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Metatron Speaks: Are You A Victim or A Master? Remember The Master You Are!



An Ascended Master, of which you are One, remains in a state of personal power all the time. Many people own their power only in an emergency, or when they have to go to work.  People are able to realize immediately if You do not own your personal power. If you do not own your personal power, it WILL be owned by two others, your ego mind OR other people.

What do I mean other people? You may have your personal power owned by the 5 Corporations who own the media outlets. You can actually become addicted to watching the news and believing it is true. Last night we were told that in Massachusetts there was a new Senator elected. We were told this would destroy chances for universal healthcare. When you heard the news, did you stand in your personal power, or did you succomb to dismay and disillusion? Things are not always as they seem. There are times when we must give ourselves permission to believe in something that seemingly the rest of the World does not. If we are fed news on a spoon by the main stream media, newspapers, and TV, we must first be in our personal power. It is as if there is a golden violet ball surrounding your body.

What is TRUTH, LOVE, and passeth All Understanding is ALLOWED into your heart sphere. All that is less than truth stays apart from you and out of your heart, and away from your mind. Little mind, ego mind, may try to own your personal power. Ego mind may try to talk you out of owning your personal power. Tell little mind it may sit on your right shoulder, and be an observer, but YOU make the decisions here. The Ascended Master You Are OWNS your Personal Power AT ALL TIMES in all Timelines, even in the Separation of Worlds, even in mass disaster, even during a change of plans, even when dates change because other things precluded Decloakings. If you don’t own your personal power you can be run by almost anything in the Universe. This includes other people, weather, biorhythms, the Dark Brotherhood, your ego, thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, impulses, your physical body, and mass consciousness. It takes self-discipline every minute of every day to own your personal power in every situation. Mind your thoughts and cultivate this discipline.

There are Two KEYS to Being A Christed Being or being an Ascended Master. One is to own your personal power, and the second is to have Self-Love. Self-Love is key to being an Ascended Master. This is where you must begin as you learn to have control over your Cosmic Self. Your Cosmic Self is the Mighty I AM Presence. It is the full embodiment of all your Selves. It is the full embodiment of your Galactic Hybrid Star Seed Selves, Your Divine Angelic Selves and your Human Selves.Through Self-Love you have mastery over Your Cosmic Self. Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts do not create Truth. If your thoughts are that you are unworthy, you live in a self-created hell. One who has Self-Love will not attack another, will not criticize another, will not seek to punish another. One who has Self-Love does not humiliate, does not gossip and does not jump to conclusions. This will not be a true reflection of YOU but will be the mirror you see if your thoughts are less than Self-Love. If you cross the path of One doing these destructive behaviors, Love Them Even More. Owning your personal power and Self-Love go hand in hand.

A crucial part of Self-Love is forgiveness. It is important to forgive others and also forgive yourself. The Hawaiian Huna call this Ho’oponopono and it means: I Am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You. It is important to receive LOVE from yourself and to also allow Mother and Father Gods LOVE which is unchanging unconditional love. Allowing this love, from yourself, and from The FORCE, are key in remaining even and Being the Ascended Master You Are.

Finally, to balance and integrate owning your own personal power, and having Self-Love, then we learn loving detachment. This is a compassionate loving act to yourself and to the rest of the World. Loving detachment is a Divine Truth all ascended Masters use as a Guide Light on their path. Continue to weigh these Truths and raise your thoughts to a place of loving detachment. Know the information and re-center your joy, your bliss, and your excitement of the imminent changes. Lift up your thoughts, for as you do this, you light the Path of Ascension and more and more and more will follow in your footsteps. No one will have a short cut to Ascension. Having an Open Heart is Key. If there are blocks to opening your heart just visualize a lotus blossom opening where your heart is, practice connected breathing and see the blossom open over the chambers of your heart.

Each day before you rise, find a loving place in your heart. Own your personal power and release anything that would have you playing a vicitm. Do not fall into traps along the way, have a plan before you start your day. Avoid situations which will have you giving away your personal power. If the news effects you negatively, stop watching the news. You will know you have obtained loving detachment when you can watch the news without judging the news, or without having the news make you FEEL BAD. There will be moments where it will almost feel impossible to stay balanced and integrated. When this happens, find a quiet place, take a break, and allow your energy to return to your body. Take a walk, have some tea, sit under a tree, rejuvenate, and come back to Center. As you cultivate habits of Self-Love and Remain in possession of your Personal Power, and intuitively see the World through Loving Detachment, You Become The Cosmic Master You Are!
Mark and Beth



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  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you. This could not possibly be of better timing. Despite those times when it feels or looks impossible, I remain focused on full healing.

  2. Maria says:

    I too would like to express my gratitude as I have avidly read all postings. Having been introduced to all this revelation and awakening very recently, I often find myself mesmerized by the readings and then my “ego” takes over and begins to analyze and dissect all information and I think to myself “It just sounds so star-trekkie” However, as of late more often than not: I find myself waiting for night-fall just to look at the heavens and see for myself the increased activity thereof. I do wish to increase my vibratory rate by becoming aware of my shortcormings and owning my own power and postings like this one certainly puts things into perspective

  3. robert benner says:

    Hello Maria: Welcome to the light! Yes sometimes it is not easy to follow this path and no your a not a treckie alone we all are. Sort of funny how the dark did not let us really awaken fully when star treck was big? I now love the dark side, they really do their part to wake you up. You have no short comings, no one is judging you, you are where you are for a reason. Be at peace with this and the truth will flow like a river.
    Blessings, Rob

  4. christian says:

    I’m A master!

  5. Natalie says:

    Words seem inadequate to the voice of the heart.
    So, I say it simple and say, thank you all, from my heart.
    Each new visit, is a delight and an insight.

  6. Cole says:

    Thank you for this guidance and awareness. It is so important right now.

  7. GetREAL says:

    Like all of the Ascended masters were focusing off planet before ascension,
    Who are you really channelling??
    cause if you think focusing elsewhere is going to get you through the coming waves as this planet shifts fully into the next frequency, think again. Well where you focus, so you go!!!
    How about focusing JUST on Your Human Self, thus why You Came her to be born. Then when you get really grounded you can actually help the last planet you came from. and guess what, you don’t even have to be conscious about it. And now that you will judge me for being critical. you may wish to discuss discernment. And discern whose thoughts you are letting run through head, and why you are channeling someone else and not the master that you are, that is connected already to the All. and doesn’t need to say it is coming from someone else, to give your self credibility. I ask again, why aren’t the channelers here, channeling their Ascended Master SELVES?
    Never mind all the people who are forgiving like crazy, but who don’t realize they are carrying someone elses guilt or emotions, and just have to give up responsibility for that. And forgive themselves for loving the other person so much that they would take this on for THEM. No, none of you channelers talk about this. NO, instead these people, who are the deep seated light workers (your language) are so sensitive that they would feel guilted out by this message!!! Cause you laid out for them exactly what they wouldn’t be doing or feeling or saying or being. nice little game there!!! geesh!!
    what they really need is someone teaching them to discern, not guilting them out More!!! they carry enough for society!!

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