing, it begins to make sense. There will be signs in the Heavens, Cloud Ships, and signs in the Earth, Crop Circles. No one knew what it meant until it began to happen. “When you see all these signs, know that I AM even at the door.” “This generation shall not pass away until all these signs come upon you.” Sananda

    • Heather says:

      You might like to check out LA Marzulli, Patrick Heron, Tom Horn, David Flynn. Your biblical interpretations need some discernment. You will really like what these guys have to tell. Enjoy treasure hunting !
      In Him,

  6. adrian says:

    ALL clouds are ships! Now we don’t need to be concerned with discernment.

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