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2010 UFO 100% Proof – Daytime Footage

Finally UFo footage we all been waiting for, daytime footage in Edinburg, the rest of footage will be out soon as is been analized by experts.


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  1. Tuan says:

    This is incredible. Where’s the source from Tony?

    All News Web?

    But in this day and age, it’s quite hard to tell the fakes from the real ones.

    There was this video uploaded back during the whole october 14th 2008 thing that to this day remains the best footage I have ever.

    On the surface, you don’t see anything and looks like ordinary ballon high up in the sky, but the amazing thing is that you see ships actually JUMP into hyperspace or something. You these tiny bright flashes that last for a split second that if you don’t concentrate you easily miss it.

    I have seen this with my own eyes.

    The moment of decloakings itself. I believe we will see just non stop flashes in the sky as trillions of ships JUMP/decloak. It’s an amazing sight.

  2. christian says:

    I found out on another forum this has been posted already last year may or something… So that does wonder it’s credibillity, or it’s just someone reposting a old one as a new one… but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not real… Could be a balloon with lights, or could be a ufo…

    Who knows, 😀 (like it matters anymore if disclosure is coming)

  3. DRAGO says:


    • Reddwarf says:

      This is real footage I have seen this ufo as well. YES finally someone has got it on video a great day for me its on film. Man its been driving me nuts for years. (was it real, did I see it, someone else must have seen it) great stuff.

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