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Blue Moon, Full Moon, New Year’s Eve 2009, Lunar Eclipse December 31, 2009


[I just was presented with another channel about the December 31, 2009 energies so I thought I would post it. Tony]

December 31, 2009

I asked the Arcturian Circle about the significance of tonight’s blue moon (2nd full moon in a month), partial lunar eclipse corresponding with New Year’s Eve 2009. Here is what they had to say:

We are so glad that you asked us this question. As we have been communicating this information to you since the recognition of your connection to us. 2010 will be a very significant year for those individual’s that are seeking the Light. The significance of the Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse occurring on the last day of the year is so very exciting. First you have the second full moon in December, this is what you call a blue moon. Blue is a Universal color and it symbolizes peace, serenity, calmness, coolness and quiet strength. The full moon itself is the ending of a cycle and thus this full moon indicates an ending of a very long and involved cycle of learning, expansion and struggle. Yes struggle, especially for those that have been seeking the path of enlightenment. You have been assisting the planet and the beings on the planet with your own light, helping to raise the vibration and sacrificing your own path for those of others. We know this path has been very difficult and tiring and this part of your journey is coming to an end. Know that you consciously made the choice to assist the whole as you are the bearers of much light.

You are now fully becoming aware that you made this choice and the birthing of the new year, 2010 will bring you much personal peace and tranquility. This is about the birthing and expansion of your own heart energy. We know many of you have been feeling a heaviness, a pull, rapid or significant heart beats all from your heart center. This is all due to the expansion of your reality and the alignment of energies. There is a tri-ality of events happening (1-Blue Moon, 2-Lunar Eclipse and 3-Birth of a new Year) and what happens in the larger also happens in the smaller. Macrocosm to microcosm. Alignment of great signficiance is happening in the Universe outside of you and it is also happening within you. You are aligning your three heart centers. The upper (mind), the middle (heart) and the lower (solar plexus).

The is the completion cycle for using the three heart centers independently and for letting go. The lunar eclipse will assist the energies of letting go and is symbolic of this completion phase. It is not necessary to list all the things that you want to let go of, it is just as powerful to simply set an intention to let go of everything that is ready to be let go of.

We encourage you to be together with those you love and join your energies, collectively send off your energies of gratitude for the alignment of energies and allow yourself to be in the vortex of the alignment of energies. Working hard on allowing these energetic changes to happen is not needed. Just place yourself in a state of love and happiness. Allow yourself to join up with your soul by simply asking it to join with you. The most powerful changes are easily integrated with very simple intentions. Trust yourself, your circle of soulship friends and the Universe to allow this very powerful alignment of energies to be integrated within you with ease.

Thank you for asking and allowing our energies to join with yours.

We love and honor you.

We are complete.



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