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Season’s Greetings From WelcomeTheLight


Tis the season that we spend time with family and friends.  I just want to point out that it has been wonderful getting to know a different family over this past year.  WTL has brought forth wonderful people with a common mindset to create a positive wave of change throughout the world.

The last three months have been really difficult for me and I’m sure all of you have your own issues that have come to the surface.  I believe that as we step into 2010, there is going to be a whole new world for us to enjoy.  I also believe that us lightworkers will find some reward for all the bumps and bashes that we’ve taken over the past while (some of those bashes really hurt), as we help hold the light for all of humanity.

WTL has been a much needed release for me.  Meeting like-minded individuals can be difficult, and talking about these kinds of issues does find a way to alienate you a little from the crowd (and friends and family).  This website, and all of you that stop by, have been a wonderful light for me – a light that makes me realize that there really ARE people out there that believe what I believe and that we ARE going to make it through this.  There have been days when I doubt things, so I have just gone through the site reading the comments and enjoying the conversations that we are having.  It helps alleviate the doubt.  I don’t know whether everyone understands just how much I love getting us all together in one place to discuss issues that I (and I’m sure all of you) find I need to discuss.  Because sometimes there just aren’t the avenues that we need for release.

I have learned much over the year and most of it has come from the likes of the information within WTL.  Tara, Rama, Mark, and Beth have opened up new doors for me and I love them very much for that.  The channels I have here – albeit sometimes they’re a little off – have made me think in many different ways about what’s going on.  And finally, you guys.  Seriously, you guys rock.  I wouldn’t have an outlet without all of you.  I love you guys.

Anyway, due to today being Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas, there may be limited posts on WTL as I spend time with family.  If something big comes up, I will make an effort to get the information out there.  Feel free to send me items if you come across them.

I would like to take the time to wish all of you the best of the holidays, no matter which of the 50+ countries that you live in that stop by on a daily basis.

Much love to all of you!

P.S.  The artwork above was done by Robt Seda-Schreiber.  You can click here to see more “Art of Obama”.


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  1. Thank you Tony for this wonderful website… I look forward to checking it out every morning and i know theres many doing the same!!! Massive change right around the corner, lets all stick it out!!!! For we ALL are walking on Terra Nova soil=) Merry Christmas WTL!

  2. Merry Christmas Tony, to you and your family. I love this site, it is a great service for all of us light workers and I really am grateful to have such a place to follow that which is so close to my heart. I also am looking forward to 2010 for the opportunities it is offering us. Think amazing thoughts and amazing events will occur. We are indeed co-creators and I am grateful every hour of every day for the wonderful beings encouraging us to step up and step forward, you, Mark, Beth, Rama and Tara included. Blessings, Munay Sonko (love from the heart)

  3. Solara says:

    Thank you Tony, I check your site everyday. I am so glad
    that you have this site and like you said we get to meet
    same mined people. Thank you Sooo Much.
    Happy Holidays to you and to your family.
    I love you.


  4. jackpotlady says:

    Merry Christmas Tony… to you and your family and to everyone who comes here! I share your love for the website… I feel that I hit the jackpot when I found it! I will continue to tell everyone I know about this place. Thank you for sharing part of your world with us and letting us in on the happenings!

  5. Toni says:

    Happy Holidays, Tony! I found this site about two months ago and it took me a little time to figure out the format and who the players were. I love this site and I think you’re the greatest. Also, I pray that Mark H will be delivered from all chaotic eruptions in his personal life and we hear from him again very soon. Thank you, Tony, for all you do!

    Peace on earth!

  6. Lisa says:

    Tony – I rely on Welcome The Light as part of my daily ritual. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and Mark and the whole group for all you are doing to assist us in this wonderful process all of creation is going through.

    Peace, Light, Love , Joy and Abundance be yours this season and evermore.


  7. Evo says:

    Happy Holidays Tony, and thank you kindly for providing a forum for the more pertinent news of Earth. Having a place to throw “your two cents” in is a great help in these times, and I hope this site draws the multitudes closer, as I know it helps me to maintain a better outlook on existence. Peace, Love and light always.

  8. Sonia says:

    ♥Yeah! Ditto on the joy of finding so many like minded individuals who work for the light! Really: WTL and GRT are brimming with so many love-filled people! I’m so glad to have found you all. YOU rock! And so does everybody that’s involved! All of you have given me REAL hope and real encouragement to keep soldiering on. THANK YOU♥
    ॐ Sonia ☮

  9. Hope says:

    All the best to you too Tony and have a great holiday.

    Come to this site several times a day. It is very uplifting.

    Love to you….

  10. eliJAH says:


    Here is why…

    T-he seeker of truth in a world riddled with un-truths
    O.neness in mind and spirit with the WTL family
    N.o one can distract us from our truths as we know it we can accomplish miracles as the WTL family of One

    Happy holidays to all the WTL family.


  11. April Rand says:

    Thankyou Tony, for the beautiful gift you have given so many on this beautiful site, and the warmth that we all feel, I am so grateful to be a part of this loving party, thats really starting to Rock now! Oh we’ve all sloshed about, hitting against the boulders. What a perfect name, Welcome The Light, it feels real now. We are walking in the winter wonderland! A heart full of Love, is your present under the tree from me……..April….

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your comment and your gift is beautiful. It shall be cherished. And with that, I pay that gift forward to all as well. Merry Christmas! LL, Tony.

  12. robert benner says:

    On the way home from my folks place tonight in Bucks County PA my wife and I saw a really nice craft, and quite large, like nothing I saw the week before near my house. This one was probably over 150′ long and wide also. It had column lights on the back and moved along with great ease and no noise. We tried to follow it when it went over the tree line, but we lost it. As we talked about it my cell phone lit up three times and I looked down to see what was up and the time said 9:11. Sweet , now come on , you guys up there really have to make this fun don’t you? Well Happy Holidays to all and thanx. Tony for this info.
    Galactic Jesus will blow the religions away, what a time we live in.
    Blessings, Rob

    • admin says:


      Great comment! I saw a smaller flashing craft a couple days back. The occurence was a new one for me, as I have only seen one before. The flashing lights were very obvious – and beautiful.

      Happy Holidays to you and your family. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of those craft in the skies here soon. LL, Tony.

  13. Milna says:

    Dear Tony,

    A enormous thank you for this website that keeps me informed on a daily basis! You have helped me see things from a different point of view and I have learned a lot from here.

    Wishing you & your family a wonderful Christmas & a miraculous New Year!!!!

    Love & Light,


  14. Hannah says:

    Bravo and bless you Tony for all your work keeping us informed and up to date – a central part of my day, checking your site several times to see what’s new! I hope you are having a great Christmas and wish you wonderful things for 2010…

  15. What a holiday treat finding my work on such a great site. Thanks for posting my work… I am truly honored.
    I am by no means a professional artist, I am simply an art teacher with a drawing table & some toys nearby at which I sit sometimes & create little doodles.
    You can find more of my ink-stained shenanigans via “very secret monster things” @

    • admin says:


      Pleasure to put it up – it’s a wonderful piece and fitting to this time and this site. Thank you for letting me use it.

      Feel free to stop by the site anytime. Lots of great people and good information kicking around here.

      Much love,

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