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About the Wednesday Call on

tfheartpicHi Everybody.

I want to try something new for the Galactic Healing Call tomorrow. Please see the Events section on this page for details. Tomorrow night we are going to talk about BECOMING MULTIDIMENSIONAL.

We will discover how to Be One with our Own AVATAR.

We will also talk a lot about Twin Flames.

The New Part is I would like to have you send me any and all questions you have on Twin Flames.

I would like to have a 2 Parter:

How to Link With Your AVATAR and Q & A About Twin Flames.

Please Comment Below Your Questions About Twin Flames.

That will be our experiment.

Any questions you have, any at all, About Twin Flames, please leave in the COMMENTS here.

We will try a new experiment and see if it works?

We will also have the Hard News, some Roundtable, Q&A and No one will leave without Knowing Their Own AVATAR!

See you there & Thanks…Beth

Healing With The Galactics

January 6, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm PST and Dial 218-846-8700 Code: 454545#


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  1. Beth – greetings and blessings to you. I have two questions – will your twin flame come to you before you have finished all your work (purging psychic sludge, etc. to open up heart merkiva) or does this have to be complete? Sometimes in the meditation I feel him very close and other times farther away. I do feel him in some dream times.
    Also, if he is a Paschat does that mean I am one also?
    A friend who sometimes sees things and lets me know, without knowing what a twin flame was, told me she was seeing a lion person around me. Unbeknown to her, some months ago, I did the mirror/candle exercise and the first face I saw was a lion’s, and then I saw a striped two toned face with a Egyption/sphynx head such as I see on Mother Sekhmet’s picture. I have done this exercise a couple to times and this is what I see everytime.
    I do not expect you to have to read this whole piece out – just answering the question yes or no will work for me. Thank you, Kate in Canada

  2. Betty Hill says:

    Hi, Beth . . .

    My question is: if our Twin Flame is on a ‘ship’, how will he/she meet with us in the physical? How will that actually happen? This is very puzzling to me.

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to ask questions. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


    • Beth says:

      Very seriously, and no teasing, because I am very excited this is happening soon.

      A week after declaokings They Ships ARE GOING TO LAND.

      Our Twin Flames will disembark and Believe Me, YOURS KNOWS where YOU ARE.
      I know this for a fact.

      Our Twin Flames are going to contact us and if it is desired begin a relationship with us.

  3. Dougas MacDonald says:

    Does the Chaitanya Charitamrta have any relevance to Twin Flame reunions? What about the expression “Acintya bedha abedha tattva”?

    • Beth says:


      Bhakti emphasises devotion and practice above ritual. Bhakti is typically represented in terms of human relationships, most often as beloved-lover, friend-friend, parent-child, and master-servant. Chaitanya has a Twin Flame, just like everyone else.

      In the case of Twin Flames, Chaitanya would have devotion to his Twin Flame, but may forgo having that relationship during certain lifetimes because if in an Earth body, it pulls one into Form too far. This is how Svami Purna explains it. In this case, the relationship continues in the Higher Realms and is never separate. Do not forget, we are multidimensional Beings.


  4. ana says:

    For most people is their twin flame not incarnate in physical like we are on Earth?

  5. Todd says:

    Greetings and thank you all for being here. My twin is here but is currently on an expotition so we are not together now in physical. Is it the case that some twins may be on Terra and yet remain apart to help others? Certainly would be glorious to be together in all aspects! The love we share although apart is….huh. Words.
    I too have seen a being resembling Mother Sekhmet in a dream. The being startled me, so I roared at it! :-) then woke up. Any dream analysts? The Doctor Who show had beings of that ilk in one episode too. Thank you all again! Your services are invaluable.
    Love and Peace!

    • Beth says:

      Don’t know…You roared at it. Are you Paschat?

      • Todd says:

        Hi Beth!
        Thank you for your prompt response. I had expected querys to be addressed on the program tonight. I do not know whether I am Paschat. If I am understanding thins correctly, Paschats resmble lions. So why would I roar at a fellow being? No worries, just curious and trying to understand this glorious universe! I am actually more curious about the twin query. I guess since the highest good for all is in order, she and I may be apart in order to help others. Not sure, but regardless, iam thankful to be here and look forward to everything. Including the show tonight! This will be my first. Once again Beth, thank you all for Being Here Now!

        Love and Peace to all, Todd

        • Beth says:

          Often Tara and Rama roar in Greeting! So does Mother Sekhmet.

          You are not very clear regarding where your TF is.

          Are you sure it is indeed your TF?

          Being apart, after Landings, is not the scenario that is typical, No.

  6. Sonia says:

    I don’t know if this point has been addressed at a time that I wasn’t listening, but I still want to ask. Are all twin flame pairs arranged so that one is on Earth before announcements and the other is on a ship? Are there any cases in which both have chosen to have duties on Earth, and even meet together to work things out in the physical before then?

    I’m just wondering what this means for the relationship that I’ve formed in the past year and whether or not this means we’re just “spiritual family” as opposed to twin flames.

    • Beth says:

      An Excellent example of Twin Flames on Earth is Tara and Rama.

      Mother Sekhmet has said on the calls, use Ho’oponopono to yourSelf and to your partner and see where that takes you.

      Some relationships will be breaking up.

      No one will meet their Twin Flame until they are prepared to do so.

  7. Stella says:

    Sweet sweet, lovely Beth, all you beautiful other-selves.
    I just want you to know that I feel very much strengthened and enlightened by all of your care, comforted by your words, your voices. For 60 years I have been living up to this moment. Can’t I just KNOW that all will be well and glorious beyond imagination, that the worst is really over? Or is that my spiritual arrogance?
    One breath…

  8. Exo says:

    Hi Beth,

    When our twin flame arrives, will they arrive together with the twin flame of our spouse? Just imagine if our twin flame is already here yet the twin flame of our spouse is not yet here, then he/she will feel abandoned. While we are already in bliss, our spouse is left alone. What is the process for twin flame reunions. Are there any prerequisites that we need to complete?

    Also, what happens to our children? Who will take care of them?

    • Beth says:

      Hi There,

      Some children live in one house and visit another.
      It is not ideal and it is not unheard of.

      We will not be going to skip off to Bliss.
      We are joining now to get the REAL WORK done.

      Each One will only meet their Twin Flame when PREPARED to do so.
      Look around at your current relationships and Be Truth.

      Only the Highest Good of all involved can happen in any case, and this will be so.

      Much love,

  9. Agnes says:

    Hoi Beth,
    i have done the meditation from Avatar..
    it was ingritteble to stand before the sphinx, my whole body was tinteling….
    i am not abel to hear this program today [ what i feel very sorry for..] is there an possebillety to heare it later ..?

    and my question; is my Avatar and my twinflame the same..?
    and iff my twin is the other part of me, is the Avatar also the Avatar from my twin?
    how can i see this ?o ja.. you write that you have an Avatar body when you go out…., and you work also with your twinflame…? the catpeople [as Avatar] is that more and legetimer than other people?
    sorry for my english,hoop you understand me.
    much love, and thank you

    • Beth says:

      Your AVATAR is Your Mighty I Am Presence.

      Your AVATAR may be the same or may be different from your Twin Flame.

      You may expect your TF has HIS OWN AVATAR and HIS OWN Mighty I Am Presence.

      All of the AVATARS, lion people, bird people, crocodile people, insect people, wolf people, horse people, BIG FOOT people are all Gods Children and All That Is.

  10. Jaymes says:

    Hello Beth–
    I’d appreciate hearing about the basics of what an Avatar is, its relevance to this time now and how it is related to Ascension. Same with Twin Flame.

    Even though I have studied twin flames somewhat, both concepts (Avatar, Twin Flame)for me seem to be abstractions that are hard to grasp; in that, hard to connect with now. I am always looking for more of a solidified manifestation by default, or a way of verifying their presence and purpose aside from perhaps subtle intuition in meditation, for example.

    I bring this up because I feel a real need for access with these multidimensional aspects of Self.

    All the Best to You and Mark,
    ST. Louis

    • Beth says:

      High Self is a term used to describe The Mighty I Am Presence. This is the Cosmic Self. This encompasses all aspects of You, in all dimensions, all TimesLines, all layers, all levels. I do not use the term Soul Self? But all of these describe The Multidimensional Spiritual Master living in a Human Body. The purpose of knowing One’s AVATAR is to LINK with that part of you which is multidimensional and can travel OOB and do other things which cannot be done in the Human Body. It means crossing the 13th Gateway, entering the Dimensions of light, and much more. We can explore all of these together. I love this picture of the Cosmic Krishna. The Human Krishna is on the ground, living his life, and he connects with his AVATAR. He connects with all his Cosmic MultiDimensional Aspects. One of my aspects is Paschat

      and I can do things in a Paschat Body which I would not do in my
      Angelic Body,

      and there are others.
      My Twin Flame is my Divine Consort, my Divine Compliment. He has his OWN Cosmic Self, his own aspects, and his own AVATARS. AND We ALL Have A Twin Flame.

  11. adrian says:

    Hi Beth –

    Does the twin flame concept preserve the male-female paradigm?

    I had always thought that at a soul level we are all androgynous. Would you clarify this for me, please.

    Thank you for all you do.


  12. Vera says:

    Hi Beth, how does your twin flame look like?

    It was said previously, “that after the landings the twin flames will make home with us”. That doesn’t necessarily means that they move in with us, right?
    Live with us from now on and go with us shopping, hiking, etc. Should I understand it, that they will show up in our home and go and leave as per the divine plan?

    I hope you can expand in tonites radio show on the concept that if you are f.eks. Paschat, that your Avatar may be something else, f.eks. Human Angel. I really don’t understand that.

    • Beth says:

      Please call into the Call if you have more questions.

      I am not teasing (maybe a little) OK your TF is here on Earth

      Your Perfect Mate –Perfect Compliment.

      I don’t know about you, but I’m going to invite mine home.
      Maybe I’ll make him some supper. Maybe he’ll bring flowers.

      I’m sure each person will follow their own customs and traditions, but there will be immediate recognition and not like your typical Earth first date.

      Be ready to have a very big smile, from remembering your very best friend and lover.

  13. sean says:

    Hello, Beth!

    Two questions…

    1. Do twin flames share the same talents we have?

    2. Will they act as our personal guide or are the guides/mentors we will each have be someone else entirely?

    thank you!

    • Beth says:

      1. No, not at all, in some cases AND Yes, completely, in others.

      I have seen both.

      2. No, not your personal Guide, there are Guides and Mentors which will not be your Twin Flame.

      They are your best friend and your perfect lover, your support.

      If they were your Guide, why incarnate in the first place?

  14. Jaymes says:

    I am unable to get on the call with the above number (??)

  15. Cristina says:

    Dear Beth,
    I have been married for over two years with an wonderful man. He is not on the same page spiritually with me but he is very good and supporting. He helped me so much and even though I am excited about the fact my twin flame will come, I feel sadness that my husband will suffer. I really don’t want him to experience the pain, I want him to reunite with his twin flame as well when I do it. Will this happen or he will suffer ?
    You say that when we are ready, we will meet out twin flame. What exactly does “ready” mean ?
    Thank you so much for everything
    Love and Light

    • Beth says:

      Hi Cristina,

      Being Prepared means many things.

      Part of it is seeing all conditions through Loving Detachment.

      If you are there and your TF comes and he is there and his TF comes, the remembrance of who you all are will be so joyful, no one will suffer pain.

      It can be as simple as that. When the decloakings come, and the 1/2 step increase in intellect and heart opening come, it will make all of this easier to understand.

  16. Ann Marie says:

    Dear Beth, Last night each time I connected with the call,I was disconnected after a few minutes.Also, each time I reconnected further along into the call,I heard the same info repeating itself…Rama using his funny phrase for when the —- hits the fan and Tara,I believe saying Obama was a water ox…Anyway, could you fill us in on the twin flame info talked about on the call. I so appreciate your insight and wisdom.

  17. Linda says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thank You, for all you do and are. I am so glad we are going to find our TF, I have felt almost tired of going it alone for so long. I’m sure I agreed to this, but wondering if TF is on ship or already here?


  18. Dev says:

    Hello there Beth
    I have a 4 yr old and a baby on the way,will their TF come to?–How will young children know when their ready to meet TF?–And last will our pets TF come too?

    Thx for all you do
    Much love and light

    • Beth says:

      Hi Dev,

      Everyone will meet their TF when they are prepared to.

      Little Ones likely will be Older before they meet their TF.

      Perhaps their TF is incarnating now, as they are, and not on the Ships?

      Animals and our pets belong to a Group Soul with their species.
      They are not created as TF Souls.

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