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Saul: Truly We Admire Your courage and Endurance


12/16/2009 by John Smallman

As you wait hopefully and resignedly, your angels and guides are with you in every moment to boost your energy and assist you in bringing to completion this important stage in God’s divine plan for His beloved children.  You truly have no conception of how dearly loved and honored you are here in the spiritual realms as you continue determinedly to fulfill your human contracts.  The difficulties and disappointments you are undergoing are most unsettling if not infuriating for you, and yet you continue to carry the light of God’s love, illuminating some very dark areas. Truly we admire your courage and endurance.

This time of trial and trouble is drawing to a close. It is to be replaced by an age of such peace, wonder, and joy as has never before been experienced or even dreamt of on your glorious planet.

As you wait, know that all is perfectly in alignment with God’s plan for you.  His love for you is infinite and unconditional, and consequently His Will for you is exhilarating happiness in every moment of your existence.  Buried in your illusory reality you are unable to experience the brilliant joy that is your true state of being.  Nevertheless you desire and hope for the eternal bliss that is your divine heritage, and that desire and hope are a direct result of the flickering flame of love that burns deeply within each of you, and which can never be extinguished.  It may seem incredibly dim at times, almost unreal, when your experiences of life as a human are at their worst, as you apparently suffer constant pain and anxiety and seem to be a victim of intolerable circumstances over which you have no control.  But through all that the flame continues to burn.

Focus on that flame, however small and ineffective it seems, because it is your lifeline, your highway out of the illusion, and it will become brighter and brighter as your focus intensifies, encouraging you to further intensify your focus upon it.

The illusion you have made, and in which you appear to have your existence, is filled with myriad distractions which draw your attention away from your homeward path.  By allowing these distractions – fear, anxiety, success, riches, war, catastrophe – to grab and hold your attention, you strengthen the illusion and catapult yourself deeper into it, making it that much harder for you to recognize it for what it truly is: nothing but an inconsequential, insubstantial and harmless dream.   While you pay attention to it, it seems very real, but you do not have to.  Focus instead on the living flame of love within you and see how it grows.   If it appears to be fading bring your attention back to it, for you have again been distracted.

Reality, — where you exist in every moment at one with your heavenly Father — is all that exists.  Because He is God, infinite unconditional Love, there is absolutely no possibility that anything else could exist.  When you experience anything other than perfect peace, all-enveloping love, and complete happiness, it indicates that you are paying attention to the illusion.  But it is only an illusion, because your Father will not permit anything that could harm you in any way to exist. You will awaken into the glory that is your eternal home because God’s Will for you is eternal joy, and His Will is yours because you are one with Him.

Attending to the illusion – clinging to it and believing you are unworthy of being in God’s presence — can only delay your awakening but cannot prevent it.  And you, being a perfect creation of God, are infinitely worthy of your place in His presence.  So cease delaying, release your fearful hold on the illusion, and awaken into bliss.

With so very much love, Saul.



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