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Stargate Roundtable Telecall – November 19, 2009


Stargate Roundtable 11-19-09
With Beth, Mark, Tara, and Rama and Mother Sekhmet
Angel Sue and Kathy
Moderator: Marietta

ANGEL SUE: Good evening everybody, and greetings in the light of the most radiant one in the Office of Christ, and only in the Office of Christ. This afternoon I understand we switched from one astrological position to another and I’ve really felt the energies change since this afternoon. So I think that is an opportunity to kick things up into a higher frequency, a higher cycle. And that’s what I’m proposing to do tonight. Of course we do follow a certain protocol on Thursdays to open because we’re doing the Stargate Roundtable and we use Galactic Protocol. So, first of all, claim yourself as that first divine child of the Universe, the beloved son, the adored daughter, of God/Goddess All That Is, whoever is the God in your heart. All paths can lift and we welcome them all. So we always plug in the Law of One, which we’ll do in a little bit, but we’re going to claim higher self and connect, pull on our garments of light and breathe. It’s a wondrous process. It changes the frequency of our brainwaves, puts more oxygen on the red blood cells and it helps to relax and to center. So, I suggest we use Cynthia Rose Young’s process again, which is inhale to a count of 10, hold for a count of 10, and then exhale for a count of 10. We’ll do that 3 times in a row. We are going to mute out and just have quiet and concentrate on your breathing.

We will be right back.

Thank you for doing that with that breathing process accomplished so well. Good job. You know, sometimes it’s just difficult with the seasons we go through to do that deep breathing. But thank you for persevering through. Now we are going to look on the inside. That’s the next step in the protocol. Find where we need to have praise, respect, thanks, and love for whatever we find, the good and the out of balance. So just intend to tend or visualize, going inside taking a quick look from top to bottom. Then you can utilize one of two processes. Praise, respect, thanks, and love are four words that hold a very high vibratory rate. And they change things. Then, there is also the Hawaiian Huna process called Ho’oponopono where once again you use four phrases, I love you, Please forgive me, and Thank You. Do what seems right for you but for now, the next little while, about 90 seconds, just accept with neutrality what you find. And we’re going to start that now. …..Ohhh, good work. Praise, Respect, Thanks, and Love or the Ho’oponopono. Those processes can work miracles.

Now, I really want to bring in the four brain waves of beta, alpha, theta, and delta. And were going to start where you were a very small infant. Remember, or pretend, being held as a tiny baby by someone who adores you. A mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a wonderful father, nestled into that shoulder. And feeling safe, just breathing and being. All right, let that infant that you remember meld into you. The next brain waive is represented by the young toddler, three or four. Remember when you just might start having memories of being happy, happy, happy. Maybe a party or something, riding a horse, or I mean a pony. Something, just pretend, it’s a wonderful birthday party and you are four years old. Let that happy child meld into you now. Next phase, we’re gonna go to pre-puberty. What are we going to call that, maybe eleven? And that child is having the best day possible. Whatever has been your delight, your heart’s happiness. Let that happen to that eleven-year-old. If you don’t have a firm memory, breathe in, it’s an amazing day, and that child is being treated to the most absolutely awesome delights and let that child meld into you now.  And now we’re going to go to the yamatal, which is a brain wave frequency that we exist in now, pretty much. And, so, have that happy person, once again. If you can’t pull in a memory, just remember a concert or music or just once again a heart’s happiness that would have pleased you tremendously at that age, and pull that person in to who you are now. Good work. We’re going take a breath in, a nice deep breath in, and on the exhale say the word peace. And, when you say the word peace, you can pull from any of your memories, when you felt your best happiness in this body. Breathe, and remember that love, that feeling of harmony, peace. All right, now you are in a very good balanced position right now. We can hold this same position of honoring paths that we have found through this work for other people that are in our conscious awareness. So you can think of names, you can think of faces, you can think of anybody you have ever encountered, whether you know them or not, through this dimension or others.  They can be two-footed, four-footed, two-winged, whatever. Anybody that paths through your awareness and we can praise, thank them, and love their journey here upon the earth and what they are contributing.  So for the next 90 seconds, use the Ho’oponopono or praise, respect, and love for all people in your life.

Now as that beloved child of God, you can incorporate the original law of creation, the Law of One to bring forth the highest level of good of all concerned. So let’s switch this to seeing all those beings, perhaps this entire planet, the best blessings, the perfect solution for everything. As you call this forth, as that divine child, things shift, [for] all the beings, whether you know them or not, whether they are seen or unseen, from this dimension, or all others, from all parallel dimensions, from all possible situations, throughout all of creation. Let them come now where we are in this celebration mode of liberation, of freedom, of healing, of a best happiness, living a life of heaven on earth. And as those beings gather, we welcome them, and we invoke the Law of One. We are all One. And, when One is harmed, All are harmed. And, as One is helped, All are helped. Therefore, in the name of Who we are and we are One with All There Is, we ask that only the highest good of all concerned happen throughout all time and space. And, we give thanks that this is done. So be it. And, thank you so much for doing this. We will close by saying: all men, all women, all children, all beings, all creation, we are all One. And, I pass the talking stick Marietta Roberts, thank you.

MARIETTA: Well thank you, Angel Sue. We are grateful for you helping us to set a tone of happiness and healing and joy. For those of you who are new, this is Stargate Roundtable. We open with our meditation and then we’ll have about a half hour of roundtable, which is a time to practice a new way of being in the world. We don’t have a dictator. We have a roundtable and we ask everyone who can to contribute whatever your talents and abilities are. And, then we will have Dr. Theresa Dale, a very well known homeopath, [who] has her own school, and she will be our guest this evening. And of course, we’ll have a report from the A-Team and from Mother and we will begin. Well, this is just a reminder, we allow everyone to speak and state whatever they wish to share and we respect each person who has the talking stick by giving them attention and silence while they speak, and when they are finished they say, “I pass the talking stick,” and the next person can step up and have their turn. So, we welcome everyone to speak and wish you to honor that way of being on our call.

Before I open the line for the Q&A, I am going to pass the talking stick to Rama and ask him what news he has heard out there today. I know everyone is anxious to hear that. So, do we have Rama on the line?

RAMA: Greetings!

MARIETTA: Well, welcome and what’s the good word today?

RAMA: Oh, I would just say, this moment what is happening as we are approaching 2012, everything is looking very good for ascension and arrests are ongoing, as we are speaking, as well as the frequencies going to that place where “out of chaos comes order.” And it is in that place right now where the right side of the aisle has been creating that chaos and out of it comes order. And everybody and their dogs on radio out there, the talking heads, have been rolling it back to 1978-79, when the Bush/Clinton crime family put it together to throw Jimmy Carter out, and install, you know, the Bush/Reagan crime family.  And many folks have been talking about Ollie North as a war criminal and that he needs to be taken into custody along with all the rest that created the Reaganomics, Voodoo economics, that destroyed this country. This is what Tom Hartmann spent a lot of time on his show talking about, today and [in] the last few days, and this even goes back even when Richard Nixon had it in for JFK Sr. and orchestrated the Bay of Pigs scandal and tried to take Castro out. And, hmmm, I’ll just say this goes very deep. Tom Hartmannn is going to have a special on the Discovery Channel coming up, and this is with his friend Lamar Waldren who wrote the book, “The Long Shadow, the JFK Conspiracy, the Assassination of Martin
Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Sr.” and in fact, Tom Hartmannn and Lamar Waldren received two bullet holes each in their cars while investigating this (TARA: On the same day), on the same day and this is pretty intense stuff but it is finally getting exposed. And still and yet I’ll say that when the time is right according to St. Germain and the King of Swords, JFK Sr. will be back like everybody has heard.

And, also the stories out there going on is that the ships are continuing to decloak everywhere across the planet and increase the frequencies of the love vibration, which is increasing the instability in the mainframe, you might say, this holographic program that’s beginning to get fuzzy around the edges. And people are going wonkie all over the place with where it is turning around, the exo-politics of the story of where how do we do galactic diplomacy? The first thing we do is get over our issues of hate, and it has…

TARA: We talk about consciousness now.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: And awareness and knowledge.

RAMA:  And as Tom Hartmann has called them, as well as Mr. X today, the “gangster banksters”, what they have basically done through the process of removing the …….. AntiTrust, the Taft Hartley Act, all of these different processes where our banks don’t do dull boring banking, they do gambling, and what has to happen here is a banking holiday. Tom Hartmann is saying this could happen any time where the rug will be pulled out, the banks will be closed for two weeks, and he’s already discussed [that] the rainbow money is in the banks. Yet, when I pressed him he brought that issue up [saying] that he can’t go any further.

TARA: Well I was going to add a little bit because today I was watching much conversation over all of the issues, and on free speech. One of the things that stuck out is a discussion about, you know, the Iraq war, and of course we know, we have always said the Iraq war is about stargates which have access to higher, higher consciousness and all of the technology that comes from there. And, so the discussion that the Iraq war was about oil, there was a discussion that just went back to the 1700’s, late 1700’s, whale oil ran out, which was the oil that was used to get around and to heat and everything. And then of course, they went to kerosene, yet right now we’re not really focused on oil any more. They’re just making it very clear that that is a lame excuse for not telling everybody about the galactic presence. So then we discover that there’s this person named Darius, is that right, Rama?

RAMA: Oh, he wants us to come on the radio show.

TARA: Yes, we got this message, and this person was requesting [us] to come out on to the…….. And I just wanted to read this ’cause it’s so cool. He says that, “we talk about our understanding about reality, of dimensions, of unconditional love, our true nature”, and [he] just started talking about 2012 and galactic beings. “I would love to talk about galactic beings and things of that nature. I am a college student at the moment and my earthly desire is to assist others in raising consciousness, and my galactic desire is to travel to all planets and own my own starship. I am currently raising the consciousness of friends and those around me to the level of first contact and beyond, and I now desire to expand heaven on earth [and that] is at the top of my list.” I mean, my goodness, just look at that formulating of the university that he is choosing to become a part of. A university truly without walls now, everyone. And Dr. Steven Greer presents the promise of new energy at the Exopolitics Summit 2009. Dr. Steven Greer presents this……

RAMA: We’re going to play that tomorrow.

TARA: Okay, when is it?

RAMA: Oh, it’s a youtube video we can play. It’s an hour and……

TARA: I mean when’s the Exopolitics Summit?

RAMA: I mean yeah, it’s a youtube video that’s an hour and ten minutes.

TARA: I mean, did it already happen?

RAMA: Yeah, this summer.

TARA: Oh, okay. All right.

MARIETTA: Oh good. Let’s summarize as much as you can so we can have a chance for everybody to ask questions and get their opinions, etc. So go ahead and close as you need to.

TARA: I’ll finish really quick, that Benjamin Fulford put one out on the A-Team. “Military faction seeks to start new wars in order to solve financial crisis. With the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve board imminent, a powerful faction of the Pentagon and the CIA would like to start several more wars in a desperate attempt to keep the United States of America Corporation going. A CIA source said, the problem with this plan of course is that our wars cost money and the US has no money. The Black Dragon Society is offering a much better alternative, $6 trillion to invest in developing the over 6,000 patents suppressed by the Washington DC Satanic establishment. The funds will be available only after the criminal organization known as the Federal Reserve board is dismantled. The short-sighted, criminally insane gangsters who infiltrated and took over the United States have held back human progress by at least 100 years. What say, orgone the genie of new technology will be released from its bottle. I pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: Appreciate the update on what’s going and hold on while I change the mode and then we’ll be able to have questions. Okay, we are in Q&A and you are muted out. You may do a *6 if you have a question or an answer and just ask for the talking stick and pass it when you are finished. Who would like the talking stick?

CLYDE: I have a question. I’m from Denver, CO and I was wondering if you have any new information or information on what’s taking place with the diseases and so forth that are taking place in the Ukraine and Norway and in Hungary and those areas.

MARIETTA: Well, we can let anybody answer that and our guest tonight may be able to make some comments on that as well.

CLYDE: Cool.

MARIETTA: Who would like the talking stick?

TARA: I just wanted to comment that I know that that kind of reporting was coming out on Sorcha Faal, which is always, always disinformation for different purposes than anything that we would want to hear about. And Rama, have you?

RAMA: I have spoken to the King about this in the past, the King of Swords, as well as the King of Egypt, and he said that there is a grain of truth out there where what they sprayed with the chemtrails….

TARA: Was making the people sick.

RAMA: That’s right.

TARA: Yeah, well I thought we have to get them stopped to do that.

RAMA: Well at the same time they are being met by the ships. That is what I can say with an answer.

TARA: For now.

RAMA: For now.


CHAD or another male voice here:  Today was very interesting because of the fact that we’ve had the eastern seaboard, all of the east coast was down due to a computer glitch. Rama, could you talk about this? I’d sure like your answer, thank you.

RAMA: I have a feeling that the ships were tweaking the system, getting ready for the announcement connected with the satellites. This is what I’ve been told.

TARA: Yes there was an emergency, what do you call that again? EBS did an emergency broadcast (EBS system) test on Free Speech in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago. I sat up and I said, ohhh, my goodness. So I’ll just add that.

MARIETTA: Okay, who else would like the talking stick?

ROXANNE: For Rama and Tara, I just got back from Iowa and I brought the paper back with me because a lot of things are coming out in writing now. And, they definitely are ramping it up. It says here, “the government needs to drop their juggling tricks and repudiate debt.” They are letting everyone know that it’s a big game. They never disclose the debt and they always throw it in to the next, you know, year and it just keeps mounting and mounting with no worry of [them] ever making it good on their debt. This is in the Iowa newspaper and I’m trying to look at what newspaper it is because I’m going to send it to Rama and Tara. I’ve been noticing a lot more news and I was wondering if Rama or the King of Swords knew if this was part of the announcement mode coming out. And, it’s really hitting home on the Feds mostly and the House of Representatives and also Congress.

MARIETTA: Well, we thank you for sharing all of that and remember to mute out because I think there is a lot of background noise in your line or somebody has a line open. So thank you for sharing that, and we know there is much information coming out in many different ways as we talked about there in the beginning. So Karen or Roxie, I think you had a question for Tara or Rama.

ROXANNE: Yes, my question was for Rama. If the KOS, St. Germain, or Lady Master Nada, if you feel there might be an announcement from our galactic friends and family here soon, maybe before January next year. Not sure if we’re in 2010 or 2009.

MARIETTA: That’s a question that we may want to leave to the latter part when we have all our questions for Mother. Would that be okay?


MARIETTA: Okay, was Karen the other person asking for the talking stick here? Okay, be sure you press *6 and who would like to take the talking stick?

HOLLYE (MASS): I am inquiring about the meteor crossing the western states and maybe Rama or Tara could comment on any information they’ve received about that.

RAMA: I can say that that meteor was seen in four states and it was seen over Las Vegas, NV as well. I mean it lit up the sky like it was daylight and I think what was going on with this meteor in particular was that this may have not been a meteor. This may have been some kind of probe. And there’s a lot of issues that are not being discussed right now. Yet things are coming in, things are leaving. And Mr. X told me today that this is the most intense of times for Mr. Obama and family and to send them all the frequencies of love that they can hold and more.

He also told me something very interesting, not to change the subject, but it goes along with all of this in 2012. He told me that there is a group of people in Maya land along the central South American….

TARA:  Who was telling you that?

RAMA:  Mr. X

TARA:  Mr. X, right?

RAMA:  that these people have not had contact with the civilized world since the time Jesus walked the planet.

TARA:  Whoa, that’s cool!

RAMA:  What’s coming out of their prophecies is that Obama is the man that comes and brings peace. And how he does that, they say, is that he will come to the house of Mica, which is the United Nations in the Hopi prophecy, and that there will be peace declared across the land. And I just wanted to share that. That’s what I was told today, so I pass the talking stick.

HOLLYE (MASS): Thank you Rama, and one other question, I wanted to know the significance of this man, Herman Van Rompuy, who has just appointed the first president of Europe. And I’ll mute out so I can listen.

TARA: What, first President of what?

HOLLYE (MASS): Of Europe. “The Belgium Prime Minister, Herman Van Rompuy,” I guess that’s how you pronounce his name, “has been appointed the first President of Europe,” British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Thursday. This is on Mark’s website. So do either one of you know anything about that?

RAMA: I will just say that this Belgium person that’s been elected to the EU is, behind the scenes, being orchestrated by St. Germain, however that will go, [and he] is being given his final test, by St. Germain.

TARA: I also want to say that there is, (okay, Mark was just filling me in) that there is a head of the whole EU, yet there has always been this practice that one of the different countries would, their leader would be in charge for that year.

MARK: That’s changed now.

TARA: I just listened to Journal News this morning and they said at 2:00 [that] Sweden’s head was on rotation right now. He was the head of it. So I’m just wondering how that’s changed or if it’s a future date when that changes. Do you remember?


BETH: It changed with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which has just happened last week when Czechoslovakia made the deciding vote. And then they appointed a new EU President and that happened today.

TARA: So what does this mean now with a new President, do you know anything about the new President? Is he from Brussels?

BETH: Well, it’s like Rama said. We’re going to have to wait and see what happens. It’s all tentative right now.

HOLLYE (MASS): Okay, okay, thank you.

TARA: You know when something like this happens, it’s big’ cause that’s affecting all of Europe’s infrastructure as well as who guards it and decides what to do with it. Yes.

MARIETTA: Okay, who else would like the talking stick? We have time for a couple more questions and then we’ll have our guest.

FEMALE (CA): This is (inaudible) from California and I would like to know if anyone knows if any of St. Germain’s banks are functioning.

TARA: Amy, what are you asking?

FEMALE (CA): I’m asking if any of St. Germain’s banks are actually open and functioning.

TARA: Okay, thank you I just …first of all, St. Germain has his signature on the world trust since January 2003 which means he’s had the ultimate say so, although he would stay in the background. And then, when it was necessary, he would come into the foreground. For instance, at the UN when Barack Obama was over there visiting with Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama literally bi-located. He was over there and he was over here at the UN bank with St. Germain. Now this is what it means by him being in charge. Now there aren’t any singular St. Germain banks. The entire banking system is in St. Germain’s hands and that means that the ground crew of the White Knights at the 38th level go in and clean up the banks, arrest the bad bankers, put them in jail, and as you know, the first thing that Barack Obama ordered was the execution of 10,000 bankers and Hillary. And that was executed by the 9th of November [2008]. He did it on the 4th. And so St. Germain is in charge of the entire project of the enactment of NESARA law, including, you know, what’s already been done since St. Germain ordered KOS to make [the US banks] BASEL II compliant last year on the 1st of October. This has been overshadowed. Everything that’s changing has to be within the systems’ mechanism, for the people, [and] on the television. So he helped enable the Galactic Command and the KOS on the ground. He helps to enable leaks coming into the main media about the transformation of the corrupt banking system, so that we take all of the existing structures, including every bank, and it gets changed from the inside out, and the structures are now given a new use. So the date of the actual enactment, like we’ve always been told, [is] not to be announced that way.  We are to become aware of the process that is being brought to the people. And as we have been given the information ahead of time, now we’re watching how that unfolds. I don’t know if that helps you or not but there is no, nothing open for business in the new law which has been law since the 9th of March, actually the 10th of (inaudible) …..

Hello, this is Dr. Theresa Dale

MARIETTA: I think we’ll end the talking part here, so let me change the mode. We’ll go to presenter mode.

DR. DALE: Am I at the right time? It’s 6:45 right. Am I at the right time?

MARIETTA: So, we are very grateful that Dr. Theresa Dale has joined us for the evening. She is a world class speaker and has been practicing homeopathy and nutrition and emotional release therapy since the 1980’s. She’s done much, much research and I heard her speak at a conference and had read her emotional release book many years ago and did not even realize she was the same person. But she has [been] a teacher/teacher, trainer/trainer. She is helping so many practitioners understand this work so that it can be spread far and wide. She founded a school there, The California College of Natural Medicine, and there is so much that we can say about her, but I have invited her to come and talk to us about one of her trainings recently [which]was about the flu and about some of the simple things we can do about and many other things. She has written a book entitled, “Revitalize your Hormones,” to help us understand how to be healthier. Dr. Dale, why don’t you just tell our listeners what you feel is most important for us to know about you and about how they can be healthy.

DR. DALE: Marietta, thank you so much for inviting me, and I said yes right away when you asked me because I could feel inside the importance of connecting with the general public who are being bombarded with misinformation about many things. One is hormones and one is the swine flu, just at the top of the list, and vaccinations. So I think it’s very important that we share a little time together. I have two books, “Revitalize your Hormones” : “Dr. Dales’s 7 steps to a Healthier, Happier, and Sexier You”, and it’s about healing your body so that your body functions normally without using any medications or any hormones. It’s about using homeopathic hormone rejuvenation. I have 20,000 case studies of real people, not my patients, my doctor’s patients. I have more case studies than any drug company or any homeopathic or anybody. I have 20,000 before and after case studies of real women who were on hormones, or they had a hormone problem. They were toxic from hormones. And we put them on a program that was custom-designed for them according to their saliva test results, and then after three months to four months, maybe six months, they were retested to see the results on paper but also to check with them with a case history or health profile to see how differently they were feeling. And the results are amazing. We have 95 percent success. That means we can balance hormones, take care of menopause without using hormones, because your adrenal glands, if you are nice to them and if you have the right input, the right data going into your body, which homeopathic medicine does, then your adrenal glands will make everything you need, even if you don’t have ovaries. And that’s something that people are not told when they’ve had a hysterectomy and they’re about to leave the hospital with their hormone prescriptions. They’re not told, “Hey, your adrenal glands can make all the hormones you need.  Wait a minute. Don’t take something that’s toxic.” So the point is, this is a real disservice to humanity. What has been done to women and will continue to be done. Women need to learn and are learning to empower themselves and to say “no” if it doesn’t feel right. If they don’t want to do it, they can look for another way. Because there are other ways to do things. The body is not ……., it’s not difficult to heal the body. It may be more difficult to heal the mind if you’re stuck, you know, in your old patterns from childhood. But, healing the body and the mind together is very, very easy. And so the hormonal situation is a pretty desperate one. We have women that call every day that have been, they feel, victimized by being told that they have to go on hormones, even after a certain age. After 65, 70, 75 they’ve been told their body doesn’t make hormones anymore. And that is a total lie. A total lie. And I can’t imagine why doctors say that because they don’t learn that in medical school. You see, up until the day you die, your body is making hormones from the moment you get up in the morning until the time when you go to bed at night. And during the day and night, it makes different amounts of hormones and that has to do with your circadian rhythm of your body and how healthy your adrenals are. So adrenal health is paramount to having a healthy hormonal system at any age. And so the reality is that we can help ourselves, we can empower ourselves by getting a saliva test to find out the truth about our hormone levels. If you want more information about that, Marietta can get you my saliva tests. She can help you with that. But, every woman needs to have a saliva test to know what her hormone levels are. Especially, if they’ve had a hysterectomy or they’ve been on hormones. Because if you’ve been on hormones I can guarantee you that your hormone levels won’t be a pretty picture. And, the problem is, is that after you’re on hormones for a while, even 2 months, it can take a number of months to detoxify them and get the toxins out of your liver and out of your body so that your body can wake up and start making its own hormones.

Whether you are using, whether it’s bio-identical, which is a marketing term, because they are not really bio-identical, it’s impossible to get a hormone that’s bio-identical, so if you are using those or if you are using phytoestrogens or if you are using perhaps, a synthetic, what happens is your body knows it’s not made by your body, so it shuts down making its own hormones because it’s getting more than enough from what you are putting on your body or in your body, so your body just stops making its own hormones.  This causes aging. This accelerates the aging process. So using hormones is not anti-aging, it actually ages your body and makes your body weak and lazy. So what we do is help women to detoxify, get off of the hormones, to wake up their glands, wake up their organs, in a few months at the most, you start making your own hormones. And that sounds a lot better and I know it really works. But you need to have a really good saliva test done and ours is really the best. I made it the best because it works with the five elements. It’s the five elements saliva test and I am the only one who has it because I put it together and invented this. So what you are doing, is you are testing according to the five elements of Chinese medicine. You are testing organs, glands, meridians, and emotions. And you’re testing the cortisol.

You’re spitting five times. Each a different time according to the body clock, the Chinese medicine body clock. Let’s say if you are spitting at 8 in the morning, 9 in the morning, that is your stomach time. That is when the stomach is most sensitive and by looking at this cortisol time I can tell whether you have a stomach digestive problem. I can tell a lot. Like if it’s in your stomach, if it’s out of balance, then you have disgust, despair, digestive issues, and maybe something even more dramatic that has to be addressed in order for that cortisol level to become normal. So this is a very excellent way to get a good foundation and good blueprint of what’s going on with your body, and then get a custom program that comes back to you, that I write for you, that comes back to you with the saliva test results so that you can follow that. It’s a six-page program. It explains everything very clearly and you get a diet.  You get a list of nutrients that you need. You get to see what you can do about your hormones. So, anyway, this is the most important thing that women and men are being misinformed about, which can cause deaths. Because if you use hormones it can cause cancer and other health issues. Even if it’s “bio-identical”. I’ve had women walk up to me at various events where I’ve lectured to tell me that they have cancer from using bio-identical hormones. Because they don’t have it in their family, and after using it for 6 months, 7 months, 8 months, they have cancer. So, and I’ve had that a lot. You know, people tell me [stuff whom] I’ve never met. So, and I see it also in the saliva tests you know, so it’s something to be aware of and it’s something to take action about and move forward in the right direction.

The other thing I wanted to share with you this evening is about the flu. Maybe someone has questions.  Can people ask questions?

MARIETTA: Where we are right now, no, we are in presenter mode but I think, I know everyone does want to know about the flu or what they can do. (inaudible)

DR. DALE: Okay, so after we do the flu, after we work on the flu, then we can open it up for questions, okay? So the flu situation has gotten way out of hand. It is not the most, the swine flu is not the most dangerous flu and there is a lot of information you need to know about that. First of all, I want to give you the exact ingredients that are in the flu vaccine. And, then you can decide if you want somebody putting this into your body, okay? It’s got two different kinds of a level of aluminum, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate. It has ammonium sulfate in it. It has animal tissues from pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chicken embryo and duck egg. It’s got calf bovine serum. It’s got fetal bovine serum, formaldehyde, formalin, gelatin, glycerol, human diploid cells which are from aborted fetal tissue. It has a hydrolyzed gelatin, monosodium glutamate, (MSG). It’s got various types, it has phenol ethanol, which is antifreeze that you put in a car. It has potassium diphosphate, potassium monophosphate, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80. It has pig pancreas. It has sorbitol sucrose, thimerosal, which is mercury. It has monkey kidney cells and washed sheep red blood cells.

Now, you don’t want this in your body. This would be the worst thing you could do for your body. This will not prevent the flu. Okay? And, this might cause serious neurological problems anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year down the road, easily. It’s noted that there are people who have gotten it [who now] may be more susceptible to hepatitis already, and we just need to know we don’t need to do this. We want to talk about what we can do as a natural vaccine for any kind of flu, okay. Whether they are thinking up swine flu, dog flu, bird flu, pig flu, whatever they’re thinking of, I have a homeopathic remedy that can protect you. You can take it once a month or once a week as a preventative. If you have the flu, chronic or acute, there are certain directions on the bottle for chronic and acute flu. And, so, it has in it 11 different homeopathic remedies that have been known to cure the flu in the past. You know we had a flu in 1918, which was the Spanish Flu epidemic. Homeopathy was 98 percent successful when treating it. And, then we have all kinds of statistics that when they are treated with homeopathy, no one dies. No one gets sick. And, we need to learn that it’s very important that what you are taking for the flu doesn’t have……, doesn’t cause neurological or other health issues.

Now, in Europe and other countries, they use homeopathy as a flu preventative for their children. They use homeopathic vaccines. I also make for health providers biotox formulas which are the vaccines, homeopathic vaccines, and treatment for eliminating vaccines if you’ve had them.  For DTAP or the DTP for the MMR, Polio, any kind of vaccine that you’ve had, we can help you detoxify it.

Now the remedy [is] All Flu [and is] is very interesting. And it’s been very, very hard for us to even keep up with people using it. And we haven’t had anybody get the flu who has used it. And people, you know, various doctors are buying it by the case. Now it has in it Influenzinum homeopathically prepared so there is no active substance in it at all. Homeopathy is energy medicine. So it has Influenzinum A which is what the H1N1 Swine flu is, Influenzinum A. It has Influenzinum B and C. So, it’s for all flu symptoms. It has Kreosotum in it for the relief of fever or a feverish sensation that can come over the whole body, shivering, chills, coughs, phlegm, a lot of expectoration or, you know, spitting up phlegm. It has Tuberculinum Aviare, which is bird flu, so we are already talking about handling the bird and the swine flu and all flu. And, it has a profound effect on the lungs, by clearing up the lungs, the bronchial tubes, tickling in the throat, irritating coughs, debility and it has in it Veratrum Viride for the symptoms of SARS which is a very high fever in the evening. So we can handle low fever, high fever, coughs, chills, phlegm, any kind of flu as well, as it has Anas Barbarie Hepatis which is in the oscillo formula that you find in health food stores. That’s only one item that’s in that formula that will never prevent flu, okay, the oscillo coccineum. Now, we have a very good remedy in All Flu so we are not done with what’s in All Flu yet. We have a remedy, for relief of great soreness, you know you have soreness of your arms or legs, or aching of bones along with vomiting and coughing, sneezing and headache and aching in the back of your legs or your arms. And it has Gelsemium [gelsemicum?]. Now gelsemium was used for the Spanish Flu in 1918 And that is used for the relief of symptoms, dullness, dizziness, drowsiness, thirstless vertigo, flush, flushing sensation in the face, sneezing, a heavy feeling.  Dull headache, dry cough, heavy chest. So when I formulated this, I didn’t leave anything out. It will handle any kind of flu and it will protect you and protect your children. So this is so very important and we can move forward and not get this vaccine. We don’t need this vaccine. I would advise no one to get the vaccine. And, if you’ve already had it (gotten the vaccine), then you should use this remedy to work on detoxifying it a little bit because you know it may take a while to detoxify it.

MARIETTA: You know we’ve talked about this on the call before, about the fact that, you know, none of us want to get the vaccination. We have had some health care providers who have had real challenges at their medical work place because they were insisting that they take it. But knowing that we can detox it, that is a wonderful thing, and understanding that homeopathy may be the only way that we can get all of it out so that it doesn’t morph into something else. So if people just wanted to something simple, if they did your immune formula and the All Flu, those two things could protect them and keep them healthy, wouldn’t that be a simple way for a lot of people to (inaudible)…..

DR. DALE: I would use the Nano Ionic Immune and I would use the All Flu. And also, the Ocean Meds is awesome because it has the Beta Glucans and it has sea buckthorn and it has Fucoidan in it, which is great for the immune system. So Ocean Meds is another one. Now homeopathy can help detoxify the flu vaccine but it’s going to take a long time because this is one of the worst ones they’ve ever put together. If you’ve had it you’d also need to do a mercury or a mercury-plus detox to get it out, because it’s got mercury in it. And that’s going to affect the glutision pathway and your methylation pathway of your brain. So it will cause neurological issues. If anyone gives you a hard time about getting it, you know about not getting it, then perhaps you can get a letter from your church or something that it’s against your religion to get it. And you have to know that they can’t really make you get it and that there’s always a way out, because you never approach these things from a fearful place. That is going to make your immune system weak. So does anyone have any questions?

MARIETTA: Ok, well, we will open the line here and I will mention that, they all have my phone number, I’ve given that out several times. It’s 317-773-0061. And you can call and we can help you. I know, just like you said, we bought quite a supply, in case, when you know that there many people that are choosing to stay healthy. On Dr. Dale’s website, it is, there are some free self-tests and some things there that you can educate yourself on and then feel free to give me a call and I will help you if you’d like to learn more. I have learned so much from her classes which she does every month.  It’s just been a wonderful educational opportunity so I’m going to change the mode here and we’ll have people ask questions, so just a moment.

DR. DALE: Does anyone have any a question? I was hearing people and now I’m not.

MARIETTA: I changed this, [and] as we change the mode it takes a little while for it to take effect, so we are in the process (inaudible)

FEMALE: May I ask a question?


FEMALE: There was a phone number that was given a few minutes ago, could you give that again a little bit more slowly so I can get it, please. I think it was Marietta, who gave it. Yeah, yeah.

MARIETTA: Right, 317-773-0061. And then I gave Dr. Dale’s website so that those that wish to go there and explore could do that as well. And Dr. Dale, I thought of one other thing that’s very common for all of us that you do have a remedy for. It’s a very practical thing, it’s the one for cell phone and the one for the electrical.

DR. DALE: Oh yes, thank you for bringing that up. Yes, because I was exposed to Chernobyl, I was over there when it blew up, you know in Chernobyl in Russia. And, because I had to heal myself of radiation because I couldn’t walk from it and my hair fell out, my thyroid was affected. I learned how to get radiation out of the body using homeopathy. And I have invented a formula that is the most thorough formula anywhere in the world that will actually remove the radiation, any kind of radiation, whether it’s from cell phones, or nuclear, or x-rays, or dental rays, or cat scans, or whatever it is. It will detox it out of your body and it will protect you and your cells on a regular basis. And you wouldn’t need to take it every day.  You could take it, you know, a few times a week. And you could continue to do that to keep the radiation coming out ’cause we are all exposed, Marietta, to so much radiation. On a continuous basis, I mean, we use computers, we use cell phones, we may need to go to the dentist and get a dental x-ray. You know, even though they have less today, they still have a lot of radiation in it so this is a remedy called Radiation and it’s homeopathic, and even if somebody was hit by lightening or shocked, electrical shock, it will remove the effects of that in the neurological system on a cellular level. So it will handle any kind of radiation.

MARIETTA: Thank you, that’s a real practical thing that almost everybody is exposed to.

DR. ROBIN (CO): I’m a naturopath and I would like to know if you have any remedies for the herpes maya virus that stays in the system forever, it seems. You have anything for that?

DR. DALE: Oh yes, it’s so great that you asked that. I have a remedy called Biotox STD II. That is all three of the herpes homeopathically made up. It’s a homeopathic NOSOD made from all three types of herpes and put into a homeopathic formula. It is fantastic and I would highly recommend that you test everybody you see on that because herpes can be, you know, maybe you don’t even need to get a blood test, you can test it on them and see if they have it. Most people only get blood tests if they have symptoms or if they know they were with someone who had herpes, then they’ll get it tested. But I mean it’s insidious, a lot of people have it. It’s called Biotox STD II.

DR.ROBIN (CO): Thank you

DR. DALE: You’re welcome.

ROXIE: I was wondering if you had anything, this is Roxie, for massive head trauma. Like if your face is broken or anything, or head trauma, you lose hair.

DR. DALE: Yes, I’m with you there. Is it your scalp that was actually torn or actually you’ve had a concussion?

ROXIE: It wasn’t torn, it was more of a, kind of like shaken baby syndrome, only worse. My head was beat into a floor numerous times, so I’ve got a lot of trauma and then I’ve got, you know, blown ear drums and stuff. And just a lot of head trauma.

DR. DALE: Ok, all right, so your thinking is clear or fuzzy or, how is it?

ROXIE: Some points I am real clear and at some other point I am just kind of lucid if you know what I mean. I’m just very out (inaudible)

DR. DALE: Do you have any shaking of your limbs or any kind of tremors or anything?

ROXIE: They told me that I have. I’m trying to think of what they call it. I’m hypoglycemic so I shake when I’m hungry and stuff, but sometimes I have nerve damage where my arms, like if you have a toe spasm, only I have it in my arms from pinched nerves in my neck and stuff.

DR. DALE: Oh, I see, okay. Here’s what I would recommend for you. There is not one thing. You would need to do a whole detox program. You would need to do a program and that program would have to consist of the, I have a formula called The Hepatic Glutision Pathway formula, its called HHGP, it stands for Hepatic Glutision Pathway Formula. It corrects, it is good for the cardiovascular system, it is good for the brain. It corrects a blocked glutision pathway so that your brain does not release toxic chemicals.  And your brain, it’s chemicals and mercury and everything is stuck in your brain and then your methylation pathway is not functioning correctly, as well. So it is a very, very good formula for neurological issues. Or for kids with ADD and Autism. I made it for people with neurological issues, ADD and Autism. It’s call[ed] Hepatic Glutision Pathway Formula. I would also strongly recommend that if you have fillings in your mouth that you go to a biological dentist to have them replaced with Zirconium which has no benofenom a or mercury or anything that’s really toxic. And Zirconium is made out of the cleanest……., it’s the cleanest thing that we have seen so far. Or, a very pure gold that would need to be tested specifically on you, but Zirconium is safe, and then a gold that is tested on you. You need to look at your dental situation, ok.  And your bite, because your bite…..

ROXIE: I don’t have anything. I have dentures.

DR. DALE: Oh, you wear dentures.

ROXIE: I don’t have any teeth, I wear dentures.

DR. DALE: I get ya, I get ya, all righty. So the reality is I would do that. I would also every day do DHA and……, a good clean one that is distilled and doesn’t have any heavy metals in it. There’s certain things that are good for the brain, essential oils, fatty acids. I would look around that, do that. Do the Hepatic Glutision Pathway Formula.

ROXIE: Is there a website, phone number to get that?

DR. DALE: Sure, I can give you the website, it’s and you can call Marietta and find out more information and she gave her phone number earlier.

ROXIE: I might have missed that but can she give it again?

MARIETTA: Okay, it’s 317-773-0061. And if you want to communicate by email you can, that’s So if you want to communicate that way, you may.

LANE?: Dr. Dale, I was wondering if you have any remedies for basal cell carcinoma?

DR. DALE: Okay, it’s not a matter of taking one remedy. Here’s what I would do. Where is it located?

LANE?: It’s on my arm. I had a biopsy and it was malignant. And, I’m scheduled for a pre-op tomorrow.  I just thought….., it’s on my left arm.

DR. DALE: Okay, so here’s what I would recommend. You can [use] a homeopathic remedy that has a cancer ……, it’s a formula that has a cancer remedy in it. Now, it’s a homeopathic NOSOD made from tumors and breast cancer and it’s a direct treatment for certain types of tumors and cancers. Whether it would work exactly and hit the basal cell, I’m not absolutely sure, because it depends. Now they’ve cut into it and taken a biopsy, it’s different you know. And that’s why I’m saying that. I would do a detox. Get on green juices. Read my book, “Revitalize Your Hormones” even though its for women, it’s everybody because you need to drink green drinks, wheatgrass. I would put wheatgrass on your arm. If it were my arm, I’d put wheatgrass, I bathe in wheatgrass. And I’ve seen people’s psoriasis and skin cancers go away by doing that. I have a whole body detox cleanse kit and that will detoxify your filtering organs which are your kidneys, your liver, and your colon, your blood. It will detoxify your filtering organs and get all the poisons out. That is an absolute essential thing. I would be very careful about your diet. No sugar, no inflammatory food, like dairy products and I would go very, very easy, if not completely, eliminate animal protein. I would, you know what I’m saying. So I would do as clean as possible.

LANE?: I see. And I have already been using MMS by Jim Hubble. Within five days, I noticed a remission. And I ordered the four herb Indian chi, just yesterday so it’s on the way. I don’t know if you know anything about that. It claims [in] testimonials it cures cancer as well.

DR. DALE: Well, there’s a lot of things out there that claim that they [address] cancer, okay. And what cures cancer is your working on your emotions and your finding out, you know, more about yourself and your growing and your evolving. And you can do all those things anyway. But let’s not forget about the soul.  Let’s not forget about who you are and why that happened to you. You know what I’m saying? So I would do what I said. I would put wheatgrass on it, drink it, bathe in it. I would do it at least once a day. Okay, you’d be making a lot of wheatgrass. I’ve seen miracles with it. And I have this remedy called Biotox Vy that has that carcinocom in it. You know, for cancer, it’s a virus. It’s a virus remedy and it’s pretty heavy duty. So I mean, you have an excellent chance of curing it. But, you need to work on your emotions and there’s no way you can get around it.

LANE?: Yes, I got that through meditation, emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with yet, in this life as well. However, I did want to ask one last question regarding the surgery, which is scheduled for December 2nd. If in fact, I went ahead and had the surgery, does that eliminate the initial problem, and then I’d work on maintaining a healthier filtered body with these new ingredients that you’ve offered?

DR. DALE: Well, here’s the thing. The surgery will not remove the cause, whatever caused it. So you better do some emotional work on yourself. And there’s some really good information in both my “Transform Your DNA” book and my “Revitalize Your Hormones” book. I’ve got a healing kit for emotions that is called The Meta Wellness Healing Kit, and it takes your emotions related to organs, meridians, your belief systems, your identities, and it’s a workbook. It’s an actual workbook that you [use to] work through your stuff. In my opinion, meditation will never do that. You’ve got to identify what the issues are and you have to bring them up to experience them in a very short process that you will be taught in that course. And so I know you can cure your cancer. But, cutting it out will not cure your cancer. You know that will not cure it. But, it’s an action step that you’re taking to get rid of what’s there now, and you could start doing all these wonderful things for your body to empower your immune system so that you will never …….., and learn about what these issues are that could have caused it, to eliminate them so you’ll never get them back. You’d never get that problem.

LANE?: I was exposed to the sun because I’ve had an exterior house painting career for 40 years. I lived on Maui . You know, so I was in the sun and that’s what the diagnosis was. That’s where it came from.

DR. DALE: Well, I don’t……, you know, there are a lot of people that are in the sun all the time that don’t get that. So, you know what I’m saying? So I don’t believe that. I believe that’s a convenient answer so that they don’t have to explore it any further.

LANE ?: That’s what I felt. Thank you

DR. DALE: And you are a soul. You are a wonderful soul and I know you will find the answer to that.

LANE ?: Okay, thank you so much, Dr. Dale. I appreciate your time.

DR. DALE: Oh, you’re welcome.

SONYA: Hi Dr. Dale, may I ask a question?

DR. DALE: Sure.

SONYA: Hi, this is Sonya and by the way, I followed your treatment a few years ago and it was wonderful. (inaudible) I have a question regarding autism. Do you treat children with autism and what is the rate of success you’ve had with them?

DR. DALE: Well, I treat them through my doctors, because even though I’ve been practicing for 30 years, the last three years or four years I have not been able to see patients because I don’t have time. I’m too busy training doctors right now. So we have, I can tell you that through my helping (noise interference),…….. then Dr. Dale continues: So autism, [we’ve] had extraordinary success. In a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month, short period of time, with people. My doctors do full time work on autistic children, using the Hepatic Glutision Pathway Formula, that’s what it’s for. And the Neuro Balance Pro. The Neuro Balance Pro balances the neurotransmitters, it’s homeopathic, and the Hepatic Glutision Pathway Formula is a nutritional product, very clean, no excipients, it’s in a powder and it’s to fix the neurological issues by making the brain dump out poisons and toxins and chemicals and metals that are causing the autism. And we’ve had extraordinary success, quickly. You know like, sometimes I’m being called, “Oh, the child just took it twice and they’re starting to read now.” You know, that kind of thing. So, yes, we’ve had extremely good success. I suggest trying it and telling people about it.

MARIETTA: Ok, well, we are about at the end of our time here. Would you like to summarize what you’d like to leave people with and anything else that you would like to bring up this evening?

DR. DALE: Yes, that’s very kind of you. I’m so grateful to be on this call with all of you this evening. It makes me, oh, feel so good that I’m doing something to help humanity and that’s the most important thing. And I want to empower you to ask you to please do whatever you can to help anybody else. And if you want to take some trainings, we have trainings at the California College of Natural Medicine. We have entry level training. We have trainings for doctors. We have all kinds of trainings that are online and some are residential through my state-approved school, California College of Natural Medicine, and the website is And so if you’re on this call tonight and you’re interested in helping others, there’s a way you can do that. And that’s all you need, is the passion to help humanity, because we need you. We need you to help others. When you look at what’s going on in the world.  Politically and every different way that you can look, in this country, in the world today, we need people who want to help humanity and where that’s the mission and purpose and goal. So I know you can heal yourself. I know you can prevent the flu. You can do it safely. If you happen to get the flu, you can cure it with All Flu, quickly, All Flu and the Nano Ionic Immune Formula and maybe some Ocean Meds. And you know, maybe that’s not necessary but just in case, its really awesome for the immune system. And so I really want to say and to offer you all of my blessings to you for good health and lot of love.

TARA: Can I ask another real quick question Lady Master?

MARIETTA: Okay, go ahead.

TARA: I wanted to ask about malaria. I know some people from the Vietnam war that still have malaria.  (inaudible)

DR. DALE: Yes, yes okay. I have a remedy called Biotox PARA. It’s for malaria and cholera and we’ve shipped it by the case, many cases, to Nigeria because it cures it. And it’s called Biotox PARA. It’s for malaria and cholera and serious types of parasites.

TARA: Oh, God Bless You. I think somebody’s gonna be kissing you soon. (laughter) Ohhh, thank you.

DR. DALE: Oh good, I can’t wait. (laughter) Take care.

MARIETTA: (inaudible) your emails, your close at the end, it says, “Engage in the awareness that joy is the living essence of God.” And, that is, in the idea, that love is a factor, and is a victor in every case, it breaks down everything. And so we are just so very grateful for you to share more joy and your love with us, and I am so grateful to be working with you. It is a real joy in my life. So thank you so very much.

DR. DALE: It’s my pleasure and anything I can do to help, just call on me. Thank you, thank you very much. Goodbye. Goodbye everyone. Blessings to you. Bye bye.

MARIETTA: Okay, do we have Mark and Beth, if they would like to do a report here before we bring in Mother, and also would remind everybody and announce that I believe you have a call scheduled for this Sunday. So, would you like to step forward and give us a few words?

TARA: Okay, Mark will be here in just a second, Beth are you there?

BETH: Hi Marietta Roberts, how are you, everyone?

MARIETTA: I just thought I would give you a chance to bring us up to date on anything that’s happening with you and know that we will announce that you do have a call on Sunday [11-22]. The call on Sunday is at 3:00 PM Eastern and it’s on Talkshoe. And you can also access by phone 724-444-7444 with a pin code of 45609#. And did I hear Mark or Beth? Would you like to step forward and share whatever you wish?

MARK: Beth, you want to step forward and mention what you heard today about the recording from Ashtar on the Road about JFK, Sr.?

BETH: Yes, sure. When Susan Leland was having her call the other night, the phone lines got cut off when Ashtar was done and they were just introducing a new guest. And it was JFK Sr. And, the line that stuck out that was significant was, he said, “Everyone celebrate on November 22nd.” That is the anniversary of when he left and he said, “Everyone celebrate on November22nd, begin your celebrations and keep celebrating through Thanksgiving.” And that was the most significant thing he said in that transmission. They will have a transcript out later.

I also wanted to invite everyone besides, we will have a Mark Huber call on November 22nd, coincidentally, on Sunday afternoon and besides calling in on the telephone you can also live stream it on your computer for free on the Talkshoe badge. And you can find that on the Galactic You can also log in the Talkshoe to get on the chat line of the call. It’s going to start at Noon PST on Sunday afternoon.

MARIETTA: And then on this Wednesday, it would be the night before Thanksgiving, Beth, will you be doing a call this week or not?

BETH: I will be doing a call on Wednesday night. Anyone who wants to join that would be great.

MARIETTA: It would be the same time as this call, same phone number as this call, with a pin code of 454545#.

BETH: Yes, we will be talking about self-healing with the galactic’s techniques given to us by Ashtar, Lord Arcturas, Dr. Lorphan, and the Galactic Healers.

MARIETTA: Okay, anything else there, Mark or Beth?

MARK: I think that we’ll just let it be there for right now. As you know there are……., really important, there is no other way to say it than that, and too much more doesn’t help anymore. Just say there are important events that are absolutely, in some ways we’ll call them permanent, that are taking place right now and we will never be the same after this, and it’s coming sooner than people can understand, unless they’ve been around for a long time. Because everything that’s happened for so very many decades of time, have been to prepare us and not only that, to take care of the black ops folks, up to, as Tara says, up to a hundred million of them have been removed from the planet, permanently, in the last ten years. And, in addition to that, we have the alphabet agencies [that] are now being, shall we say, cleansed of the black ops elements. And that has proceeded so far and so fast, much to their surprise, that as the arrests took place, those with [both] Israeli and US passports thought they had a clever plan to go hide among the Jewish people in Israel because they’re Mossad agents also as well as CIA agents.

TARA: Which is not against, it’s against the law.

MARK:  Right. And unfortunately, for them, two things have taken place.  In July 2009, a new universal jurisdiction law was put into place, and Lady Master Nada is the one who signed the indictments. Once an indictment is signed, anyone can be arrested, military, political leaders, etc., at any time and taken to the Hague forthwith. And this has been going on. Beth has read, almost every single day, of world leaders that were in meetings with, delicate meetings, with the Chinese, and those people were pulled directly, like the President [of] Sudan, directly out of a meeting while it was in process and this is going on elsewhere. And also Israel now thinks they can do internal investigations and clean up their image before any arrests can be made. They are very, very wrong. And, the KOS made this very clear on Tuesday night. Not only that those people are being arrested, they will go to the Hague and they will not come back.

TARA: You know, I forgot all about this. I heard this tonight, is that, on the beginning of Rachel Maddow, that Joe Lieberman is going to provide the 60th vote for the health care bill. Is that a trip or what?

MARK: Yes. This is Harry Reid, whom Joe Lieberman is one of his best friends, and he definitely has been negotiated with for several months in this regard. And, Tom Daschle is another one who was arrested, and of course, a film version was put into place for both of these ones until they could get their votes on the record.

TARA: What do you mean a film version?

MARK: A hologram.

TARA: You mean they’re both gone.

MARK: We arrested them on Pluto.

TARA: Oh, okay, right.

MARK: The KOS and Ashtar took them away and

TARA: Those two now are Joe Lieberman and

MARK: Tom Daschle

TARA: Oh yeah, that’s right, okay.

MARK: And so, and Hillary.

TARA: Yes.

MARK: You know, people…….

TARA: Hillary number three, four…..

MARK: Or whatever, yeah, whatever the number is now. And George Bush Sr., and Jr., and Babs Bush. So there were six people that were arrested there. And as I say these are just film stars, you might say, that are out there right now, and the second this is ready to go they, all this will be publicly announced. And there won’t be any more imitations running around loose. So I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Mark, I wanted to add something about the arrests.


BETH: Thanks. I posted on Yahoo groups all of the premiers, the prime ministers, and presidents of the countries who have been arrested for war crimes of genocide and taken to the Hague. I have found these articles on BBC News in London. And I posted all of them and many people have missed the Yahoo postings and haven’t seen them. There’s almost a dozen arrests of leaders of countries. What I am going to do is forward them to Tony D’ and have him load them up on a post called “The arrests” on, so everybody can go and read these news stories that have happened since October. All of these world leaders have been arrested and sent to the Hague and I wanted to put that out there.

MARK: I was just going to say that the KOS on Tuesday, as you well recall, said that during Barack Obama’s Asian trip, more leaders have been arrested and taken to the Hague than throughout the previous months. So in other words, during approximately about a four or five day trip, a lot of these people checked in but then they were escorted out. And this hasn’t exactly been made public, but the KOS said that when the announcements come, a list of these names will be publicly available at that time. So I pass the talking stick.

BETH: Right, and there were many side meetings on that trip that never got reported on widely. And we have a small amount of information posted on the blog on Galactic Roundtable, a new article about what happened on the side meetings at the APEC summit. And the only last thing I want to add is that Mark and I have a lot of new information for the Sunday call and we’re very excited. We didn’t present anything tonight because all the new things we have will take up a whole call, so we’re looking forward to seeing you then. Thank you.

MARIETTA: Okay, ready for, is Mother present and ready to speak?

MS: Aloha, Greetings in the light of the Most Radiant One, in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ. We invoke the loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

TARA: And we ask at this time for Divine Grace to intercede for All, One and All, including good, bad, and ugly at this time, in an exponential way, and the Ahah of who we are, complete and whole, and the mission ahead of us to fulfill that destiny now, as the freedom’s holy flame and the gate of freedom is unlocked. And I am so grateful Mother, for all of us. And I just want to make a special thank you to this dear lady that presented, this one just before now. This homeopathic thing, because that gets us into working with those energies, those really refined energies, of our being that have been maybe eluding us in lieu of survival for many, many an eon, Mother. And thank you for mitigating all of this for us, and for coming once again to share with us this long-stemmed lavender magenta rose, Mother.

MS: Greetings children of Ra. What is unfolding, in most magnificent ways, is the fact that we are, ah, hmmm, watching all of you step up to the plate where the abilities of reality is changing so fast, making everyone’s head spin with what is occurring in the time space.  Breathe in these moments of how we, which is the how of it, not if or when, which is happening now. The understanding, we moving up in the higher consciousness of times figuration. Hmmm, taking on what you said you would do when you were, hmmm, incredible sons of the Most High, sons, daughters, SUNS/SONS, yes. All will be coming full circle and it is in a most unique way. The events unfolding on your planet at this time, very thinly veil[ed], this is at hand in the sense of the, hmmm, the flimsy perimeters of the matrix falling apart at the seams in the sense that we are in your midst. There are many of us in your midst, maybe more, in the sense where we are adding to the 6 billion already here. And, as you are walking down the halls of State Department or the Pentagon or, hmmm, even the Oval Office. Better turn around and look again at your neighbor and your friends, ’cause we are not from here, and we are everywhere. It is time we have a chat about reality in the sense that you are us, we are you, and get over the issues of what we look like, what you look like.

The mission is the most important reality. Peace. Now is the time for peace. This is what this one [Obama] is bringing forth. That’s what he has been ready for and he said he would do this long ago, like all of you.  We are doing it, in the sense where, hmmm, time to watch all of the tin soldiers around this one fall away.  And they are already falling very quickly including this one you call Hillary, in the sense that there is very much …even though it may seem like things are increasing in magnitude with the intensity of negativity, we would just say momentary goods in the matrix. Things are already turned around where what you are witnessing is what your friend, hmmm, this one Mr. JFK, Sr. has said, “It is time to begin these celebrations”, for what you are witnessing is your transfiguration, waking up to the Christ in which we are equal. What is most magnificent is to watch the Sirian Commander give others the dignity they deserve, in the sense not afraid to bow to the energies. We are all equal with who and what we are. Matters not, it is in the place that it is, is Namaste, I salute the light within you as you salute the light within me. It goes beyond those issues of any form of prejudice. This is the biggest issue on the table here that has created an atmosphere in which we are taking the upper hand here, ’cause Gaia has said we need a little hand so we are giving her a little hand in that sense. It has to do with how we do this and it is about the love frequency coming in. Overrides all of the other issues at hand and it has already been said that this is complete. You are witnessing the very final few seconds of the chaos into order. And that chaos is creating a bit of that instability right now where things are a little froggy around the edges. Things do not……in that we feel like roses. Yet and still, there are trillions and quintillions of souls that are transforming, transfiguring the amount of energy on your planet in the sense they may have only shown up in a few seconds to burn up trillions of years of karma and maybe live for a few minutes. All of us, we have been speaking in the last little while, how many souls had left, only in the sense they came here and manifested for this amount of time to transfigure, transform what is occurring right here, right now, so that this age, what you are witnessing, the end of, hmmm Kaluga of 2012, the end of Kaluga has begun, and it is shifting everything with what has been transpiring. This is why there is so much focus on bringing in the peace now, ending the endless trail of entrails and blood that go all the way past Orion through Scorpie Black Hole all the way through antimatter. Done with it. Ends here and now. This is why we are here, you are here, and we have said we would do this with peace. It is the only way. Hmmm, it is what is, She [Gaia], her twin flame Vywamus, have ordained that we would say. It is in the best interest of all concerned to be part of that process as the energy only increases in magnitude more, more. Gonna get very uncomfortable, and even more in the sense where unless you are aligned with the frequency of that infinite joy, bliss, ecstatic orgasmic happiness. Gonna find it very difficult to live within this dimension.  Things are moving so fast. When as you approach October 28, 2011, Hee Haa as Big Will has said, the ride you gonna have on that mechanical bull will send you past the Milky Way galaxy and through Andromeda, and maybe in 35,000 years you’ll be back. It is quite a ride. Already it is at the point of no turning back, the frequencies what is occurring. All of life is affected. No matter whether you are bacteria or angelic presence, does not matter. All life is affected, moving within the Office of the Christ, in that frequency of Grace and Beauty. Now is the time for Peace. We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: Okay, well, there are some questions that have been sent in and I will share some of those and let’s see what kind of comments that you would have. One of them, Is Leon Panetta a double agent? And on this, the same person’s also asking if Barack and Michelle have delisted themselves from the BAR, are they, how does, or does this implicate or what affect does this have on the upcoming trial of the so-called terrorists from Gitmo? They’re just wanting to know, it’s quite a long, lengthy question but the idea of it is how does this affect what’s going on as they are trying to prosecute some of these people.

MS: We will say that they have rescinded their British Accredited Regency title, [and] Citizens of the soil they are now. How this affects, hmmm, the whole process, as one person has said, “They are prosecuting the wrong guy.” It should be Cheney/Bush, Roomey, Rice, Powell. They are the real terrorists that did 9-11. These guys are the fall guys who never did it. Only decided to fall on their swords and play the game. Matters not, they are all in the midst, going to the Scorpie Black Hole. It has to do with what is occurring now, where they either choose to work with the energies of forgiveness or love, or they don’t get to be here. It is that black and white.

TARA: And Mother, didn’t the rescinding of the BAR and the British Accredited Union and their title of nobility, that was done before last year, October 1st.

MS: Yes.

TARA: It’s just that they didn’t say anything until now.

MS: Mr. Eric Holder, to answer this, has to answer to his higher-ups to breathe fire. And at that level Mr. Eric Holder, let’s just say, hmmm, even he gonna have to answer, with the fact that if he were a man of integrity, he would turn around and arrest Robert Gates for high treason, sending the troops into war that Congress never declared. Hmmm, all the other issues going on in the process of infidelity, improprieties that go to this.

TARA: Mother, what about the Vatican?

MS: That too.

TARA: I mean…..

MS: (Inaudible) exposed, they have to save themselves in the sense they have to agree and say, yes, ET is out there.

TARA: I know, are they going to arrest this guy in public?

MS: He is not the war criminal. It will be handled, already being handled by the Lavender Lad.

TARA: He’s already gone, right?

MS: You witnessed that, yes. And the truth will be told when it is finally complete. Yes, it is a convoluted story. Mr. Obama surrounded himself with all of these folks that are falling over on to their faces.

TARA: I was going to say you know with what is still going on right in the middle of Sudan, etc. and Uganda. What is, is there going to be extra help from the ETs because it’s so bad?

MS: It is already being done. Yet that part of the story not being told. What the sad part is that you are hearing the other end of it. Yet, our craft are always over these areas, constantly giving the manna to the people. We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: Okay, and the next question is, in spite of the noise or the terrible racket from the Republicans about moving the men from Gitmo, is the strategy behind having this move to a civil court, all about the American people being allowed to hear who was really giving the orders. Or is it part of the revelation about 9-11?

MS: There is quite a bit to that, and as things would unfold there are surprises in there that would leak or create such an instability of a sham that the kangaroo court would be exposed for what it is in the sense that, hmmm, putting the wrong guy up, they were only taking orders from the, hmmm, the criminal cabal who did this, and as this would be brought to the light of day in the sense of them already beginning to talk about this. It creates the atmosphere for the surprises ’cause we are in the moment with, hmmm, let’s just say anything that is not of the Office of the Christ comes up for healing, so all of these issues are up for healing for these guys ’cause they created that atmosphere of 9-11. Has to be dealt with, right now. We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: In one of Benjamin Fulford’s”>Fulford’s writings, it talks about the Federal Reserve and them selling gold that is really gold plated tungsten. Can you comment on that?

MS: Yes, that is true.

TARA: That’s been going on for the last ten years.

MS: Yes.

TARA: And this is another way to try to fool the people as long as you can.

MS: This is why we have to have what Tom Hartmann said today, that your gangster banksters literally have strapped on suicide vests and saying, “I will blow myself up if we don’t get what we want”, “which is ……in parachutes and our money when we decide that we want it, and you guys, F U.”

TARA: That’s not going to get them anywhere, except out of here.

MS: That is what they are seemingly rejecting, and what is happening is also behind the scenes. They are being removed as well, and that will be coming to the light of day, that the trail of entrails will be exposed. Goes through Wall Street, goes through C street, it goes through K street.

TARA: K Street, what is that?

MS: King Street, lobbyists. All your lobbyists are guilty. Only good lobbyist, Dr. Steven Bassett. All the rest need to be put in the ……… and the others in the Hague.

TARA: Yeah, what about over there in Downing Street, and over there in….?

MS: Of course, them too. Didn’t meant to go on a tangy (inaudible). We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: I think we’ve answered this type of question before but it keeps coming up again. People are concerned and wondering about what will happen to people that have disabilities and that have illnesses now as we make this transition and when the ships appear (I think the question is when will this happen?) and can you explain more about how it will happen?

MS: As our craft comes in, already happening, creating an instability in the atmosphere of, you might say, the atmosphere for magic and wonderful blessings of infinite grace and beauty love and life.  Spontaneous healing of all of these issues that have been anomalies within these temples of the living god as our craft come in to raise the frequencies of what you understand of your living, breathing, hmmm, Terra firma, how your reality of the very nature of what we bring in with our craft raises the frequencies to a level that in which as that energy touches the living tissue, the strands of DNA, and scalar wave frequencies, raises it to the level which disease no longer can function. It literally burns itself out and the cells are screaming for more love, more light. As that occurs it really moves all darkness, so it is one heaven of an orgasm rather than a painful experience. We pass the talking stick.

TARA: Oh, can I add to that Mother? I was going to add to that, remember there is a time now where people can change their contract.

MS: Yes.

TARA:  Although, now we are learning that, that’s one thing and there is the work. And now it’s that labor of love to heal all of the deepest issues that have been like we said, core issues.

MS: The emotions, that is the gateway, is how you heal your emotions, what we have been taught by this angel Cynthia and others. It is time for this, do that Ho’oponopono, and heal this. One of the biggest ways you get rid of cancer. Let go of your anger. What are you angry about? Of course you’re angry about the cabal’s removing your freedom, yet they are only doing what they agreed. Just like you agreed.

TARA: Sometimes masked, anger is masked often times by fear. And we have to control those things because of the fear yet.

MS: Fear of being alone, fear of being maybe like ah, oh, what is that weird movie out now, Will Smith with his dog and Friday the vampires

TARA: I don’t know.

MARK: He goes across country with his (inaudible) dog.

MS: Yes, all of the post-apocalyptic Armageddon stories. It is time to get over this ego issue, lift the masculine, this why Goddess is back. We got breast balls on too, I mean, and we know how to use ’em. It’s called grow a pair and learn how to do this with love. We speaking to the men as well as the women. It’s done with grace and beauty and love. The goddess civilizations in this reality. We’re super civilizations. When the patriarchy came in and mocked things up, it is what they created, where there was a glitch in the system.

TARA: Although that was a divine opportunity to take it from the positive, and for us to meet the challenge and remember love, yes?

MS: Correct. And it is in that best interest that it goes to the level in which all of these so-called elected officials have the electial dysfunction, and they extend it out to their war budgets, and cannot do it in the bed so they do it on the battlefield. Has to be healed in here first, that is how the peace is created, here.  And we pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: The next question, it says: Dear Mother, You said that the galactics have stopped atrocities since 9-11, so why didn’t they stop 9-11?

MS: That was a situation in which was……

TARA: collective karma, right Mother?

MS:  A triggering event, you could say was a moment in which whole world was alerted from this moment forth was a different reality, and we would just say an understanding of all of the truths of what will come out as the exposure of the criminals for 9-11.

TARA: Oh Mother, it was absolutely not something that was going to be mitigated from the very beginning, right?

MS: Yes.

TARA: Because it was the collective karma of the western (inaudible)

MS: It was a way in triggering, you might say, an energy frequency that alerted the entire planetary systems, and in that sense we have increased our patrols throughout your atmosphere and even within the confines of your 3D reality up to the level in which, hmmm, your cabals are so concerned about our presence. They cannot come up with any other stories, except the fact that, hmmm, need to send more troops to Afghanistan. Hmmm, has to do with the fact that all of the fake stories about Al Qaeda, CIA, all of the issues of the instabilities of your framework of your reality, that how these ideologies were put together in the sense of laying blame on a group of individuals or a civilization that had nothing to do with 9-11. Was all created by your military, biomedical military industrial complex.

TARA: Well, that was all premeditated for preempt to strike to count and just to make it up as you were ready to make it up.

MS: And it was also a triggering event for Earth Mother a well as all of humanity to say never again. We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: It was a pretty dramatic way of teaching us compassion, wasn’t it?

MS: Yeah.

MARIETTA: Okay, the next question is from India. Wants to ask about our twin flames. When the ships land, will all of us be able to see our twin flames? and I have another question, Can we have more than one twin flame?

MS: Oh my, hmmm. We will say as the craft land, yes. Everyone will be meeting with the twin flames.  And if it is an issue that there is more than one twin flame, we would just say, it is not that there is more than one twin flame, it is that sometimes the energies when twin flames come together, it is so intense that sometimes gotta chill for a bit and let the soul mate take over within that little complex of soul groups, and the soul mate most similar to the frequencies of twin flame, hold that, until things are together. Then twin flame step into the process.

TARA: And, an existing partner can merge with your twin flame energetically, and that there is a serious path-connecting going on.

MS: And as soul mates connect together, they call in their respective twin flames and have etheric orgasmic …… Yah.

TARA: Is it etheric orgasmic, all those words? And, then when does it get to be physical, we gotta wait for the ships, for them to jump off their ships or what?

MS: No, already getting physical. We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA: And that is true, it’s already getting physical. Another question for Mother. In the confrontation in Congress today, when a Republican Rep asked Tim Geithner to resign, was there more to it than right wings saying that Obama’s ecomomic stimulus plans have failed?

MS: Yes, there is a lot more to it in the sense that, there are some that are pointing out the improprieties.  Yes, there are a few that are in the light that are moderate. There are people of integrity, if that is to be believed. Yet at the same time, all of the issues called Congress are tainted and have to change the process of how we do Robert’s rules, in the sense where, gotta remove quite a few criminals within the process of what you call a democratic elected body. Hmmm, there are seeds of miscontempt, seeds of what you would say, the corruption that goes through the very heart of Rome within your Congress. All of that gotta be removed. And it is, from the top down and from the top up. This is why when we have all said and done, completed, maybe 60, 65 good members of Congress left. The rest gonna have to face, hmmm, serious crimes that involve premeditated murder, rape, shall we go on? These are people you elected. We the people, and it is time the truth be told. Hmmm.

MARIETTA: Okay, I think that completes all of the questions we had sent in for tonight. We would remind everybody that it is easiest if you can email them in ahead of time and you’re doing a good job of that. And if you have any closing comments, Mother, we would like to hear them and then we’ll ask Kathy to come in and close the call.

MS: We would say in these moments you are going through the frequencies and intensities of what you are experiencing, the final moments, of the conclusion of this. And as we would remember the day, November 22nd, understand also not a day of mourning, yet a day of understanding that finally the truth will be told about this man, and what needed to come forth in the sense where he did the greatest good by talking about our presence, making that come forward. In the sense where, created the atmosphere for what Mr. Obama is doing now in the sense any time he could drop the dime and say I got some friends from the other neighborhood that you want to talk to, and they are not from Detroit or the south side of the tracks in Chicago. They are from the Alpha Centauri constellation or, hmmm, Andromeda. That is what we can share in the sense of what is being [said] here is you are moving into a place in which we are all equal in this galactic story. We have gifts, abilities, incredible beauty to share that is already coming out in so many ways. Hmmm, would be in our best interest to help you understand. You’ve asked for this, now you are getting this.

TARA: We’ve asked for all of this. We wanted to see if we could turn this around on our own as best as possible, as much as we possibly [could] do about it, and that’s what it meant by build it and we will come, right?

MS: And we would do this with diversity and love rather than war. Right.

TARA: Yes, and it would not be done in a way that we’re used to in the past.

MS: Yes!

TARA: Not the power of the sword, the power of the sword of truth.

MS: Indeed! Now is the time for peace as you are witnessing these final few seconds. Allow that peace to enter every cell, every molecule, and dance with the rejoicing of what is occurring here, and we would say, expect the unexpected in the sense where all of the chips or the cards [are] on the table. Nowhere to go and it’s time to call all the hands and pay the dealer what you owe him. An that sense, close the door on that kaluga and stop kaluga. We do this with peace with joy. We pass the talking stick. Ohhh, let me say this real fast, “WE LOVE YOU.”

TARA: For seven generations onto now.


MARIETTA: Well, we are very grateful for all of your input and insight to all of these questions and for the clarity you bring with your wisdom.

TARA: And are we coming back, we gonna be here Thanksgiving?

MARIETTA: We’re gonna be here, if anyone chooses to be here they are welcome. We do not have a guest unless someone steps forward and says they would like to do that. Several that were asked didn’t want to do Thanksgiving night and that’s understandable. So anyone who wishes to be here, we’ll have the lines open and we can communicate with each other and we’ll just see what happens. Any other thoughts?

TARA: Mother? No, I think we have rested our case, is that so Mother?

MS: Yes.

MARIETTA: Well Kathy, we turn it over to you and ask you to close out the call for tonight. And we thank everyone for being here and being part of our family.

KATHY: Thank you, Marietta Roberts. Well everyone, find your place in this sacred circle that we call Roundtable. As we close out this Thursday night, see yourself stepping into your place. Let us bow our heads with a grateful heart tonight. And thanksgivings to you, Marietta Roberts, from each one of us for the many levels of awareness that you bring to the Roundtable call. For I, myself, have found much healing through the many who you have brought forth and so many of us have and I know we are all grateful for this. Thank you. Mother we love you, we just love you Mother. Thank you. Tara and Rama, we thank you. Beth and Mark, each one of you brings so much diversity. Thank you for the responsibilities that you hold, for the energies that you bring. With a grateful heart we join each other in bringing forth our love to each one of you, to ourselves, and I ask you at this time to think of those in your lives or those that you’ve been thinking of who need some love. There’s always plenty to give. And that’s what we do. So bring your awareness now into the center of your chest, in that region of your heart, as we prepare for a Thanksgiving week of joining families and traveling, let us remember how much we have, how much we know, what we can give, and how we share it with each other and with others. Maintain that place in your heart and take a deep breath, everyone. This year is quickly closing. This is the time to appreciate and to be reminded that love is four-fifths thanksgiving. It is gratefulness. It is this quotient that makes up the energy of love. And we all have so much to be grateful, to be thankful for. We know so much. We’ve been given these gifts of knowledge. We pray, Great Spirit, that you help us and guide us to do what we can to share what we know in our own unique ways within our families, offering grace, always offering grace. And we ask that we do it with ease and grace. And that those who are searching, we know that they shall find us. And we will speak to all those things that are so important right now.  And with a grateful heart we thank every White Knight, every whistleblower, all those beings behind the scenes that support the process of cleaning and healing our planet to hold the energy of truth within our lives. Thank you. And as you go through each day remember to be grateful as we move into this Thanksgiving week. I am grateful for all of you, for your gifts and your love.  You bring something special every week. And we convene with a grateful heart. And we close with a grateful heart. And remember to [whom] much is given, much is expected. So think of those things that you can do individually, however small, however large. Honor your path fully with a grateful heart. And with that, I say good evening and Namaste.

MARIETTA: Well, we thank you Kathy, for always bringing us together here, and we thank Angel Sue for opening and for everyone who contributes questions to be asked and for your participation in Roundtable.  And of course, to Tara and Rama and Mother and Mark and Beth and everyone who is a part of this. We are most grateful and look forward to giving thanks for all of you for the rest of the week. As suggested, we start on the 22nd and through Thanksgiving for all week. So I’ll open the line here and we can all say goodnight.

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