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Saul: To Leave the Illusion, You Must be at Peace

smallmanpic12/02/2009 by John Smallman

Release from the illusion, in which it seems you have trapped yourselves, has been arranged.   Have patience – alright, continue to have patience – and accept the illusion as you perceive it.  Do not judge it.   When you judge it, you are seeing right or wrong, good or bad, and those are your own projections based on your beliefs (ethnic, political, cultural, religious), none of which are without prejudice.   The felt need to judge comes from your own sense of inadequacy, and separated from God – if that were possible – you would be inadequate.

As you practice and learn not to judge, to accept the situation in which you find yourself, you will find you are more and more at peace with yourself, more self-accepting.  Judgment leads you to attack another by making them wrong, or to defend yourself from the attacks of others if they make you wrong.   This causes great stress and prevents you from being at peace, relaxed, at ease.

As you become used to not judging, to just observing, you will see that nothing is truly right or wrong, and that attempting to see things as one or the other makes no sense.  The less you judge, the less you will feel a need to judge. You will be able instead to silently forgive those who are arguing, disagreeing, and judging; and in so doing, you forgive yourself, for all are one.

The more you forgive, the more you will become aware that all are one, and that judging one judges all, and forgiving one forgives all.  When you forgive, you find love within you and you realize that with love in your heart you are unable to hold a grudge.

Initially, you will oscillate between judgment and forgiveness, between grievance and love.  But as you practice with intent you will notice changes in yourself and in others due to the aura of peace that you extend.  Arguments and disagreements will occur less frequently, and when they do, they will be far less strident.  Your practice will build an energy field of peace around you that others will feel and respect.

To leave the illusion, you must be at peace, extending and sharing the love in which your heavenly Father constantly enfolds you.  Only in the illusion can concepts and experiences that are not loving occur.

Your release from the illusion has been arranged and is guaranteed, but you have to leave behind everything that is not love.  In the illusion it is very easy to judge, condemn, harbor resentment, and seek recompense for perceived wrongs, but none of those attitudes can exist in the presence of love.

So keep practicing acceptance of what is and love will replace all other perceptions, and you will leave, or awaken from, the illusion into the eternal presence of your loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.



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