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Everyone Has Their Own Avatar!


[Beth gives her tie to Avatar and how she relates to the movie.  How does the movie Avatar relate to you? Email me and I’ll add your thoughts to this post or simply comment below. Tony]

January 1, 2010

From Beth:

Have you seen the movie Avatar?

If so, it greatly helps me explain more about myself and my role.

In the movie, lady-alien Ney’tiri is a lion person. This is called a Paschat. I am a Paschat. The one we have mentioned, Tom the ring-tailed-cat is my brother. I also work very closely with the Archangels and the Secret Forces.

In the Movie, The Avatar, Jake Sully, the Marine Warrior takes over for his brother on the Na’vi Op. Jake does his work from a computer isolation bed “Link” where his nervous system of his human body links to his Avatar body. He goes into a sleep state and enters his other life. When he is asleep at Na’vi, he is awake at work. When he is asleep at work he is awake on Na’vi.

How I do my work for Galactic Round Table and the others I help, is I go into my other body without any “Link”. I do this in a matter of seconds and can do it anytime. I sit and close my eyes and I am out of my human body, into my other body, and I can see and I can hear and I bring back what I see and hear and write it down for the log, on the web. I also sit with my computer and let my hands type as I am in my other body, a report log of what I am seeing and hearing as it is in process. When I report what KOS says, or Metatron, or others, I simply type as they are talking to me, while with my eyes closed and as it is happening.

During the movie Jake started to be exhausted as he was very active in Both Worlds. He had to be reminded to eat, he gets both lives mixed up. I often don’t eat and often go off Planet during the day. I have a routine that has me on Earth when my family is home and off Planet when they are out doing their daily schedules. Mark and I spend several hours a day Off Planet this way. We keep our phone lines open and connected so we can hear each other, even if it is just hearing the other breathing. It is because we monitor each other in our Link off Planet. When we get back we discuss our mutual experience and discuss how we will put it out on the calls and on the web. We are Guided by the Galactic Federation, the Secret Forces and the Archangels how to proceed on each Op. I have different ‘bodies’ I go in to, and so does Mark. Mine are Paschat, Angelic, and Sirian, there are others. As I go before Councils, or on the Ships, I go into different bodies for different purposes. Mark can tell you about his.

When I first came here, I had a veil in place. This was so I could ‘wake up before your very eyes’. My adept abilities are in place now, as are all my memories. Mark and I attended secret training this past summer for months. Only Tara and Rama knew. Now we are telepathic with each other as well as those we work with. There were other things as well.

In the movie, Jake’s brain activity was shown on a computer screen. This is very similar to how Lord Arcturus shows me the individual brain cells on the Ships when we are doing healings. We have performed many many surgeries together and worked on intricate details in the cells. We also work with Metatron on this. We have even done significant brain surgeries. In the movie they showed holographic representations of a map. This is the holographic learning Mark and I are saying is happening in Dream Time for the New Children at the schools under the Aegean Sea with Mikos and others. These are Guided by the Merpeople.

In the movie Jake learns to fly on his Banshee. You have heard Mark and I have our own horse with wings called Erendahl. Erendahl flies us to the Higher Realms in our angelic bodies. We do this with no spacecraft up to the 352nd Dimension. All that is in this movie is being experienced now and can be experienced by anyone who asks and allows. It may take some training, but our Galactic Mentors will Guide us to this. We road on Erendahl in Alpha Centauri and there are Centaurs there too.

In the movie, humans cannot breathe Pandora’s air. This is true, in other Realms, other Dimensions, and through the StarGates. Each of these atmosphere’s is different. This is why we enter different bodies to do different work.

In the movie, Jake works with Col. Quartich gathering Intel. Mark and I work with the Secret Forces this way. They give us intel, as with Soltec and Korton and KOS and we share it with you. Mark was in charge of training me on Intel procedures and I trained him on skill sets. Mark and I do not work with our Twin Flames on Earth. Both of them stayed behind because they support our Ops from the Ships and it is a four-person job.

In the movie, it speaks about the nature connection. Mark and I saw the Tree People, Flower People, Ladybug Lady and sentient Gems on Neptune. All of these coexistences in the electric synaptic and essence connection are how we connect to each other in All That Is. Mark and I are Specialists on Energy Work and The Cosmic Grid System. We work closely with Metatron and select others in this role.

Mark and I have written about the StarGates, the Portals, the Other Star Systems and Planets. We have taken you to sacred Temples of Ra and The Temple of Creation. There we have shown you what can be accomplished. We have been to the Nagual and the other Dimensions above the Fortress of Solitude. We have shared all the details with you. We have told you it is there for your own discovery. As we enter 2010 we will Shift Gears from reporting the News. We will shortly announce What’s Next after Announcements. We are moving into a whole new world in 2010: Terra Nova. There is much more fun to be had.

Jake says in the movie, “out there is the real world … in here is the dream” About 5 years ago, I would wake up everyday and say: “Oh! I’m here again! (Earth).” Metatron would admonish me, as I had not fully awakened. My Twin Flame told me to think of it this way, “Earth is your Day Job, Just know, it is your Dreamworld. When you lay down your body in sleeptime, you come home, every night To Me. You come home to your work and your life.” If you do not know yet, it is true for you too. Mark and I know this when we tell you to ask for more training “in your Night Work”. It is what we mean when we say, “At Night we Go To The Ships to do our Work”. We are then Linking with our True Form and joining our lives which are not the dream.

In the movie, Jake says “I was a Warrior who dared to dream about Peace”.

Gaia is Eywa. The Time For Peace Is Now!

This is why we are all here together now, we Dream of Peace. Together, this is becoming a reality. Earth Peace is effecting absolutely everything in the Cosmos.



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  1. jackpotlady says:

    I ask constantly for recall like this but never seem to remember it. Only once did I wake up after dreaming of someone about to embark on a large white bird that had a saddle on it. The word “condor” was etched on my memory and I smiled for a couple of days. A friend of mine asked her higher self and told me that I worked on a Galactic Federation ship in the etheric realms named the Condor. I have long looked for another prophetic dream like that! I would rather spend my time dreaming or day-dreaming… Piscean nature? I am waiting for the movie to come out on DVD and hopefully by that time I will have increased the memory from 256 MB on this prehistoric computer and gotten a better speaker system… as it is I can’t even get the conference calls!

  2. unsil de Lange says:

    Hi Beth

    I would like to thank you, Mark,Tara and Rama for all the unconditonal love & meaasges.

    where can i find the alpha centauri? My daughter and i are very interested in traning ourselves

    Unsil de Lange

  3. Sunny says:

    Thank you Beth! what a perfect way to help us understand what you and Mark do! BTW, in Hebrew ‘Navi’ means ‘Prophet’.
    Infinite love and blessings for a spectacular 2010!

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