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Saul: You Can Start To Disentangle Yourself…


12/30/2009 by John Smallman

As you continue to wait, knowing that God’s Will for you is perfect happiness, focus on His Love which envelops you and suffuses your whole being permanently.  There is never a moment when He is unaware of you – ever! Love surrounds you and flows through you — a constantly flowing divine river of unending abundance and energy, life itself, more constant than your breathing or your heartbeat.  There is never the slightest interruption in the divine power that flows through you.  Power failures are impossible, candles and emergency generators as backups are not required!  God’s divine infrastructure is absolutely perfect.

Your inability to experience the divine outpouring is a direct result of embedding yourself in the illusion, where you are being consistently bombarded by distractions that appear to be irresistibly alluring – wars, accidents, catastrophes, betrayals, egoic endeavors, competitive games or business opportunities that demand your immediate attention – and so your ego pulls you away, deeper into the illusion, where you find it practically impossible to hear, let alone listen to the Voice of God.

If you truly want to experience God’s Love for you, and the peace and tranquility that is part of it, then you must start to disentangle yourself from the innumerable skeins in which you have enveloped yourself and that lead to the vast collection of illusory distractions that you find so difficult to resist.  Whatever you are doing throughout the day that seems essential to your physical security, or that demands your complete attention as you use your talents and abilities to find and build new distractions, make frequent pauses where you stand back and witness yourself as you move through your day.  Ask yourself “Is this enjoyable? Is this what I want to be doing? Is this frightening me? Is this making me angry?”  And listen carefully to the response, your inner guidance, then pause again.

You always have a choice whether to continue, to stop, or to change your life’s direction.  You are free, free to change, free to remain as you are, or free to disagree that you are free!

As you make these pauses — maybe as short as 5 to 10 seconds — your inner guidance, your intuition, your assistance from the spiritual realms, will seep into your awareness bringing clarity to situations that were confusing you or apparently entrapping you. Alternatives to what appeared to be the few unsatisfactory and limited options available will occur to you, confirming that you are indeed free.  These new alternatives may initially cause you anxiety, as you are not perhaps accustomed to having viable alternative courses of action available, and you doubt that you have the courage or the wisdom to take advantage of them.

Your ego may chip in its 2 cents worth ” I wouldn’t if I were you.” “It really isn’t worth the effort.” “Supposing it doesn’t work, then you’ll look stupid.”  So, listen to those doubts, pause, and remind yourself why you are seeking alternatives and what you hope to achieve.  Then move forward.  The fact that you have arrived at this point demonstrates to you that you do want to change things in your life, and that you are receiving wise spiritual guidance to assist you.

Then make your move or change courageously, and feel the divine outpouring of Love as you open your awareness during those miraculous pauses, and you will remember how dearly loved you are.  Your confidence will increase as you become more and more aware of the wise and wonderful guidance available to you always.  All you need to do is ask, pause, and then listen without preconceptions.  Your guides will respond, knowing that you will hear or sense the wisdom they are offering.

With so very much love, Saul.



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  1. Kevin Althaus says:

    Thank you for this. Great post!

  2. robert benner says:

    Yes we should do this when someone throws a cig but out the window or cuts you off.
    Blessings to All, Rob

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