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WelcomeTheLight has a New Look!

tony-giggs has a new look!

As you can see, I’ve made the decision to change things up a little bit on the site.  There are some key reasons that I did this – I hope you still like it!

The main reason was that the old site was not showing up well in the Internet Explorer and Safari browser (which many of you noticed and emailed me).  I use Firefox so I was a little oblivious to those other two browsers.  When I saw the old site on Safari (which everyone with a Mac will have) the four pictures that ran across the top of the page didn’t have any writing on them and you couldn’t click them!  Then when I downloaded the new Internet Explorer 8, half of the “Headlines” near the middle of the page ended up at the bottom.

That being said, I’ve got this one set up nicer which updates to all of the browser changes so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.  A couple other key points:

  1. Readability. I found that the other site was a little difficult to read.  This site is black on off-white so it should be much easier for you to read.
  2. Font size. I was able to make the font size a little larger on this site to make it easier to read on your monitor.
  3. Font clarity. The writing is much clearer on this site than on the old one.
  4. Nicer buttons. The RSS feed, email subscription, and twitter update icons are much nicer than the old ones.
  5. Organization of Categories. You’ll find now that on the new site, I have six categories on the front page.  Now I can put all of Mark’s questions (for example) all together and you can locate them easily.
  6. Larger Featured Articles. Having four at the top of the page on the old site was okay, but I’m finding now that there are so many things happening and so many articles and channels to post that some of the posts went off and you had to click the arrow to access them.  That doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but on the new site there are nine spots on there to immediately see recent articles.
  7. Pictures. I find that the pictures on the new site are clearer and now I am able to put them in the middle and on the right instead of leaving them just on the left (don’t know whether you noticed that or not).
  8. Replies. It’s a little cleaner and easier to leave replies on the new site compared to the old one.
  9. Automatic Email Subscription Link. Having the email subscription link at the bottom of every post brings a level of professionalism that I like.
  10. Search Engine Optimization. SEO is built right into the blog so it is going to be easier to get to the top of search engines and let people know that there’s information out there!

Anyway, I always like to hear feedback – “yay” or “nay”.  There’s a neat little poll on the right hand side there – go  tell me what you think! Or if you want, feel free to comment on this post or just shoot me an email.

Much love to all!



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  1. adrianIII says:

    It looks easier to find things. Not sure we need a link to Tiger Woods stories, though. Hahaha…

    Seriously, good job! I know how much work creating a New Look takes, Many thanks for your efforts!

  2. admin says:

    Wowsers! Lots of people riding me about the Tiger Woods story – haha! Maybe I’m the only one seeing a synchronicity here.

    Oh well. Thanks for the compliment though! Glad you’re enjoying the site.


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