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UPDATE: Obamas Arrive in Hawaii – Or Did They?


UPDATE AGAIN: I dumbed this post up real good.  The second article is from 2008.  Thanks to Beth and Andrew for pointing it out.  I’m gonna leave this up because I thought it was a good post.  And the 2008 article still doesn’t sound like Obama.  Enjoy for what it is 😀

[UPDATE:  I came across this article earlier today and spent today thinking – what the heck is going on?  Maybe you can tell me… Tony]

Obama may delay start of vacation

December 22, 2009
By Debbi Wilgoren

President Obama may push back the start of his year-end vacation a day or more and remain in Washington while the Senate completes its work on health-care legislation, press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

Obama was supposed leave to Wednesday for Hawaii [Um, not according to the report below], where he grew up and where he likes to spend Christmas with his family every year. But Gibbs said in his morning briefing that the president may decide to delay his departure until the Senate completes a series of largely procedural votes on a massive health-care bill.

The Senate voted in favor of the package early Tuesday, in a party-line split, and is expected to have another preliminary vote Wednesday and a final vote Thursday.

Gibbs said the White House will “make a decision later this evening about when the president will leave” for Hawaii.


Obama Family in Hawaii at 19.5 Degrees Watching Twinkle Lights in the Sky

December 20, 2008

Update | 9:41 p.m. Mr. Obama arrived in Honolulu at 3:15 p.m. local (8:15 p.m. Eastern). He waved to a small contingent of local reporters who were on hand to broadcast the moment live.

Mr. Obama did not speak to reporters aboard the plane during the nine-hour flight.

The Obama family got into a waiting limousine and made their way to the rented beachfront house where they will be until Jan. 1.

Obama Departs for Vacation | 11:11 a.m. CHICAGO – President-elect Barack Obama, sporting a baseball cap, boarded a chartered plane here on Saturday morning and headed to his native Hawaii for a 13-day Christmas vacation.

Mr. Obama, joined by his wife and two daughters, did not wave to the cameras as he ran up the steps to a United 767 plane. Several friends from Chicago also are spending the holidays with the Obama family in Hawaii, where they have rented beachfront houses in Kailua, but they are traveling separately.

A handful of reporters, staff and Secret Service agents were aboard the nine-hour flight for Honolulu.


My thoughts on the red points above – humor me – I’m taking this post for a ride…

  1. Obama usually speaks to reporters, even briefly.
  2. What a great time to leave – 11:11
  3. Obama was sporting a baseball cap?  Really?  Decoy?
  4. Why fly charter when you have Air Force One?
  5. He didn’t wave to cameras.  Odd – it’s customary to always wave before getting on a plane.
  6. Friends are coming – but they travelled separately.  If you’re all going to the same place and you’re all friends, wouldn’t you just travel together and enjoy the time?
  7. Were reporters really there when he left?  It’s just interesting that the pic that was published was of just the children.

Why do I bring this up?  Um, cause maybe he travelled in one of these instead? 😀



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  1. Daniel says:

    Since when does the President fly charter? Like you said Tony, this story is some sort of cover. It doesn’t add up.

    He is supposed to be on AF1 in case there is a national emergency for communications and all of that. Who’s got the football with the launch codes?

    Oh, I know what it is… He got his blackberry back! That’s all he needs. Just text the Joint Cheifs from the beach while sipping umbrella drinks. This cat is one cool playah.

  2. So a clone on charter=clue to what appears to be complacency in Obama’s safety, but he’s really already there basking?????????? Cool!

    • admin says:

      Obama doesn’t have a clone (at least to my knowledge) which makes this story even weirder. Did you see the recent update that I just put up there?

      Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?

  3. Andrew says:

    So… was there a reason that the second article was dated 2008?

  4. kirsten says:

    In a danish newspaper ( today is a story about Michelle Obama. It says a woman 35 years old, Kristy Roshita, Saturday was arrested becauce she had called Secret Service in Bopston last month to say she would blow up Michelle O. She was arrested about 3 kilometers from Obama familys ressidence in Hawaii.
    I wonder if she wanted to kill MO. Why then tell Secret Service?

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