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Mother Sekhmet from Niburu: Avatars


Our Galactic Heritage

Greetings, Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet.

The Awakening continues and there is more to understand.

As the Ships return, your memory of Who You Are will return. Continue to work on this question in your meditations.

Each one of you is Angelic AND Galactic AND Human.

We have been speaking on finding Your AVATAR. Your AVATAR is the part of you which is a hybrid human and galactic. Your Light Body is the part of you which is Angelic. You are Angelic/Galactic/Human.

There are Angelic lineages or bloodlines which connect groups of souls, or soul families to a particular Angelic archetypes. In your 5th Dimensional positronic-etheric-crystalline bodies you have physical DNA and etheric DNA.

The etheric DNA connects to your Angelic Lineage. The physical DNA connects to your Hybrid Human and Galactic Lineage. Your Galactic Heritage is the Extraterrestrial Seed Bloodline you are from such as Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian or Andromedan. The Hybrid Human may be one of hundreds of species, such as, sphinx-human, lion-human, horse-human, crocodile-human, hawk-human, ibis-human, jackal-human, frog-human, cobra-human, scarab-human, falcon-human, ram-human, eagle-human, baboon-human, bull-human, lizard-human, ape-human, wolf-human, and so many others.

These connections of who you are Angelic/Galactic and Human are what define your multidimensional nature. You are in one Dimension different than you are in others. It simply means, where you project your physicality at that Now moment.

The Angelic part of you has a name. You each fall into Soul Families from certain Angelic Groups. These are the Creator Gods. Each one of you has this Spark of Divinity Inside. As we work to bring Peace to Earth, this time, the fallen Angels are leaving Earth from all Timelines in the past and in the future. This is the Separation of Worlds. This is the meaning of the New Timeline, Terra Nova.

As you come to know your AVATAR, you remember your power. No one can fool you into thinking you are less than you are. You remember the gifts and abilities you possess. This is sovereignty. This is freedom. Lady Liberty and Lady NESARA work with the other Goddesses to restore that which had been taken from you. They are joined by all the Lady Masters, including the Lady of Light and Divine Mother.

As you remember your Divine Spark, you take the time to find your Joy, share your Mission, and begin Spiritual Service, locally and globally. You will find you are inspired to follow new paths now. Reach and keep looking for your Joy. Spend each and every moment in Joy. Having Abundance simply means the work of Finding Your Joy begins, if you have not started already. Some have. This is the meaning of life.

Every moment on Earth is a Gift. Takes these moments to Share Love and Be Peace. Remember who you are. When Terra Nova is a Planet of Peace the Kingdoms will be restored, as above, so below. The magical Realms rejoin us here and the New Children are free to create a Galactic Society. Invite these Ones here. Image them from your heart, into manifestation.

All of these Ones live here, on Nibiru, as do many of your Twin Flames. It is time now for the Reunions to take place. We reunite with All That Is.

The Time For Peace Is Now.
~Mother Sekhmet



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