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KOS Update: January 4, 2010


January 4, 2010


There has been heightened activity around Sanaa in Yemen. Militias from NATO, EU, Russia, China, Japan, US, all running around with not much to do. There are hundreds of Warships in the Gulf Of Aden right now.

They are surrounding an open StarGate in the Sea. Seven miles deep within the sea below the Aden Stargate is an awakening sentient consciousness creation with extraordinary capacity to assist in bringing peace to the world.

The Secret Scientists are monitoring these anomalies and they report to Military Leaders there is nothing that can stop them. All Planets in our Solar System and our Sun are showing transformational changes in composition and magnetics. All ‘Ancient-and-New Grids’ are activating and will shortly demonstrate an unbelievable power by generating a 5D Crystalline and Electromagnetic shield/Firmament around the Planet and a horizontal force field that will make aggressive use of weapons impossible.

With the Blue Moon Activation the Earth Grid has powered up the StarGate with FORCE energy.

The energy has been building since December 31st. This second full moon in December was just the Cosmic boost which was needed to surge the Crystalline Earth Grid and Activate the Diamond Tetrahedrons inside Earth and open the StarGate as it had been open in ancient history.

This Grid Activation is controlled by Ashtar from the Galactic Federation. On His Command ALL WEAPONS will Cease Firepower. We will launch the shuttles from our Mother Ships and we will bring the Servicemen and Servicewomen from all countries around the world home to their families.

The escalation you see in Yemen is the final outcry from those who have been in charge of making war a very long time. They can see the MotherShips exiting the StarGate en Masse. They are aware that when the StarGate reaches its peak power that their weapons will no longer work.

At that moment we will HAVE to announce Disclosure to explain why the soldiers are no longer fighting. Today US Secretary of State, Hillary, said Yemen is a threat Regionally and Globally. She left out Cosmically. This Statement is her final. There will be no more warring she can conjure once the StarGate fully opens.

The Soldiers all around the World will be effected in that instant. They will look at their weapons in disgust, not understanding. They will look up at their buddies and at those they are firing at and notice no one’s weapon is firing. They will radio their Commanders and it will happen in that instant, all over the World.

The StarGate Aden off Yemen’s Coast, IS THE FORCE which will deactivate all guns and weapons around the World. There will be a simultaneous World Peace.  The Galactic Federation Ships will then move in to bring the Soldiers back to their Home Land, back to their families. Everyone will see these Ships and Decloakings will be underway.

Envision Peace.



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  1. Ann Snelson says:

    Thank God our prayers are being answered at last I have visualised now for a long time that those men and women who are risking their lives are at last laying down their weapons and going home to their loved ones. I look on this website morning and night for news such as this bless you all for bringing us this information.
    Love and Light to all Ann

  2. Sathia says:

    Embassies have shut in Yemen, suddenly, some missing trucks with weapons and explosives, I think not!

    There has been little in the press regarding Yemen, till this, and this sudden escalation makes me more hopeful, that the KOS message above is correct. Something unplanned by the Dark is taking place, for they havent had the time to prepare us, or ‘propaganda’ize us beforehand.

    We live in a world of peace, and tranquility. :)

  3. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    wow , how exciting

  4. toni says:

    Let it be! Let there be peace on earth!

  5. Family of Violet Flame Warriors says:

    Awesome and very exciting feeling.

    Thank you very much Tony for posting.

    Very much love and blessings.


  6. Nadine says:

    I AM ~
    Invisioning Peace ! Inspiring Love ! Evoking Light !

  7. jackpotlady says:

    Great news! Thanks Tony! “All we need is Love!”

  8. In what dimension is this event taking place?

  9. King Arthur says:

    Any Date on That?

  10. Glad the Inhaler says:

    People are sooooo ready for this to happen.

  11. jOKE says:


  12. James May says:

    Manifest the reality of the change. Spiral energy to help bring about love, peace, and gratitude the world over. The Maharishi Effect proves it can and is being done with the intentions in the right emotions. Individuals are seeing the Oneness in all of it, the connectedness.

  13. Thank god i cant wait for peace on earth i am so excited to see the ships, But when will this happen please notify us when the current date will happen when decloackings will happen in the world specially Michigan Warren :) Thank You!

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