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Merge With Your Avatar: A Guided Meditation by Beth


January 3, 2010

Hi Everybody.

All of us have our own AVATAR body.

Some have an Angelic AVATAR which looks like a bright sun.

We are all Sons (and Daughters) and Suns (in our Light Body), we are all Children of Ra.

Your AVATAR body is the Ascended part of you. There are many different aspects of your ascended body.

You are Human and Divine. You are an Angelic/Galactic and Human.

You may see an AVATAR which is angelic, lion people, bird people, reptilian people, Big Foot people. You may have blue skin, green skin, or be any of 100s of species from Star Systems ouside our Galaxy.

Your AVATAR is the part of yourself which is dedicated to selfless spiritual service and brings Divine Messages to you and those around you. It is your Higher Self, and another aspect of you. It is time to remember your True Form and remember the Master You Are.


We begin this meditation by centering our focus. Take some deep breaths into your heart center. This relaxes our mind and lights the our heart merkiva for travel. Please repeat this meditation as often as you would like. Use this to come in contact with your personal AVATAR. This is the essential beginning of being a Cosmic Master and remembering your siddhis. Siddhis are your multidimensional abilities and we will remember these together. You perform these while in your AVATAR body.

Please take some deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine you are standing on the Giza Plateau. We are standing at the base of the Sphinx and in the distance we see the Great Pyramid. Look into the sky and stare at the Sun. It does not hurt to look into the Sun, it feels good as it lights your Third Eye, between your brows. You see a bright white and pale yellow sun. Suddenly it morphs and you see the Sun behind the Sun. The sunlight turns magenta and gold and you are seeing a beautiful warm pink sunlight. This is Helios and Vesta welcoming you to this sacred place.

Now walk between the paws of the Sphinx. Walk right up to the Breastplate over the heart of the Sphinx. You will see a rose quartz breastplate. Turn around and let your spine press up against the rose quartz over the heart of the Sphinx. Let your hands feel the cool quartz crystal behind you. Now you feel the kundalini energy in your spine ignited and raising up to your head. There is a light explosion as you go out through the 13th Gateway of your Third Eye and Crown. You zoom up up out past Earth’s Atmosphere to the bright bright stars in space in the night sky. You are floating there, smiling, feeling good, looking at the Stars. We are all out here, safely floating together.

Before us we now see our AVATAR. You may see it or hear it, some will feel it. Sense your AVATAR here, in this very relaxing place. You are now seeing your True Self. You are happy, it feels good to remember. You are laughing at the memory. You always thought this, but now you know it is true. Now your AVATAR and you come together and you merge together. As you do this, you are becoming One with your Highest Self. You now have all of your multidimensional talents and traits inside your human body. You are ready to rediscover these siddhis. You are ready to fly home.

Now as you are merged with your AVATAR you float gently back down into your body back at the Sphinx. You remember everything you saw in great detail. You may write it down, browse it, read about it and come into deeper and deeper understanding of your species and your True Galactic Heritage. With deep gratitude, we Thank our Guides and our AVATAR for this tremendous gift of remembrance.


Mark and Beth


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  1. Thank you so much Beth, for the guided meditation to meet my avatar. Just reading about it already fills me with great respect and thankfulness.

  2. This is a great post. It is very informative and very useful. I really like this meditation guide, it is nice and detailed and it taught me something new and valuable. Meeting with my Avatar is something that I have not tried before, so I thank you for this lovely post and video.

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