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KOS About Mother Earth Preparing for Change Point at the New Moon Solar Eclipse


kosFrom KOS:

In the past 30 days, there have been Earthquakes beginning at the tip of South America, on the edge of the shores running up the Continent to Alaska and across the Aleutian Islands over to Russia, and in a line down the coast, past the coast of China and through the Philippines following a line skirting Australia and New Zealand. All the while these Earth Quakes are primarily in off shore Islands and in coastal regions. It follows like this up from Australia in a line up past Indonesia and Singapore into Sri Lanka and India. Others were in the Gulf of Aden and also a string of Earthquakes through the Mediterranean Sea. The vast majority of the Earthquakes in the last 30 days have been along the Sea Floor. This is done in a very calculated way to prevent inland damage or threat while making the necessary changes in the Earth Grid.

Mother Earth is preparing herself for the trillions of Ships that will be passing in and out of the Earth Portals and Inner Earth tunnels. She is opening The StarGate Aden. The Earth grid is being powered up by ever increasing waves or bursts of electromagnetic energy. She is being aided by the technology from the millions of Mother Ships orbiting Earth right now.

As we get closer to the New Moon combined with a Solar Eclipse energy on the 15th at 07:11 GMT [see below for converted world timezones], all of the Ziggurats and Pyramids are working together to power up Mother Earth for Change Point. The Sun and the Moon work together in this case to aid Mother Earth in moving the Firmament as needed for all the Portals to open In Unison. It is these pathways which we use to move Ships quickly from one area of the Globe to another.

We are gearing up for an unprecedented, never seen before, number of Ships on Earth. Our Star Nation families are all here. They are ready to decloak and land on Earth. They will be with President Obama and they will be broadcast on television. This will coincide with a declaration of Worldwide Peace.

Mark and Beth



Converted 07:11GMT World Time Zones

Friday, January 15, 2010

Canberra, Australia – 18:11
Tokyo, Japan – 16:11
New Delhi, India – 12:41
Baghdad, Iraq – 10:11
Rome, Italy – 08:11
London, England – 07:11
New York, USA – 02:11
Minneapolis, USA – 01:11
New Mexico, USA – 00:11

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Los Angeles, USA – 23:11
Honolulu, USA – 21:11


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  1. Normand Dionne says:

    Holy decloakings Batman!

    That’s less than 30 hours away, EST !!!!!

  2. Galo says:

    God knows how i wish that was true. BUT, after all the talking about desclosure last year, now, i know better.

  3. Nick Price says:

    I was dubious about this moment too… But after confering with my guides… Source says… “ITS ON BABY” !!

  4. jackpotlady says:

    Guess the Haiti earthquake is the proof in the pudding?!
    I’m ready!

  5. fmaranan says:

    Wow, I am so excited i will share the info. to my fellow Filipinos.

    Thanks to All.


  6. Annie says:

    I know where Galo is coming from, is it all an illusion its been talked about for so long.

  7. Ready willing and waiting here! Come on my brothers!

  8. bob says:

    i’m curious how they will make another story after again nothing happened..
    you know when someone tells you something and it doesn’t happen, you have something called ‘trust’ which is not there anymore.
    so how can you trust over and over again in these things, as is my question to KOS as next time maybe the lord of heaven or god of the internet will announce the next breaking news etc. etc.

    still send love

  9. Galo says:

    Bob, you said it all.

    Jan 16th. What happened to jan 1-15 period??? “They are ready to decloak and land on Earth. They will be with President Obama and they will be broadcast on television. This will coincide with a declaration of Worldwide Peace.”

    And once again, NOTHING HAPPEN.

  10. John Grae says:

    Most earthquakes of the 6.3 magnitude are man made using a Tesla Pulse generator, and as the dark forces are trying to bring forth the earth changes to may 2010 instead of 2012. These are times when the use of our discernment is of paramount importance.

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