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Saul: Your Nightmare is Set to Change Into an Uplifting Dream


12/06/2009 by John Smallman

Things are changing in your world. It is illusory, impermanent, and consequently nothing stays the same. And this is indeed a blessing!

Things have become very unpleasant, distressing, and painful, and change is direly needed. For a very long time the changes that occurred brought more pain, more distress. But now the changes themselves are changing; they are bringing improvements to the illusion, to turn it from a horrendous nightmare into an uplifting dream.

There are very few of you now who have not had more than enough of the nightmare that you made for yourselves, and you want to awaken from it. Prior to awakening it is essential and most rehabilitating for you to slip, temporarily, into this revitalizing and liberating dream, in which long-buried memories of Reality will come flooding back to remind you of your happy and eternal state of existence — at one with God.

His Love for you envelops you in an unimaginably vast and soothing elixir, and as you move towards awakening it heals and vivifies your spirit in preparation for that wondrous moment. To awaken is unavoidable because you desire it and God desires it; it is His divine Will, and therefore yours as well. Nothing could be more certain or inevitable.

This time of waiting that you are experiencing is most definitely frustrating, for you are tired, you feel alone, unseen by God, and you want to be at home. The waiting seems interminable, and yet it is only an instant since you fell asleep and made your illusory reality so real for yourselves. Believing yourselves separated from your loving Father causes you intense suffering, and your experiences in your illusory reality have clearly demonstrated that when you are in severe pain time effectively stands still. You know that it does not, but the sense of its passing slows right down, and all you seem to be aware of is the intensity of the pain. It is this pain, this incredibly narrow focus of your awareness that the dream is set to heal. In Reality — God’s eternal Presence — there is no sense or knowledge of time or pain, of suffering or discontent. They do not and never could exist; all is supreme joy and divine exhilaration.

In your illusory reality, if you are suffering, another’s joy can cause you pain because it intensifies your awareness of it in contrast to the joy that you so earnestly desire. And so the soothing balm of the sweet dream is necessary to smooth away and banish totally any remnants of sad and painful memories before you awaken into Reality, where such sentiments that could distract you from the all-encompassing delight of Oneness with your loving Father do not exist.

In your illusion time does not stand still because there is no time, and you have been there only for an instant. And this will be apparent when you wake and find that you were never asleep, and that there never has been an instant when you could possibly have been absent from God’s Presence, or not felt the joy that is existence. You will awaken and be filled with joy!

With so very much love, Saul.



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