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Tyberonn: The Dichotomy of the Season


Most of us in the ‘western world’ celebrate holidays of Hanukah and  Christmas in December each year. On the surface this season is seen as a festive time of happiness and family celebration. It is a time of lights, of gifts and gatherings. While indeed is a truly wonderful holiday, it is also a time of memories and reflection as another year comes to an end.

But in truth for a great many the holiday season can bring an subtle unspoken sadness of years gone by. Especially for those who are alone at this time of year. For many ’empty nesters’ of middle years and beyond, Christmas has underpinnings of melancholy and loneliness.

It need not be so. The December solstice, as with all solstices and equinoxes, amplifies the emotions you feel. The 12-12 Stargate will intensely magnify the energies leading to peak on the 12-21 solstice and as such the Christmas of 2009 will be stirring with emotion. If we intentionally project joy on the 12-12, Metatron tells us that that energy will carry us thru to the 12-21 and the holiday season. Choose joy and employ the 12-12 Stargate and 12-21 Solstice to manifest Peace on Earth and Well-Being!!!

Archangel Metatron tells us that it is up to each individual  as to what emotion one projects. But whatever we feel  will be exponentially amplified in the frequencial magnifications of December.

From higher  perspective these dates are indeed tools of magnification that the wise human can harness for release, purification and manifestation.

So we offer  suggestions on how to joyously utilize the energies of the Stargate and Equinox of December 2009:

* Try to spend time with others
* Gather where you can on the 12-12 & 12-21 and project Joy & Love
* Find someone who may be alone at Christmas and invite them to your home
* Focus on well being
* Nurture one another
* Count your blessings for life is a gift
* Don’t over indulge
* Exercise
* Maintain your auric field
* Remember what ever you feel is magnified in the Solstice energy
* Guard against negative emotions

When most of us think of a ‘negative’ emotion, we tend to think of fear, hate, anger, jealousy and such. While these emotions are indeed detrimental and rupture auric fields,  sadness and depression are electrically just as destructive to our EMF. Perhaps even more so, because many  tend to accept their sadness far more readily than other toxic feelings, and rather than recognizing the harm and combating it, tend to fall into a seasonal melancholy. This especially occurs at Christmas and New Years for those that are alone and in middle years and beyond. The post holiday blahs can be avoided.

Use the 12-12 and 12-21 to create and script your well being , love and joy. Nurture one another. Treat others with respect, and count your Blessings!

Manifest your Dreams, you are worth them! Choose HAPPINESS and Celebrate the Magnificence of LIFE !!!!!!

Happy Holidays & Peace on Earth to ALL!!!



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  1. admin says:

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you, Tyberonn, as well! Thanks so much for all that you contribute.

    Much love,

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