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Fulford: Major Happy Changes Possibly This Week


January 5, 2010

Two blue moons in a row,one New Year’s Eve in the West and one on New Year’s day in the East.

On December 21st 2009, a group of shamans held a ceremony by a lake in the Philippines. Whatever the case, there was heavy rain and thick cloud cover as the group headed to the lake for a ceremony to mark a change in how Western civilization behaves. When we arrived at the lake suddenly an area of blue sky appeared immediately above us. All around there was still heavy cloud cover and rain. However, directly over our heads, in the middle of the circle of blue sky there was a new moon. Then on New Year’s Eve, the world experienced an unheralded but precious event, a blue moon on New Year’s eve in the West and a second blue moon on New Year’s Day in Asia. A blue moon means a second full moon in one month. A full moon on New Year’s Eve happens only once in every two decades or so. Two blue moons in a row at the turn of the decade and the year has probably not happened for centuries or longer. Thus, although I have been trained in science and skepticism, I believe we have had a very auspicious beginning to 2010, the Year of the Tiger.

Furthermore, multiple reliable sources both in Asia and the West are reporting major happy changes happening soon, possibly this week or this month. We are more hopeful than we have been in a long time but, we will believe it when we see it.



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  1. adrian says:

    Major happy changes SOON. That’s what we like to hear!

    Banks are still gouging customers, IRS is still harassing citizens, oil companies are still suppressing energy technology, the Trilateral Commission and cabal families still think they are in charge, disclosure has not happened, soldiers are still dying in wars, the people are still kept in ignorance and slavery.

    Yes, I would definitely say, the sooner the better!

  2. Dougas MacDonald says:

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. Patience please. It surely can be appreciated that to dismantle a gigantic war machine that took thousands of years to construct will take some time to dismantle. Just think about it. Like rebuilding a car engine on a grand scale. Ever done that? I have and so I can appreciate the enormity of the task at hand and admire the amazing progress so far made.

  3. m says:

    note this was also a lunar eclipse that was visible in Europe. A blue moon and lunar eclipse on New Year’s eve in Europe.

    Today a solar eclipse that will fall upon Easter island with the planets aligning in the sign of the cross.

    on 7 11 2010

    on Sunday

    The day of Resurrection…

    The arrests are a smokescreen. Try and input illuminati backwards followed by dot com
    and they are recruiting their masses and opening up web pages for all people to belong

    all around the world

    Hitler was elected in a democratic election

    There are not powers that be or were

    There is only the power that is

    That is

    You use the eye of Ra
    and like you said years ago

    You must not be deceived
    you take one side or the other
    and kill the eye

    and stop playing their games

    The answer is not money
    it is people
    the sooner you learn that the material is what keeps you from seeing the truth…
    and forgive
    walk in love

    and realize you are just playing a part and being used in their grand illusion

    FOR darkness cannot bring light

    only a false one
    and they love their shows Benjamin

    They are on the hunt for the next grail
    and seeking to create a new religion
    of the water bearer

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