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PICTURE Of The Gulf Of Aden Stargate!

Here is a Picture of The Gulf of Aden STARGATE Opening in the Sea Just off the Coast of YEMEN.
It has a Swirl Pattern just Like A Portal In The Sky.


Gulf of Aden Quake Shakes Somalia and Yemen

adenearthquakepicJanuary 5, 2007

[Awwwww, SHIT!  I did it again.  Look at the date.  I even put it right in front and STILL missed it!  Thanks to Richard for pointing that out.  What would I do without you guys around keeping my dates in line? LOL!  Much love, Tony]

[Just an interesting note here.  I subscribe to the USGS  website that notifies me of ANY earthquake around the world that exceeds 6.0.  I did not receive ANY notification of this earthquake, otherwise I would have posted it earlier. Tony]

An earthquake registering a magnitude of 6.3 struck the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and Somalia on Saturday, but preliminary reports from Yemen said it appeared to have caused little damage.

Residents of Yemen’s port city of Aden said they did not feel any shaking during the time the quake occurred.

Due to civil unrest in nearby Somalia, there were no immediate reports that the earthquake had caused any injuries or damage in that country.

The quake struck at 11:30 a.m. local time about 150 miles (240 km) to the west of the Yemeni island of Socotra and 200 miles (325 km) north of Xaafuun on the Somali coast, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center briefly issued a warning that there was “a very small possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than 60 miles (100 km) from the earthquake’s epicenter.”



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    • mr NO! says:

      if you are thinking this is a stargate, put your common sense thinking caps on….here we go…… the “swirl” is more than likely a pic of the incoming ocean tide, and when it flows inward towards land, it is hitting the outer bank of a “hook” mass, otherwise known as….”If it hits land as it comes in (the ocean tide/ current) it WILL have to come in contact with the land, or “beach” hook, where it will have nothing else to do but be forced into a ‘swirl’, because it can not flow over the land. If this is a “stargate”, then oklahoma is covered in them on EVERY SINGLE RIVER we have in the state. I have seen this O too many times when the rivers flood, and when the rivers hit a bend, or bent corner (edge), they tend to swirl in the same pattern. YES, it does sometimes have a swirl, and a undertow, but i can assure you all for sure, i do NOT see ANYTHING EVER coming out of these “stargates”….aka, a fluid swirl produced by fluid encountering an inanimate object, having to be pushed back into its original flow, HENCE, causing the PASSING flow to make the “swirl” go round and round. REMEMBER, we are microscopic ants living in such a large mass area (space and earth) that sometime things as large as this “stargate” may LOOK like something from science fiction, but it is only when we research this and utilize common sense, that we begin to understand that THIS, is just a swirl, made up of a churning sea, encountering land, with nowhere else to go…BUT TO SWIRL! rocket science!!

      • mr NO! says:

        …and if the “swirl’ is churning in the opposite direction…once again put those thinking caps on for this 1……its probably an adverse reaction to high tide or low tide ( for the unknowledgeable people, that means the “swirl’ will change directions depending on the flow “in” or “out” of the GULF.

        I deserve an award for this!

  1. Kiek says:

    ‘article to be found here’ link apparentely not working/no working anymore??

  2. Richard says:

    The earthquake was on the 5th of January 2007. Check right corner above to see the date.

    The real quake sure will come 😉

  3. Andrew says:

    Tony, lol! it’s ok! go get your starbucks 🙂

  4. Sathia says:

    Lovely, at first I thought it looked like a ‘hippo’. 🙂

  5. erwin says:

    Sooo that Norway thing was actually a stargate and not just lights in the sky created by some fancy equipment? But if the haarp machine is creating a stargate and we just don’t know it then the channeled messages and David Wilcock are right! Guess that is just how it is. . . you can always cook up something in hindsight. The only way to know it is to know it huh

    • Ishmi says:

      Well…. we DO have a HAARP facility right were the beam came up (or went down)…. so it is hard for me NOT to connect this to something manipulated….

      • Ishmi says:

        wow… am I that blue!? ((o;=

        • Ishmi says:

          On Tuesday evening, December 8th, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in Switzerland, “smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator which were then ‘quantumly transferred to the massive Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency (MF) Atmospheric Radar Facility located in Ramfjordmoen, Norway, operated by European Incoherent Scatter Facility (EISCAT) radar and ionospheric heating scientists who, in turn, work under the supervision of the American High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that many call one the largest ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ever constructed.

          We know by logisctic of electicity consumption that i shyrocketed that same hour that the spiral was in the sky….

          “Vi vet at strømloggen fra HAARP anlegget gikk til himmels akkurat i den timen spiraken var på himmelen. Når forskere i Russland og Pakistan? skriver om dette, og norsk media fortsatt holder på teorien om en russisk missil,-så er det viktig og symptomatisk, på sammre måte som at norsk media fortsatt oppfordrer til H1N1vaksinasjon, etter at det har blitt avslørt internasjonalt som en bløff,-og til bevissthet rundt CO2, etter Climategate…!

  6. Traveler says:

    ..I wonder if you can look at this place on Google Earth…?

    • Ishmi says:

      Yes, cheque out TROMSØ or TROMSÖ (o:=

    • kelly says:

      i tried to look on google earth gulf of aden and labouriously sat for literally hours trying to find these 300 hundred warships, that was on the sunday the 2nd may only for me to notice that the data was from 2005?? odd…so i checked again today and its now 2010 data but strangely and to be honest not suprisingly i saw no warships! either google has been told to remove this data or they are not there, apparently these warships are circling the stargate, so to find the stargate u need to find the ships, the picture on here is not the stargate as the stargate isnt on the coastline its further out to sea otherwise the ships would be beached also theres supposed to be a large metallic ring suspended in the air u cant see it in this pic and 3rdly there is complete media blackout because the navy and the government have secured the area for miles and miles so where could this picture have come from? there are no pictures of the stargate, but soon enough we will know whats happening as whatever is going to come from it will make its presence know..unless the 33 odd warships are there to stop that from happening in which case you need to ask yourself..who exactly are the goverment? i know ive babbled on a bit lol its just that i find all this stuff so interesting sorry 😀 have a good day

      • Yes, the governments of many different countries have sent their Navys to “protect” the public from the stargate. Naval boats from Japan, Sweden, Australia, England, France, and many others have been sighted along the coastline. With so many guards, it is very doubtful America would let Google Maps get a glimpse. Which sucks. Phooey.

        • ted says:

          What makes you think theyre protecting the stargate from civilaians? Even if it was true and if it did exist, the world governments would be more worried about what might come out of the thing. If it exists the threat coming from another species completely outwheighs the threat posed by a couple of solami pirates.

      • Jay says:

        N there are other ppl that find it interesting as well like me

  7. anonymous says:

    The image shown at top is from March 2009

  8. Del says:

    There has not been an Earthquake in that area since Sunday, December 13, 2009 at 21:00:48 UTC. It was a Magnitude of 4.0 in the GULF OF ADEN. I’ve check the records of the USGS site & no sign of one. Who ever made this statement did not get their information from USGS as they claim.

    Living in light or living in darkness ?

  9. the spedman says:

    sorry not trying to be a downer but it just looks like clouds. until anyone actually sees a real stargate which i’m sure no one has, kinda hard to say what one is supposed to look like. but ya never know 😉 peace

  10. R Herbert says:

    Has anyone gone on google maps and checked out a close up satellite view of the gulf of aden? Look for 5 or 6 uniform circles all in a row from west to east about where the gulf of aden meets the suez canal to the red sea. Also, off the middle coast of Yemen, look for 2 mounds with pointed tips under the water. Reminds me either of some type of soil dump, or pyramids? Ya never know…… Amazing how all these countries have staged ships from their Navy’s “to help control the pirate problem”? Countries that would normally be at each other’s throats meet together in the Gulf of Aden. I smell a fish.

  11. Carolyn says:

    LOL. They have weaponized the atmosphere. Don’t fall for the fake alien/Kissinger/project bluebeam invasion bull.

  12. do u see a connection btwn the Earthquake off the northern cali coast and the Gulf of Aden earthquake…both areas have been purposed to have stargate’s. It follows suit that both would be working in syncronicity. It is also possibly a triceary operation adding the Hatian eathrquake false flag. A possible integration btwn the three stargate/seagates San Fran, Gulf of Aden, and Puerto Rico…this question cannot be ignored? Btw the Norway/CERN/HAARP Spiral seems 2 be a relavant event to the proposed STARGATE Triceary Operation, all 4 events are time aligned and purpose oriented in the same possible objective. I am looking for any true insights that can help,Thank You.

  13. kinzie says:

    You can change the date on your post in wordpress.

  14. wtfmate says:

    Hi ppl.

    So this photo is an aerial photo of the STARGATE…?
    i think we need some better proof than that lame photo. Im all up for this to be real but i have seen no hard evidence of a portal or anything along the lines of a portal…

    Yeah they may be warships cruising along the coast but this could be for many reasons

  15. warning says:

    be carefull with the deception of alien……after the atlantis tragedy, all modern civilization had agreed not to use modern sophisticated technology anymore….before the sins inside the soul of men removed out……the deception will be very evil, they will give you false gift of sophisticated alien technology….just like throw the fire in the middle of the night and all flies will gather at it and die…..between nation and nation will fight each other, to win these false gift, because greediness is human nature…….remember the fall of human was because the fruit of knowledge……cleans your soul first and the Great Creator will give you all the universe…..all because His mercy not your knowledge….peace brohim (beloved brother)……

  16. TDK 1138 says:

    looks like swirling clouds to me..sorry this picture shows nothing….so lame..

  17. jim says:

    what are the GPS coordinates of this picture I could not find this island along the shore of yehman

  18. Sam says:

    John and Adam talk about this on the NoAgenda show this sunday at Adam’s take on it is pretty funny.

  19. Lorin says:

    Is this supposed to be incontrovertible evidence? First, what spectrum is recorded here. Second, why do we assume HAARP – or alien intelligence? Don’t get me wrong. I’d love this to be the Vulcans coming here to offer us inclusion in the United Federation of planets. But let’s not put the cart before the horse. This picture could be an algae bloom. Or it could be ‘shopped. But let’s look for additional evidence. Until then, this is cool and interesting – but not compelling.

  20. jack says:

    there will be A volcano explosion that will happen soon that’s why you can see some earthquakes is happening this yrs and days and that’s why it might be the end of the world because Aden volcano explosion is Threatening the world

    thank you from jack the Geologist.

  21. Diana Landzaat says:

    not that i believe in all this but just some fact if we humans can travel to the moon and see the sun close by with our technoligy and the Aliens are way smarter with their technoligy prolly invented they would invent something like a ”stargate” wich is found @Yemen lmao funny thing is when we first looked at the cartoon The Jetsons as a little kid we would see flying cars/spaceships, phonecalls with video and what not funny part is it all came out…..we now can call eachother and see eachother at the same time, they invented a flying car….so is there really an alien population out there somewhere who’s smarter then us?

  22. Chris says:

    There’s NO WAY that can be just a whisp of clouds!!!!!

  23. The Fleecer says:

    Wow! Sorry guys, but that looks like a swirl of cloud to me. On the 5th of June a swirl just like the one in the skies of Norway was seen across the whole east coast of Australia. On the 3rd of June on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia I filmed what I believe to be a REAL stargate in the sky! Would you believe the media didn’t think my footage was good enough? Check it out on my YouTube channel IamtheFleecer and see what you think! (Don’t forget to look at the stills so you can see more detail!)

  24. Sean says:

    Can anyone say sandstorm?!!!!

  25. Wow who actually tookt he photo? Check out Aaron McCollum on youtube! He talks alot about this stargate.


  26. Joe Lipke says:

    my name is Joe iam a Webmaster in Germany on the Website

    I become an information about this Gate in Yemen.
    By my investigation about it,i become some problems,because i foundt something interest.
    There is a big “Mosaik” on the Beach near this location of the Stargate.And there is a big secret Komplex .
    the wondering one is the village near this Objekts it´s calling Al Gahydah .
    After i set my posting on G-E with some picture,we became a cyberattack.
    By the controlling of the IP´s we came to DARPA and the go Daddy Group .

    Please look on this Thread,there are some interestet information and pictures on this site.

    at last,sorry about my english.

    LG Joe

    • sweet6b9 says:

      You are correct. The NWO, Secret Government, Secret Intelligence Agencies around the world are trying to keep people from knowing the truth. That we can meditate and Ascend at this time. They want to keep us in the 3rd Dimension to try to use our Spirits to their ends. They feed off of Caos, Fear, Anger. They are working with a very dark force that has come to try to enslave our race and keep us in the dark. So far it has been very effective as very few poeple have woken up from the dream. We are Multidimensional Beings and Creation wants us to live in harmony with nature and to express love and kindness in our lives and toward other Humans. We must embrase or Spiritual side and meditate to lift our vibrations so we can pass through these Star Gates. They will try to block people from getting near as we can meditate and our bodies will return to light bodies and move directly to the 5th Dimension because the Dark ones are comming from the 4th Dimension. They are commonly knows as the Grey, Draconan, Demons, Etc.
      Please feel free to visit my YouTube Channel under the name sweet6b9 for more info and links to the truth that has been brought to us. Also message me and ask for my story and links.

  27. theonlyrationalpersononearth says:

    erm… no. stop being silly.

  28. Derpy McDerpington says:

    I’m an open minded person. But that picture is obviously completely normal, 100% regular, run of the mill cloud cover.

    I believe there must be other life in our universe, I even can entertain the idea that some ET life will be more advanced than ourselves.

    I can’t however. Think of a single reason any Alien species capable of such feats would bother coming to visit us.

  29. Emil says:

    We are approaching the new era for real!

  30. Azri says:

    anyone notice that the swirl pattern looks oddly like an upside down keyhole? Trippie.

  31. Having had a good amount of experience in interpreting aerial and satellite imagery, I think it is quite a bizarre leap to jump to the conclusion that this is a star gate! I see no evidence for that; in fact, how would you know one if you saw one, since you’ve never actually seen one? This is nonsense and only serves to discredit those of us who take ufology and extraterrestrials seriously.

  32. eldorado says:

    Has anyone seen the 3 huge silver objects under the water in the gulf of aden? They dwarf the war ships. What are they? Anyone have a guess? Google Earth may have blocked them out but I saw them.
    The stargate thing I don’t believe for a minute.
    Check Google Earth and see if they still show up.
    Maybe an artificial reef???????

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