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Metatron: The Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse New Moon Solar Eclipse 2010


With this Blue Moon of December 31, 2009, comes a great force of energy which continues to clear anything which will not go on to the New TimeLine.

It is a very good time to go down the To-Do List and clear off any projects which must be finished.

This is a wave of immense energy coming to the Planet from the Cosmos which makes it possible to implement the final thrust of changes before disclosure.

To some this will feel like unbearable pressure. There may be challenges with finances, relationships, career, health and others.

Anything you have not attended to will be brought up for examination.

To those who have done their clearing and cleansing this period will feel like love and joy and orgasmic bliss.

It will  feel like a warm breeze on a sunny summer day.

2010 is here now. In the first 15 days of the New Year, there will be the greatest changes that Planet Earth has ever seen in all of her Story.

The Decloakings and Landings will happen framed between these two Cosmic Events.

Be Love. Be Peace.

Happy New Terra Nova!
Mark and Beth


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  1. ceaira grace says:

    oh i hope so!

  2. Marifrans says:

    Mark et Beth, merci infiniment ..Vous nous avez tel ment manqué.. J’attendais cette nouvelle du decloaking et le débarquement avec beaucoup d’impatience !!! Happy New Terra Nova

  3. biserka senica says:

    I do not belive in this kind of event. But everything is possible

  4. Christian says:

    Which 2 cosmic events exactly are they refferring to? 31 december and?
    Sorry for me being dyslestic lol xD (joke)

  5. Galo says:

    Here we go again…another date for disclosure and landings. And once again, they(channelers)are saying that IT WILL HAPPEN.

    Let´s wait. And i´m sorry but i must say, every time that channelers gives a date and nothing happens, it gets harder to give them credit…

  6. Ann Marie says:

    To Christian, The Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse is Dec 31st. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is on January 15th, 2010…powerful stuff!

  7. Ready willing and waiting for it to become our new reality!
    Keep our fingers crossed!

  8. Mike says:

    The Great Gathering will take place before any decloakings. Don’t get your hopes up for channels providing dates. KOS last month said between 12/12 and 12/21 that the Fed would close and the greatest burst of love the planet ever seen. Anyone believe that now? Keep your attention here and Now where it belongs. Don’t let your hopes get trampled every month on false info. When a channel makes a vague statement like “This will happen between these cosmic events”, and does not specify, then you can pretty well tell that they have left you hanging on purpose. Your answers come from within you!

    • admin says:

      In the defense of KOS, the Fed could very well be closed. There’s such a media ban on so many things right now that possibly the truth just isn’t coming out. I’m not saying “yea” or “nay” here, but just that it could very well be a possibility.

      As I mentioned in my most recent Two Cents post (, I definitely felt the energies hitting me on those 12/12 and 12/21 dates. Reading the comments on that post, there are MANY others that felt it as well.

      So I personally DO believe those points.

      It’s always a stretch to put out a channel that mentions a potential date. As I stated in my Two Cents post a couple weeks back (, maybe us thinking AGAINST that – that it’s just not gonna happen – then maybe it’s US that pushes it back. That ties into what you’re saying here as well – it all comes from inside US.

      Beth received the info and asked many times over – is what you are saying true? And she was reassured. Ok, again – not saying “yea” or “nay” – I just posted the information because I do resonate postitively with it. Of course she’s sticking her neck out here as another possible Blossom issue.

      Nonetheless, take it for what it is. The other Metatron channel from Tyberonn ( also states the power of what’s going on in the cosmos right now.

      A blue moon and lunar eclipse on the 31st, a meteor shower on the 3rd, a solar eclipse on the 15th, and a comet potentially crashing into the sun right now. Just seems like a lot of things going on up there in the cosmos. Disclosure possibility is there.

      Anyway, I know where you’re coming from and agree with the fact that it’s IN US.

      So let’s go with that and keep a positive attitude. We all know this is gonna break here soon – just when is the key.


      • Galo says:

        Hi there Tony, nice job with the site!

        But i have to disagree with you on one point. You said “maybe us thinking AGAINST that – that it’s just not gonna happen – then maybe it’s US that pushes it back”.

        When someone post a channeling like that(with dates), its their responsability, not mine, not yours or anyone else.

        The message was:
        “The Decloakings and Landings will happen framed between these two Cosmic Events.”

        You see, “Metatron”(Beth) is making an affirmation. The way he said it, it´s going to happen, period.

        In my opinion it´s too much responsability(dangerous)to post a message like that.

        If nothing happens, there we go, another “otc.14″, “Salusa with the disclosure berfore Christmas 2009″, “St.German with disclosure berfore the end of 2009″ and maybe people will defenilly start to think that all of this are nonsense.(i´m talking about the masses)

        If does happen??? Great, thanks God! BUT, it would happen anyways. And with the amount of information by now, the people that are seeking for answers doesnt need to know a date to make up their minds, or to get ready.

        But anyways, in 10 days we shall have an answer.

  9. Mike says:

    2010, The Year we Make Contact

  10. Mike says:

    I am very in tune with the energies hitting us. Every energy date strikes pretty hard, except for 1/1. That was not bad. Yes there are a lot of things happening in the Universe right now. Change is happening all of the time. But the Fed is not closed yet. We know Disclosure is coming, but from whom? Will it be from the skies or the Government or the people?

  11. jane says:

    dam I wrote a great post and lost it!! So all I am going to say now is heres to a bucket load of UFo’s arriving soon and hanging around for ages..and everyone getting really excited..thats what I will call a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  12. My native language is not english, so forgive me if I’m wrong in my interpretation. The message says: “The Decloakings and Landings will happen framed between these two Cosmic Events”. I have look for the meaning of the word “framed” and in the web and I found that one of its definitions is: “to fit or adjust specially to something or for and end: ARRANGE”. So it may be that during these days things are goin to be arranged for decloakings and landings to finally happen. Any way it is going to happen very soon, or better, it is happening now!

  13. Eric says:

    We want it, they want it. But the governments have to open the book first. Otherwise they come in piece and the stupid militairy shoot them out of the sky.
    Of cousre they can defend themselfs easely, but thats not the way.

    Thats not the way to welcome gasts from ouside this

    In America they say “the truth will set you free”
    But we are misled for ages, first by the religions and then the politics.

    So governments its time to reveal the truth!!!!!

  14. Frans says:

    only 10 more days for the most biggest changes ever!!

  15. S.C says:

    Oh please let the ‘first 15 days’ thing be true.
    I might kick a bin like Gordon Ramsay if it isn’t.

  16. the spedman says:

    i myself don’t need disclosure but if the gfl want people to wake up then disclosure would be the big shake that would do it. waiting for any government to do it is not going to work. we all know how long it takes for governments to decide to do anything. so like i said at galactic messages “hey gfl were not scared come on down i promise you if know one else will accept you i will”;)

  17. Mark says:

    Here’s my two cents – for what it’s worth, I’m not expecting disclosure by the 15th but I am expecting it soon.

    The reason for this is that I am a technical stock trader and a few years ago I got interested in an esoteric methodology of trading the markets called Elliot Wave Theory. I was intrigued when I joind an investment service and the people there understood that we were headed into an economic collapse (this was well before October 2007) simply by understanding the fractal nature of the way stock markets trend.

    Simply put, in October 2007, the markets completed a very large degree fractal, completing a large degree grand super cycle bull market dating back to the American Revolution. Since stock market corrections are always proportionate to the advance that preceeded it, we are expected to be in a ‘doozy’ of a bear market.

    Anyways, after learning a little about Elliot Wave, I was hooked and needed to learn more. Personally, I like to learn why things work the way thay do. To sum things up, I’ve decided that the stock market is really part of the program of our perceived reality. The movements in the stock market can be determind in advance using complex fractal geometry (Google WD GANN) and I think Elliott (Google RN Elliott) simply figured the basic algorithim behind it.

    In short, from an Elliott Wave perspective, there is a much larger and swifter market crash than the one we have already seen, on the near horizon. I don’t mean to alarm anyone. This should be viewed as a sign of positive change coming.

    Getting back to disclosure, in my opinion, and from reading Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock, I think disclosure will happen in the midst of a major economic event It would make sense to see it happen during or soon after an economic collapse. If you’re trying to time when disclosure might occur, keep an eye on the markets. I still think we’re a few weeks away….

    …. On a side note, here’s an example, I believe, of the powers-that-be working behind the scenes to wake us up.

    The crash of 1929 was followed by a Hollywood movie called ‘Wall Street’ released 2 months after. The crash of 1987 was followed by another movie, also called ‘Wall Street’. Both of these movies were released 2 months after their respective market crashes, so obviously had to be in production well in advance of these market events.

    Don’t look now, but ‘Wall Street 2′, the sequel to the 1987 movie is coming out this April 23rd. Personally I think the ‘White Hats’ are trying to shine the spotlight on Wall Street to wake people up.



  18. Normand Dionne says:

    Mark H. repeatedly stated that landings would happen 7-10 days after decloakings.
    Do the math!
    Looks like it aint’ gonna happen…again!!

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