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Report From The Front: Haiti – Tom the ringtail Cat Paschat


Tom the Cat Paschat:

The Earthquake in Haiti, January 12, 2010 saw immediate help from the Galactic Federation Ships.

There have been reports coming out of Haiti since the First night of large Mother Ships beaming up people and moving rubble to free survivors. Mother Sekhmet and her Paschats have been there around the clock since the 12th.

We are able to bring People into our healing centers and fix their broken bones and do surgeries on them.

We have brought thousands on to the Ships and they will be telling their stories.

The streets of Port au Prince are covered in rubble. The rubble is very heavy. Huge chunks of concrete are thrown about.

The Sea Ports are clogged with tankers, trucks, and cargo.

There are not enough running vehicles to transport personnel and supplies from the Airport into Town where the supplies are needed.

What we are seeing is people who have not had enough, if anything to eat, and no clean water to drink for days.

This along with the trauma of everything destroyed and thousands dead, lying in waste.

Understandably, many are losing it, from those whose entire family are gone to Mothers unable to feed their children.

Mother Sekhmet and her Paschats have broken the City into zones and have different Crews doing different jobs.

In some cases, the Haitian people are being helped with the rescue attempts by having large pieces of rubble removed.
The ones receiving help are not always aware it is technology from the Ships moving the rubble.

In other cases those who seem beyond help are being removed from the scene and sent for Medical Attention with our Ships Doctors.

They are also helping many with trauma clearing.

This has been our immediate focus, to help the smallest survivors and the frail survivors first.

Last night, our Ships began removing the large objects blocking the Sea Ports. These items are being dissolved, where they are.

There are Navy Ships and Marine Ships moving in. You will see them docked in these areas which were before covered in rubble.

It is hard to imagine the 100s of thousands that have been helped by our Ships and the Paschat Crews.

We will in a short time be able to remove all the rubble and rebuild.

For now we have a scene playing out with many players. The World is about to see the many United States War Ships from the Marines and the Navy join the scene.

What will be conveyed is the War Ships are there on a PEACE MISSION.

As this unfolds, meetings are happening behind the scenes, around the clock. In these Meetings with St Germain, Government Leaders, President Obama, Mother Sekhmet, KOS, Ashtar, and others are coordinating efforts for Change Point. When the disclosure happens, when Announcements come, it will be a great unraveling. The Hologram Individuals, who are now arrested, will have their Holograms turned off. The holograms will cease to function. This may be done in a staggered progression, and not all at once.What you have been seeing in the News since January 12th has been the last of the 13 Families playing the Fear Card with the little bit they have left. Their time is over, and they know it.

Disclosure, Decloakings and Landings will prove to be a shock to many. If we add to that the removal of hundreds of Politicians from the US as well as the UK, EU, Africa, China, Japan, Russia, and others, there is more shock. Even if the Announcements bring the best news ever, it is not possible to shock millions and millions around the world at once. What is happening is the Meetings are focused on finding the right timing to reveal the Galactic Presence inside the confines of what is happening on Earth. All of this is being coordinated with the Earth changes which will make it possible for all the Portals to be open in synchronization with the StarGates. When the Earthquake hit, it changed the timing of Decloakings. Suddenly it was necessary to bring our Big Fleets to begin rescue efforts and our medical teams began surgeries and trauma deprogramming. We have for the last 4 nights had full Crews working to balance the situation. As the situation comes back into balance we can determine, with the Big Players that are involved, the best way to continue with Decloakings. It would not have been appropriate or possible to interrupt the Rescue Efforts for Celebration in face of such devastating loss. It was far too incongruent and was not at that moment an appropriate scenario. Now that a few days have passed, and the most critical situations have been dealt with, it is better timing to move forward with revealing What’s Next?

Do not be surprised when the Master Plan comes into play. This major worldwide heart opening is happening at Port au Prince. Another way of saying that is PORTAL PRINCE.

Sananda is the Prince of Peace. It just may be the perfect place for the Admiral to show up on television broadcasts to say the Galactic Federation is here, and the Time For Peace is NOW.

~Tom The Ring Tail Cat Paschat

Beth and Mark



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  1. Bill says:

    Here is something I didn’t understand… If the Galactic’s were responsible for earthquake as part of the Gaia ascension, why were they caught off-guard as to the magnitude, and the number of people requiring assistance?

    • Elaine says:

      The Galactics don’t know from one moment to the next as things are in constant flux changing. What is happening is it is all new to them as this has never been done before. Not in the manner it is being done. They did not cause the earthquake Mother Earth did going about her business of clearing and ascending. We the People on Earth are the ones creating this as we continue to move higher and waking up. As each person awakes it changes the whole perspective.

  2. jackpotlady says:

    I am so glad to hear Tom’s take on things… I know I have been in Haiti at night since the quake. All the pictures on the news are fresh in my memory and every day my muscles hurt and I have to go take a long hot shower to rid myself of the stench of death and the sore muscles! And Bill, I don’t think the galactics are directly responsible for the quake… I read Gaia’s take on it on on the channelings today by Pepper. She is a living being and the galactics and the ascended masters are working feverishly to nuetralize the effects of the quake… what we humans forget is it has been a very long time since all the stargates were activated all at once. I am starting to understand how and why karma works though which makes it easier on me!

  3. Exo says:

    Bill, the Galactics were not responsible for the Haiti earthquake. That was Mother Gaia doing her own cleansing since Haiti had a low vibration for a long time now. We can just say that the negativity in Haiti is being released by Mother Gaia through earthquake.

  4. Annie says:

    The news from Haiti has just sickened me those poor souls who are now living with the aftermath it must be hell. My healing prayers go out to them. It is now an opportunity for decloakings, announcements, and nesara. I for one is so fed up of hearing about it and nothing happens.(no dates of course)Im sick of reading that. For thousands of years we have been treated like dirt and lied to. Is this any different??????? Please does anyone else feel like this or am I being (negative)

    • Elaine says:

      Understand this is not just about us and the earth it is about the whole Universe which is changing as well. I understand that about 187 million years ago they tried to ascend then and they left a few cracks open so perpetrators got through and destroyed a major part of the Universe we all have come back to make sure it is done right this time so we don’t have to do it again. There is tremendous work involved. Sit still and do your cleansing and clearing so that you won’t be impatient but learn to be Neutral.

    • Lou says:

      Annie: I am starting to feel exactly like you. We have been told all kinds of things about ‘imminent’ events that never take place. Just recently, KOS said that Hillary would not be at the Copenhague Summit, then when she gave a statement (I forget where), he said that that would be her last. Well, she’s still around and she is now in Haiti. They say ‘No dates’, but a few times, either some Galactic member or KOS have given us specific timelines. But none of these things happen. Maybe we are receiving messages from false-channelers. Maybe it’s time we stop believing in Santa Claus!

  5. Sathia says:

    I too would love decloakings, NESARA, Free energy, Freedom, but it will only come about when we make that change within us. Only when we rediscover that divine spark that is within us, and it spreads, will the dark of this world lift. The answer isnt out there, so focus on your journey, and it will add to the collective journeys.

  6. Tuan says:

    To change the world, first you have to change within.

    As for NESARA, to accelerate the timeline for it, I suggest we all meditate and FEEL the energies of it as if it’s happening RIGHT NOW! Feel the JOY of it. Feel the LOVE of it. FEEL the AWE of it. FEEL extreme GRATITUDE for inviting the Galactics into your life.

    This increases the energy of the manifestation of NESARA more quickly. With the Haiti earthquake, the energies of Lightworkes has been diverted to Haiti so Announcements would’ve taken a setback momentarily.

    But time doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions. Everything happens NOW and with joy. Just feel the joy and love as you meditate on it.

    I’ve been seeing heaps of moving starts lately because everyday I meditate on being awed by the sight of ships in the sky. I feel the love of it all.


  7. Kristi says:

    Astro_Mike tweeted today… “In Washington DC for a meeting at NASA Headquarters, it is a beautiful day in DC.” what’s going on there?!

  8. adrian says:

    Show us the photos!! Yes!!

  9. Aeon says:

    Blessings upon you Divine Actuality,

    We are the ones that must see the other side of our event horizons. The quicker we move into transition the quicker we will pierce the veils. We have to look at our words and learn to overstand instead of understand. Over Unity as a species allows us to crumble the old paradigms and allow our visions to clear. We must awaken our childhood imaginations and bring our Powers and abilities out of dormancy. Then Mother Earth will feel her children as the beat with her heart beat and evolve photonically. Each soul has within it possibilities yet to be seen. Each awakening creates a new portal of probability. One day we will take our roles in the universe and there will be no shock or fear. For those two things are old and we bury the old with love and grace allows us gratitude for being here. We move our focus to heal those who have yet heard with ears that hear and see with eyes thats see and as we did as children, we dream awake from our imaginations the new REAL I TY. Blessed be.

    AEON Pi Of the Phlo Family a free man of the UNI (ONE) Verse.

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